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Thomas Can Howe High School 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201 
Volume 36 

Student Life 













The year began as usual. Nothing spectacular. Classes were 
routine, or close anyway, depending on the teacher. 

The fall season came and went. Approaching winter, just as 
the U.S. Presidential election was being made ready, Howe's 
mock election steadily progressed. In November the Nationalists 
defeated the Federalists with Mark Collins elected as Governor. 
A few days later, Jimmy Carter was elected President of the 
United States. 

Coaches worked their teams into shape. The tennis team won 
the city championship. Defending city champs in wrestling came 
back this year to finish second. An exciting basketball season 
united school spirit in a close run with Tech for a city champion- 
ship. Other teams performed well. 

After Christmas vacation, bad weather made a few adults 

rather upset and a lot of kids super happy. Because of snow, and 
later a gas shortage, schools were closed many days. Some 
smaller school corporations cut schedules to include only three 
days in a week. 

Despite everything school continued. During vacations sched- 
uled and nonscheduled, HILLTOPPER staffers worked franti- 
cally to finish pages for deadlines. 

In the spring "Once Upon a Mattress" was performed as the 
annual musical. Well over a hundred people participated in- 
cluding many who rarely receive much of the glory. 

Seniors participated in traditional activities while under- 
classmen took another step, an erratic step toward their last 

1. Friends have a chance to get back together the first day of school. 

2. Trains are never on schedule. 

3. Tracy Johnson waits for a ride because of the freezing weather. 

4. No coats and snow-covered ground don't stop students from beating the 
crowd and the distance between exits 5 and 6. 

5. Jeff Bell uses the ever-popular telephone to solve the communication gap. 

6. Nameless faces on an unknown journey. 

1. Every day at 2: 15 most of Howe's 2300 students were dis- 
missed to continue real lives. 

2. Beth Eden chooses empty halls between classes to get her 

3. Mrs. McClellan takes time to help a student. 



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In our four years at Howe we learned how to tell exactly when 
the principal would strum his mandolin every forty minutes. It 
seemed as if all we wished was to hear that strange tone eight or 
nine times a day, then go home. 

Yet, we didn't realize how deep an engraving these high 
school days would make in our hard-surfaced memories. 

Most of us strived to be popular and aimed to be famed. 
Trying to become something more than just an object taking up 
space. Struggling to become more than an equal. While few of 
us succeeded, the great majority of us had the time of our lives 

Life in itself is constant learning and high school is an unusual 
conglomeration of learning, fun, new experiences, and especially 
making friends. For most, the friends you have upon leaving 
high school will be your companions for life. 

Yes, some of us enjoyed learning postulates, theorems, func- 
tions, and tables; sentence structure, paragraphing, and poetic 
verse; laws, systems, and historical dates while most of us were 
concentrating on a different kind of date like talking in poetic 
verse at a different kind of table. 

Four years of our lives were spent here at Howe preparing for 
the future. Looking back, we realize that the time between the 
strums of the mandolin was the most valuable thing in the 


0PCGOU 00 DJEff GGflG 

School spirit IS NOT DEAD! The idea that Howe doesn't 
care is not now, if it ever was, true. People don't realize just how 
lively it really is, and it's time they sit up and take some notice. 

I went to the basketball game Saturday night. Our bleachers 
were full and the crowd was wild. There were times I thought 
that the roof was going to fall in because of the noise. As the 
numbers on the scoreboard got higher the fans got louder. It was 
really great! The main contest was not on the floor, but rather in 
the bleachers between the fans from Howe and the fans from 
Martinsville. The result was victory for Howe. 

Earlier in the week I had been to our first wrestling meet. 
There, too, was the old school spirit. The grapplers were up de- 
fending their city championship. The bleachers were alive with 
anxious Howeites. The points were mounting up. At the slap of 
the mat the crowd lurched to their feet. School spirit was soaring 
as Howe came out victorious again. 

When it comes to school spirit a,nd defending the honor of 
Howe, I find that we, the Hornets, always come through. 


1. The Hornet buttons are danger signs to the opponents. 

2. Mrs. Elwood Powell and other PTA members brave cold weather to 
man the concession stand. 

3. Cheerleaders post spirit signs before all big games. 

4. Chris Roeschlein hugs Coach Arvin's daughter during a break in a wrestling 

5. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Center: Top to bottom. A. Smith. S. Steven- 
son, K. Fagan, E. Mackell, K. Shepard. Sides: J. Strange. E. Collins. 

6. Hornet Honeys captain Kristi McGuire takes the spotlight on senior night. 

Hornets Whammy Opponents 

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'i ' i fe'll« ! V4«'"'ifi*^%*" : '.^-i < *i .?" ■' //*$yr* r v ■. . " "*" 

1. HORNET HONEYS. Row 1 : B. Hill. K. Klein. S. 
Butler. K. McGuire, M. Gibson, P. O'Haver. A. 
Hudson, C. Clark. Row 2: P. Thompson, C. Coe, C. 
Bone, N. Nottingham, S. G'Sell, K. Moore. T. Hug- 
hey, L. Hilton, A. Strickland, R. Caveny. Row 3: S. 
Sorrentino, A. Pritehard, L. Walters, L. Allen, B. 
Smith, T. Engle. R. Can. D. Shadiow, S. Ettner, P. 
McCleerey. Row 4: D. Aikman, J. Meyers, L. Kerr, 
R. Hooks, J. O'Haver. K. Wilkinson, S. Wood. C. 
Rich, J. Denham. B. Eden. 

2. The class of 79 cheers on the Hornets at a football 


3. Members of the Varsity Athletic Club. Pi- 
lar Amnions. Alan Guthne. and Matt Lang- 
enbacher. sell Howe Hornet hats to support 
their various activities. 

4. Dancing Ham (Greg Underwood) puts a 
vvhammy on an opponent during a basketball 

5. MAT MAIDS. Front Row: A. Copenha- 
ver. W. Graham. C. Armstrong. C. Coe. J. 
Smith. S. Keith. C. Kendnck. Back Row: J. 
Mitchell, A. Alexander. J. Revnolds. D. Kin- 
ney, K. Koser. S. Harlow. T. Bruce. C. 

Crowds Support Winners 

1. Senior Hornet Honeys highlight the routine during 
halftime for senior night. 

2. Cheerleader Knsta Shepard sells spirit buttons during 
fall registration. 

3. Mat Maids support the grapplers by cheering at the 
Howe freshman Invitational. 

4.STUDENT MANAGERS. E. Sprankle. T. Cornn, G. 
Houston, B. Cope, B. Calhoun, J. Burris. 



Spirit Surges in '77 

1. The sell-out crowd surges from the stands after 
the close win over Tech. 

2. Gymnast Joey Cornett rests after practice while 
watching a freshman basketball game. 

gan, C. Craig, R. Cope. Bottom: J. Maddrill, F. Cal- 
dwell, L. Ransom. 


4. The class of '80 were the first freshmen in years to 
enter the homecoming float competition. 

5. Junior Elaine Collins happily cheers on the 
Hornet football team. 

6. GYMATES. Front Row: L. LaRue. K.. Scrogham. 
K. McGuire. J. Lenahan, E. Dugan. S. Schultz. 
Sponsor Miss Watson. Back Row: M. McLeod. B. 
Cope, C. Nichols. C. Botseheller. 

7. Many students find football games a good time to 

German Club Strong, Growing 

After only two short years, the Howe German Club is strong 
and growing. They had an officer, Andy Wiles, in the seat of 
InFSG ( Indiana Federation of Students of German) vice-presi- 
dent. Andy's efforts led to a 50% increase in state membership. 
With the persuasive leadership of their sponsor, Herr Kindle, 
the club attended two Oktoberfests. They held their annual 
Christmas program to show the community what Christmas is 

like in Deutschland. They formed their own dance group and 
performed at the state fairgrounds and for a local grade school 
where several members taught German to fourth and fifth gra- 
ders. The club was in charge of the Faschingstanz (costume ball) 
at the Liederkranz Hall. Over the summer the club attended the 
national convention at Eastern Michigan. 

1. GERMAN CLUB. Row 1: V. Herzberg, J. Purvis, M. Eickelberg, P. Lane 
(Vice-President), E. Ohmit (President). M. Zander (Historian), L. Wilfong 
(Treasurer), A. Wiles (InFSG Vice-Pres), M. Kindle (Sponsor). Row 2: J. 
Qualkenbush, E. Milburn, A. Alexander, J. Wheeling, T. Baughman. W. 
Hill, H. Mercker, A. Whitehurst, J. Ridenour. Row 3: G. Childs, S. Spiekle- 
mire, R. Kirchner, T. Hinkle, B. Montgomery, P. Weaver, J. Schneider, M. 
Muir. S. Jerrell. Row 4: M. Clark, S. LeVier, L. Chnstensen, D. Beard, P. 
Doyle, D. Craig, P. Hawkins, J. Freeman. Row 5: T. Fosso, K. Landis, S. 
Gott, C. Kleber, S. Keith, M. Herzberg, M. Templeton. 

2. DANCE GROUP. C. Kleber, M. Clark, M. Zander. A. Alexander. P. 
Lane, L. Wilfong, A. Wiles. T. Fosso, S. Keith, S. Jerrell. 

3. Howe's student from Germany, Hinrich Mercker, works on the letters for 
the German Club float. 

4. Herr Kindle explains the qualifications for membership in Delta Epsilon 
Phi (the National German Honorary for high school students) at the 

5. Eric Ohmit relaxes on the bus on the trip back from the NFSG 

6. The German Club float won third place in the homecoming float contest. 

7. At the Christmas program. Phil Lane explains the histon of "Silent Night. 
Holy Night." 


Clubs Relieve Boredom, Add Interest 

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•i "- ' - " • ' >? ~*^j;J«^TZ&sS^Lt^j 4&k*. 


1. SPANISH CLUB. Row 1: H. Grimes, R. Ran- 
dolph, S. Schultz, S. Cobb, T. Hurt, C. Bot- 
scheller. Row 2: B. Hurt, S. Layman, M. Dilley, 
M. Chandler, S. Fattic, J. Meyer, D. Hurt, S. 
Craft. Row 3: D. Jones, P. Leach, M. Crouse, L. 
LaRue, D. Turner, C. Nichols, D. Yamafuji, D. 

1: S. Toles, S. Harlow, D. McKain. Row 2: W. 
Scott, C. Pond, L. Moore, Mr. R. Beck. 








.> V 



T«y* ft -" , T*9*fc 


_•» fry; 

? W 

3. FRENCH CLUB. Row 1: J. Hilton. L. Cox. T. 
Couden, B. Wallace. S. LeVier. J. Leach. Row 2: J. 
Denham, K. Marshall. K. Friedlv. B. Hacker. K. 
Keith, P. Totten, M. McDermet. Row 3: D. Hauk. 
L. VonWiller, K. LeVier. R. Laudermilt. B. White. 
S. Wynalda, J. Oltean. J. Smith. 

4. NATURALISTS CLUB. Row 1: P. Vohler. R. 
Carr, T. Eggers. Row 2: J. Bigelow. P. Webb. L. 
Sexton, R. Woodcock, R. Williams. R. Thein. Mr. 

5. Dana Gant awaits an upcoming chess match. 


Clubs Educate Also 

1 ART CLUB. Row 1: L. Hermsdor- 
fer. D. Booher. L. Kopp. L. Lauck. R. 
Hammons. G. Sutter. Row 2: T. Tray- 
lor. A. Copenhaver. J. Staley. C. 
Hommel. J. Strange. R. Beal. B. Gil- 
dea. Row 3: E. Dugan. K. 
McConahay. L. Tomlin, B. Nieden- 
thal. K. Johnson. G. Boulais. Row 4: 
Mr. Lynch. M. Verbosky, D. Ursiny, 
K. Meadows. G. Cunningham. K. 

2. Tom Hamilton uses planned 
strategy against a clever opponent. 


3. QUIZ TEAM. Row 1: Mr. Finkbi- 
ner. Mr. Spears. S. LeVier. G. Boulais. 
G. Haboush. R. Gunderman. D. 
Hamilton. A. Wilkinson. 

4. HISTORY CLUB. Row 1: K. Kra- 
mer. L. Kramer. P. Flowers. D. 
Brooks. D. McKain. Row 2: Mr. Er- 
vin. P. Jones. H. Rile\. B. Jones. C. 
Bredensteiner. K. MeAtee. G. Childs. 
5 CHESS TEAM. Row I: M. Black- 
stad. D. Gant. C. Oliver. G. McMiller. 
Row 2: D. Stoyonovich. M. Gentn. 
\'. Lakes. T. Hamilton. P. Cross. 


JROTC Has Busy Schedule 

Approximately 140 students participated in the JROTC (Ju- 
nior Reserve Officers Training Corps) headed by 1/Sgt. Harold 
M. Ecktman, who was assisted by M/Sgt. Jerome Baker. 

Many outstanding cadets were involved in activities outside 
the regular JROTC class. One hundred cadets took part in the 
Veterans Day parade, marching over a mile in very cold 
weather. Both male and female drill teams competed at the 
Muncie Southside meet in the fall. They also marched in the 

Annual Irvington Community Halloween parade led by the 
Howe JROTC Color Guard. Members of the Color Guard 
presented the flag at most Howe activities, doing an especially 
good job during the football season. The rifle team competed 
against many schools throughout the city. 

Cadet Major Joseph O'Gara said that leading the battalion in 
the Veterans Day parade was the most fulfilling part of being 

1. MENS DRILL TEAM. Across: K 
Moore (Captain). L. Cooper, R. 
Denk. D. Smith, K. Mathews. K. Har- 
vey, D. Backus, C. Harvey. J. Nuttall, 
K. Ford. 

Fosso, L. Bass, B. Massel, A. Reed. J. 
Hayes. D. Fisk. N. Pollitt. L. Napier 


Life in a Goldfish Bowl (and Newsroom) 

We regret to say that Frieda died on Sunday, January 23, 
1977, because of inclement weather. 

"Who was Frieda?" That is what most students would have 
asked when hearing that name. Any TOWER staffer or human 
form of the like would tell you she was a goldfish. Frieda was 
TOWER'S mascot because she represented their varying atti- 
tudes and moods. 

She could tell when the publications faced hard and fast 
deadlines because she couldn't take her afternoon nap— the 
lights weren't out yet. So she waited all the while taking in the 
aroma of candy, popcorn, coke, and shriveled pizza (for man 
can not live on bread alone). But hard times don't last long and 
soon the place returned to normal. 

Of course, when the group was in a grumpy mood, Frieda had 
friends to turn to like Walter, Annabelle Lee, and Resurrection 
(named because of its habit of dying and then coming back to 
life). If you did not catch their nature, they are plants. Frieda 
also shared her home with Fred, a fish of the same species. She 
seldom got lonely. 

If she couldn't find company in her silent friends, she looked 
to the sounds of Brad Gildea's jokes to perk up her spirits. Da- 
vid Heimer's occasional remarks s,uch as "Who wrote this 
mess?" told her that everything was back to normal in the news- 
room. Frieda died knowing she had given her life for a good 

1. TOWER. Seated: Mrs. Martin. Front: R. Wil- 
liams, M. Carroll. Terri Engle, B. Gildea. Tami 
Engle. K. Stewart, D. Bossert. Back: M. Boulais. 
B. Cope. D. Brooks. H. Mercker, K. Friedly. C. 
Tucker. A. Strickland. C. O'Connor, D. Heimer. 
B. Calhoun. D. Tucker. T. Pace. K. Scrogham, 
G. Boulais. K. St. John. 

2. Cathv Bredensteiner. Editor Laura Cox, and 
Susan Harlow evaluate student writing for PEN 


3. PEN POINTS. Row 1: C. Ford. C. Bredensteiner. J. Sanders. S. 
Harlow. Row 2: T. Allen. V. Moore. Mrs. Seal. Miss Smith. C. 

4. Frieda the goldfish as TOWER'S mascot made her home in 
room 240. 

5. Editor-in-chief David Heimer checks cop\ for the next issue of 
the TOWER. 

6. Amy Strickland, opinion pane editor, polishes cop\ during her 
TOWER period 

Council Stresses Communication 

The new spirit in Student Council was very different from 
past years. We had many energetic youngsters and a small 
group of inexperienced leaders. Only one member had been the 
chairperson of a committee. In many ways our inexperience was 
bad; but for the experimenting and renovating we did this year, 
it was a help instead of a hindrance. 

Our student council began overcoming its inexperience right 
away by sending 17 members to the State Student Council con- 
vention at Delta High School in October. We were selected to 
host the 1977 state convention. 

Our council wanted to be the sounding board of the student 
body. We wanted the responsibility of representing their feel- 
ings. With this objective we established our goals. The first was 
to build strong leaders who would be creative in planning and 
carrying out ideas. We also attempted to bring together the 
many minority groups of the school into one functional student 
body working well with the faculty and administration. In past 
years participation has been slowly declining, but with our new 
activities and with the changing of many traditional procedures 
we tried to arouse the enthusiasm of every student. 

Communication was our most important goal. This year we 
formed a Communication Committee and a Newsletter Com- 
mittee. We also established a Spirit Board consisting of a repre- 
sentative from each school organization. The Communication 
Committee informed the student body by word of mouth, and 
the Newsletter communicated in writing. The Spirit Board also 

gave a chance for more students to be involved in planning and 
organizing school functions. 

This year's council finished some projects and continued oth- 
ers initiated in the past two years. We completed taking ID pic- 
tures, finished the Bicentennial mural, and put up the U.S. flag 
in the new gym. We also continued senior honor passes, teacher 
and cafeteria recognition days, and the annual Christmas party 
at the Marion County Home for the Aged. This year's council 
funded the making of the school mascot that hangs in the new 
gym. Our big project was building a marquee to be placed near 
the flagpole. 

This was a good year for our council, aided by the founda- 
tions laid by councils before us. We hope that future councils 
will be able to learn from our experiences. 

I made a statement early in the year that we could make this 
the most outstanding year in Howe's history. Though I am not 
sure we accomplished that goal, I am sure that this was the most 
outstanding year of my life thanks to fellow council members, 
Mrs. Aman, Mr. Tout, faculty, and students. My experience this 
year has shown me how to work with people and this I will carry 
with me always. 

It is hard work representing the school, but it is worthwhile 
when the student body supports its council. This has been a 
good year but don't stop now. Make next year even better. 

(MICHAEL WILSON, Student Council President, 76-77) 

1. FALL HOMECOMING COURT. T. Chaplin, C. Stum, M. Kern, K. She- 
pard, L. Jensen, J. Roberson, K. Wilkinson, M. Boulais, P. Amnions, C. Bot- 
scheller, M. Johnson, E. Glassmeyer. 

2. President Mike Wilson heads a business meeting. 


3. STUDENT COUNCIL. Row 1: C. Flowers. V. Moore. G. Hahoush. B. 
McGrory, A. Alexander, M. Wilson, M. Dugan. C. Botseheller. D. Kleppe. Row 
2: R. Lolla, D. Bossert, H. Mereker. A. Wilson, H. Hill, R. Webb, B. Stephen- 
son, J. Wheeler, B. Ellett, K. Shepard. Row 3: R. Fletcher. M. Young. B. Struck. 
E. Mueller, J. McAndrews. J. Lenahan. E. Dugan. P. Castaneda. D. Lind. T. 
McPherson, M. McGregor. Row 4: C. Kendncks. C. Hardin. B. Gatewood, C. 
Hill, S. Thomas, D. Schmidlin. R. Russell. A. Hudson. S. Smith. 

4. WINTER HOMECOMING COURT. Row 1: S. Long. R. McDaniels. D 
Dean. Row 2: D. Tucker. C. Clark. G. Reed. J. Strange^ 

5. Don Kleppe, communications committee chairman, puts up a "GO HOWE" 
sign for winter homecoming. 

6. Lisa Curren checks records for identification cards. 

Student Council Does for Others 

1. Marty Dugan and Theresa Littleton were 
crowned Brown Boy and Golden Girl by Billye 
McGrory and Mike Wilson at the Brown and 
Gold dance, sponsored by Student Council and 
Spirit Board. 

2. Politicians aren't always a drag! Mayor Hud- 
nut, a surprise visitor at the Halloween dance, 
bumps with Bonnie Struck and Susie Rhodes. 

3. Business meetings are a natural for Council. 
Mrs. Pat Aman and other council members listen 


4. Pam Castaneda wraps gifts for the Council's 
Christmas part\ at the Marion Counts Home for 
the Aged. 

5. Bored No. just engrossed in thought. Business 
meetings are often deceiving. 

B. Evans. F. Powell. N. Morgan. A. Alexander. 
M. Duncan. Row 2: P. Totton. \Y. Montgomery 
E. Glassmeyer. K.. Hilton. M. Kern Row 3: G. 
McPherson. L. Moore. J. Haboush. k. Stewart. 
J. Munchel. 

-. SPIRIT BOARD Row 1: A Alexander. C. 
Bredensteiner, C. Botscheller. S. Covington. T. 
Traylor. Row 2: D. Schmidlin. J. Ensinger. M 
Wilson. E. Ohmit. K. Ripp\. P Flowers. R. 


"A Sense of Accomplishment" 

Question: When is a student not a student? 

Answer: When he is involved in a non-academic activity 
which requires no grade standards or academic ability. Kids 
who are active in these organizations enjoy the work, responsi- 

bility and fun that they find after school with dedicated teacher 
sponsors. Students who take advantage of non-academic groups 
gain a sense of accomplishment, but more importantly they have 
fun being with fellow students. 

1. MAKE-UP CREW. Row 1: J. Boekankamp. E. 
Mueller. J. Hilton. L. Wilfong. Row 2: Mrs. Baker. 
P. Flowers. C. Ford. M. MeDermet. L. Sehlebecker. 

2. STAGE CREW. Row 1: J. Bradley. K. Meadows, 
K. Popplewell. E. Farrow. Row 2: G. Rankin, B. 
Shelley. Mr. Pirtle. M. Cox. G. Marquis. 


3. THESPIANS. Mrs. Baker. L. Schlebecker. G. 
Marquis. C. Ford. P. Flowers. D. Brooks. L. Cox. 

Butler. T. Johnson. D. Harkness. K. Wood. L. 
Lauck. Row 2: T. Chaplin. R Beal. T. Bridges. J. 
McClain. Back: Mr. V'ollmer. 

5. DRAMA CLUB Row I: A. Godrn. A. Copenha- 
ver. S McDermet. Row 2 T. Smartz. P Flowerv 
Mrs Baker. K. Marshall. C. Ford. 

New Concept in Orchestra 

During the first semester of school the Howe orchestra con- 
sisted of only string players. This arrangement gave the mem- 
bers a chance to show off what they could do without the aid of 
the wind and brass players. It proved to be a learning experience 
for both the students and the teacher, Mr. Christoff. This ar- 
rangement was used for the Pops Concert in November but 
wind and brass were added for the Community Sing in 

Again this year Howe had the biggest representation in the 
All-City Orchestra— a total of 23 members. David Crooks was 

trumpet soloist for the orchestra. Gary Childs, David Crooks, 
and Sam Hurt were members of the All-State Orchestra. 

The String Ensemble performed at the Education Center and 
for the North Central Association evaluators. They competed in 
the State solo and ensemble contest. 

The second semester full orchestra was scheduled. The orches- 
tra began working on the musical, "Once Upon a Mattress," at 
the end of January. The musical was presented at the end of 

1. ORCHESTRA. First Violin: L. McCrae. E. Clin- 
gan. D. McKain. B. Hempfling. S. Barnard. S. 

Harlow. Second Violin: C. Tooley. E. Cndlin. M. 
Reamcs. H. Riley. J. Smith. R. Hooks. L. Allen. C. 
Boekankamp. K. Lewis, J. Roberson. C. Sehle- 
becker. Drum: B. Rapp. Flute: T. Chaplin. D. De- 
Noon. D. Come. Trumpet: D. Crooks. J. Sul- 
terfield. E. Kittle. Viola: P. Jones. D. Davis. K. 
Wilkinson. D. Hauk. Trombone: D. Lane. M. Heck. 
Cello: G. Childs. M. Gentry. L. Schlebecker. L. 
VanFossan. P. Totton. Bass: L. Cox. A. Buchanan, 
L. Kramer. D. Wyatt. Director: Mr. Christoff. 

2. The orchestra performed the Hallelujah Chorus at 
the annual Christmas program. 





^ <h& 





'ItjM 1 ' 

V ,™ 1 


1X4 T 
^?£ 1". 


*«. mamm 


1 1 

jf ' 


J/^#* AT 


^^■^ .■■-, ^ 

!■' ,*£*;.. ,\ \ 




i- i 1^ 


,^...:*.rt-.^....v . .'."j'/sj^jd 


at € 

3. STRING ENSEMBLE. Row I: L. McCrae. E. 
Clingan. D. McKain, B. Hempfiing. S. Barnard. S. 
Harlow. P. Jones, M. Gentry. G. Child.-. Row 2: L. 
Cox, Mr. ChristoiT, L. Kramer. 

4. All-State Orchestra member Sam Hurt pla\s first 
chair viola in the Howe orchestra. 

5. Concert Mistress Linda McCrae take- over during 
Mr. Christoffs absence. 

b. ALL-CITY. Row I: L McCrae. E. Clingan. E. 
Cridlin, D. Hauk, P. Jones. M. Gentry. G.^Childs. 
Row 2: K. Lewis. H. Riley. S. Harlow. D. Crooks. T 
Chaplin. J. Sutterfield. D Lane. L. kramer. \ Bu- 
chanan, L. Cox. 

Performances Highlight Band Year 

The marching band does just what their name says and much 
more. They marched in the Veterans Day parade playing 
marching tunes and bicentennial music that the Hornet Honeys 
danced to. A music consultant commented on how good the 
band's performance was this year. They also march in the Beech 
Grove Loyalty parade each year and have placed high in pre- 
vious years. 

The marching band received some new percussion equipment 

and another of their main goals was to get new uniforms within 
the next two years. The size of the stage band and the marching 
band was improved upon, also. The stage band received their 
first guitar players and some additional brass players. 

Many of the marching band members are also in the stage 
band, which performed in the Spring Concert, a concert held at 
Turtle Creek on Valentine's Day, and the annual Pops Concert 
at the beginning of the year. 

1. MARCHING BAND. Alphabetically: P. Adams. 
A. Alexander, J. Boekankamp. K. Brummett, M. 
Calhoun, B. Copenhaver, S. Critchlow, D. DeNoon, 
J Druley, R. Dunn, K. Freeh, S. Gardner, B. Guhl, 
K. Gross, S. Gross, C. Hack, L. Hadley, M. Heck, 
D. Howard, P. Jacob, S. Jett, F. Kime. A. King, R. 
Kirchner, D. Lane, J. Leach. D, Long. S. Long. D. 
Mansfield. E. Milburn. J. Mitchell, P. Moriarity. E. 
Mueller. V. Nation. K. Newman, R. Oldham, R. 
Phillips, R. Procter, J. Qualkenbush. D. Raines. B. 
Rapp, E. Rednour, M. Roberts, D. Russell, W. 
Sanders, S. Scott, D. Shinkle, R. Silins, D. Suiters, J. 
Sutterfield. M. Sutterfield. K. Traylor. T. Temple- 
ton. C. Tooley. S. Tracy, M. Trivett. J. Velazquez, A. 

2. STAGE BAND. Alphabetically: J. Bradburn. T. 
Bratton, C. Danford, R. Dunn, R. Glassmeyer, B. 
Guhl, M. Heck, P. Jacob, F. Kime. D. Lane. J. 
Leach, D. Lind, K. Marshall. V. Nation. K. North- 
ern. W. Sanders, D. Shinkle. J. Sutterfield. C. 
Tooley. Mr. Mahler, band director. 


i i i I "i I; 

♦ 4 J- * • ■ »< 

11 M 




3. The marching band perfects formations for their 
half time show s, 

4. Drum majorette Vicki Nation leads the marching 
band at home football games. 

5 Dan Land aids the pep band as the\ fire up the 
crowd with their playing. 

6. I'he band\ spirited playing encourages the ... 
inn and aids the drill team. 

Chorus Classes First Step 

Chorus classes are a vital part of the music program. All stu- 
dents in their first semester of vocal music are enrolled in their 
respective chorus class. Next the students progress to Concert 
Club and then Concert Choir. Students are chosen from the 
Concert Clubs and Choir to be in groups like Swing Choir and 
Madrigals. Student teachers help primarily with chorus classes, 
making them a learning experience for both teachers and 

1. Chorus class member Leslie Cox, chosen as page 
for the Madrigal feasts, assists the magicians in their 

2. Senior Kevin Friedly auditions for this year's mu- 
sical, "Once Upon a Mattress." 

3. The Choralaires, directed by Mr. Bramblett, per- 
form at the annual Community Sing. 


4. The combined girls chorus classes eagerh sing at 
their first performance. 

5. CHORALAIRES Row 1: J. McAndrews. C. 
Armstrong. C. Bsers. D. Sutter. S. Jackson. C. Cun- 
ningham. S. Harlow. L. Wilfong. k. McGuire. J. 
Hilton. C. Reames. J. O'Haver. B Hemptling. \1 
Munden. E. Cndlin. G. Caulev. C. Hardin. L Roll- 
man. R. Wilkinson. B. Eden. Row 2: G. Lowe. D 
Snsder. E. Dugan. S. Grow D. Booher. k. Freeh. E. 
Clingan. D. Turpin. L. Faubion. B Smith. k. Hill. 

N. Glover. S. Covington. E. Rednour. S. Smith. L. 
Lepper. Row ?: A Freeman. P Ring. J. Denham. J. 
Stanley, R. Hammons. P. Flowers. T. Smartz. R. 
Gros.s. S. Wood. M McDermet. S Charron. S. 
Fields. .1 Mackell. C. Rich. L W alters. D Jones. C. 
Ford. C. Riches. 

(i Flic ho\> chorus classes present their sele< 
for the Christmas program. 

, : - 

Once Upon a Musical 

This year the music department presented "Once Upon a 
Mattress," a musical based on the fairy tale "The Princess and 
the Pea" with a few extra implications. 

The Queen takes over the kingdom because of a curse making 
the King mute. She declares no one in the kingdom shall marry 
until her son Dauntless does. Sir Harry and Lady Larken are 
particularly anxious for Dauntless to marry because of Larken's 
delicate condition. The story has a happy ending, however, for 
Winnifred comes along and proves to be a worthy mate for the 


Many people contributed to the success of the musical. Not 
only talented actors and actresses deserved credit for their fine 
performances but many others also. Extra hours were put in by 
the orchestra; the sound, stage, and makeup crews; and the 
home economics department, which made the costumes. 

Dedicated students giving time and energy were responsible 
for making this musical one of the best in the history of Howe. 

1. Larken (Susan Long) informs the Jester (Steve Barnard), the Min- 
strel (Kevin Fnedly). and the King (David Brooks) of her unexpected 

2. King Sextimus, cursed to be speechless "till the mouse devours the 
hawk," watches helplessly as the Queen (Ginny Shockney) takes over 
the kingdom. 


3. Winnifred (krisii McGuire) scales the castle wall to meet Dauntless 
(David Harkness). 

4. Lovers Sir Ham (Doug Hvidston) and I arken sine "Yesterdav" 

while remembering the carefree da\s of the past. 

5. The King pantomimes as the Minstrel and Jester sing "The Min- 
strel. Jester and 1 " 

b. The Queen and the Wizard (Garj Childs) devise a test that Win- 
nifred will sureh fail. 


-% i -.rAWHV:' 





The students of Thomas Carr Howe High School are proud of 
their school and its academic program, and thev have a right to 
be. Howe has one of the best schools and educational programs 
in the city. Its facilities are modern and convenient. Howe stu- 
dents should be proud. 

Students and teachers work well together here. Howe teachers 
are of the highest quality. Students have found that teachers are 
more than willing to spend a little extra time and attention for 
those who want it. This certainly is appreciated bv students. This 
harmony reflects the excellence of school itself. 

Students at Howe enjoy working together with other students. 
Lab partners and neighbors in the classroom become quick 
friends in the old routine of class. Sharing common interests in 
classes brings people closer together. Lasting friendships are 
made. Familiar faces often brighten up one's day. 

Howe students and faculty are proud also of the new addi- 
tions to the building, the library and the new gymnasium. But 
the impressive work doesn't stop with the walls and the floors. 
What is inside is even more impressive. Inside the gym, Howe 
athletics are rising to higher peaks. New and better competition 
is now coming into sight. Both students and the staff are im- 
pressed with the new library. The facilities and materials add 
much to the academic status of Howe. 

Students have a right to be proud of their school. Nearl) an) 
Howe student would agree that we have a pretn fantastic aca- 
demic school. 


What's New? 

There were many new approaches to old ideas at Howe this 
year. The registration program was completely changed. Orien- 
tation classes were revived and the counseling was almost all 
new. There was very little left the same. 

Instead of the usual home-room registration, it was a free-for- 
all, each-man-to-himself routine. The mob congregated just out- 
side the cafeteria on the patio. Every once in a great while the 
doors would open and spurts of people would squeeze in. Not an 
encouraging sight to the less ambitious. It was quite a struggle to 
get past the mob and into those doors, but as you can see some 
managed. It wasn't until a person gained entrance to the cafe- 

teria that he was exposed to the ultimate confusion. About that 
time everyone asked, "Why?" Not very many answers were 
given because most of the teachers were asking the same ques- 
tion. It sure seemed like chaos on registration day. 

Looking back a person has to admit it was a success. The 
scheduling errors were remedied immediately upon discovery, 
and the overall efficiency was definitely greater than in previous 
years. Even after the unusual registration procedure, school once 
again returned to the norm and the North Central evaluation 
went almost unnoticed. 


*** Mm*"-- 

1. Students relax on the lawn during registration. 

2. To keep confusion down to a minimum only a few people at a 
time were let into the cafeteria. 

3. Faculty members were put to use regardless of their usual roles 


4. There was HELP tor those who needed last minute changes in their schedules. 

5. It all led to this. 

6. Students were ushered through a sequence of registration channels. 


Students Toil in Classwork 

1. Regina Cobbs and Denise Calhoun relax while reading a play in English. 

2. Awed students watch as Mr. Spears gives instruction in U.S. History. 

3. Andy McAndrews uses the media center during a study hall to complete an 
assignment in a quieter atmosphere. 




Student Interests Vary 

1. Curt Winter concentrates on precision in his drafting work. 

2. Advanced art students pour their skills into a specially made Bicentennial 
mural to be hung in the media center. 

3. Kevin McAtee and Eric Ohmit ponder a difficult calculus principle. 




J^f* T**^! 



V ^tt t£g 



:»"I"fc^. . *^^h^^H 



jggPry ^ 

" * 

ck&\ \Sfe'* *HBks 


4. Billic Goode records the results from an experiment. 

5. Steve Tanasovich and Chris Roeschlein act out .i livel) skit in 
Communications Workshop. 

6. Joyce Roberts hooks a run on her tree time in studs hall. 


School Prepares Students for Citizenship, Jobs 

1. Metals is one of the rapidly growing vocational classes. 

2. James Hatter and Steve Hill examine an engine in Power 

3. The week before the national election, Terry Chaplin waits to vote 
in Howe's mock election. 


Work-Study: It Works 

Hutchinson, M. Benefiel, T. Absher, R. Lawrence. Row 2: L. Robinson, M. 
Hall, J. White, C. Wiles. S. Buennagel, J. Davis. Row 3: M. Kelly, M. Laymon. 
S. Cronin, T, Howe, J. Lawson, J. Lowe. Row 4: L. Stidd, R. Haden, W. Frye, P. 
Patterson. B. Sturm. G. Cunningham. 

2. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION. Row 1: B. Murry, D. Von, T. McCombs, J. 
Goldsmith, C. Wallace, S. Gonzalez, L. Primm, M. Thompson. Row 2: L. Lo- 
gan, R. Cave, M. Sauer, S. Ferguson, J. Schmidt, S. Hoskins, G. Miller, T. Leav- 
itt, D. Lynette. Row 3: J. Bronstrup, C. Watt, D. Lawson, N. Stewart, S. Man- 
son, K. Gansert, N. Coovert, N. Lotz, J. Largent, J. Poole. Row 4: D. Woerner, 
M. Wadsworth, M. Stahl, G. Thornton, M. Escue, D. Crooks, C. Purdue, L. Du- 
ngan, D. Morris, B. Irey. Row 5: R. Pacheco, D. Bareford, J. Propes, G. Sprauer, 
M. Becklehimer, C. Massey, D. Wilcoxon, L. Norris, B. Murphy. 


3. HEALTH OCCUPATIONS EDUCATION. Row 1: B. McGrory, C. Sherron. 
D. Seel, T. Kilburn, W. Hunter, D. Garard. Row 2: T. Stephens, M. Carnal, P. 
Haganman, K. Kent. A. Cridlin, K.. Knuth, W. Shelley, Row 3: B. Massel, D. 
Snvder. J. Freeman, G. Malmteldt. S. MeDermet, C. Ford. P. Parcel. Row 4: B 
DeWitt. D. Zimmerman. J. Walker, M. Gross, J. Eggers. K. Scrogham. 

4. COOPERATIVE OFFICE EDUCATION. Row l r N. Martin J. Moylan, B. 
Smith, K. Dougherty, K. James. K. Rippv. Row 2: C. Fisher, M. Jewell. B. El- 
der. S. Cobb, J. Ryan, J. Bass. Row 3: D. Nation. S. Thomas, A. McGinlev. D. 
Scheib. S. Miles, B. Eaton. J. Fowler. Row 4: Y. Perry, S. Layman, D. Kleppe, P. 
Brewster, B. Tooley, D. Pottorff, N. Faubion, S. Williams. 



. ■ ■ ■* 

• > mM - 

It is the sweat on your brow, the cramp in your legs, the 
drained feeling in your arms, the mental anguish that says it's 
too much; it is that terrible, hopeless feeling telling you that 
mind and body have been pushed too far. It is this that makes 
the hours of practice, of grueling exercise, all worthwhile. 

It is not the thrill of winning, or the exhilaration of recogni- 
tion that comes from a good performance: it is something much 
more. You are combating a force inside yourself that has a mes- 
sage so simple and strong that it's incredible— "quit!" 

There is always a battle to score the most points or turn in the 
best time; yet the real opponent, the one you must conquer, is 
yourself. If that little voice that says "quit" can be vanquished. 
the pain that encompasses vour entire bodv is crushed also. This 
is called "second wind" by most athletes, but b\ whatever name 
you label it, it is the most satisfying experience of all. 

You know you have pushed vour bod\ beyond its limits. The 
stiffness and soreness is no longer painful, but is a tropin of 
solid gold to be prized above all others. 

This trophy is one that you won't be able to show to others. 
Yet that seems to make it more valuable: it is something \ou'\ e 
done that no one else can touch, it is yours and \our> alone. 

You have conquered the greatest foe of all: Yourself. 


Work, Attitude Bring Track Success 

On the first Monday in March, practice began for the 1976 
boys track team. All who practiced with the team participated in 
the meets. Coaches Harpold, Mitchell and Jessup shaped them 
up for their coming season by working with them every evening 
after school for at least two hours. 

The varsity (10-4) and junior varsity (12-2) both had 
successful seasons. 

The team placed fifth in the sectional. Abe Moore won the 
100 and 220. Mike Wilson took third place in the low hurdles. 
Doug Privette was third in the 440. Lenny Primm placed second 

in the city meet with a school-record high hump of 6'4". Abe 
Moore ran the 100 in ten seconds flat at the Terre Haute North 
Invitational. The outstanding team performance was winning 
the Greenfield Underclass Meet. 

Team members chose Doug Privette as captain and Best 
Mental Attitude Award winner. Abe Moore was Most Valuable 
Player. Aronzo Holland received the Carl Spiess Award for most 
outstanding freshman. 

Team members felt hard work and positive attitude were 
responsible for their success. 


1. Row 1: C. Glenn, D. Hayes, O. Cowherd, L. Drake, A. Moore, L. Primm, 
G. Cherry, R. Purdue, J. Ayers, G. Privette, L. Baker, D. Privette, J. Clark. 
Row 2: M. Wilson, T. Edwards, J. Fair, K. Knuth, M. Dugan, K. St. John, T. 
McPherson, G. McGinnis, J. Finch, C. Coleman, P. Rettig, B. Sloan, R. 
Lolla. Row 3: V. Moore, D. Taylor, G. Pritt, A. Holland, P. Hyche. M. 
Curry, J. Franklin, D. Hartley, S. Carter, J. Cross, M. Collins, A. Taylor, D. 
Rech, S. Gonzales. Row 4: T. Cornn. J. Allen, H. Ford, R. Boyd, M. Sisk, B. 
Jones, D. Shaw, B. Boekankamp. E. Ohmit, R. Collins, B. McCarty, Coach 
Mitchell, Coach Harpold. 

2. Ken St. John stretches out in the Cathedral meet. 



3. Lenny Primm shows excellent form in the high jump. 

4. Team captain Doug Pnvette warms up for practice. 

5. Abe Moore strains to finish well in the last leg of the S80 relav. 

6. Freshman Charles Coleman strains to rut the shot his farthest. 


x a 

Relays Lead Enthusiastic Team 

With new coach James Perkins and assistant coach Suzanne 
Kamen, Howe's young and willing girls track team got off to an 
early start. A preconditioning course was designed with them in 
mind, although anyone who was interested could attend the 
workouts. The course consisted of exercising and lifting weights. 

There were few returning letter winners. The few who 
returned did an exceptionally good job. All the girls worked 
hard and were anxious for their first meet, which was cancelled 
because of bad weather. The last meet was also on a terrible 
day, but the girls were willing to run and won. The season 
record was 2-8. 

-rjr-«-. ■» -' > ' 

W', 1 : 


■ ; • 

1. Pam Castaneda sets the high jump bar after 
clearing her first jump. 

2. Sue Layman sets the pace for the mile run with 
Bonnie Bingle running a close third. 

3. Sandra Castile strives hard to beat Greenfield in 
the 80-yard hurdles. 

The best performances came from the relay teams. The 
crowds and the rest of the team were really excited during the 
relays. Charlotte Smith was a versatile and dependable relay 

Other strong performers were Pam Castaneda in the 880, Sue 
Layman and Bonnie Bingle in the mile, Carol McCrae in the 
hurdles and long jump, Danita Gant and Angelia Ford in the 
220, and Pilar Ammons in the 100 and 440. Sandra Castile was 
the only freshman who lettered. She did well in the 220 and 

f | « t'ff • • I 

■> ■ : ? 

t% %%%%%) 


.1. I ....... II in — 

■ ^ ■ 



1 Ht* 

© t\l> ' * - 

4. GIRLS TRACK. Row 1: T. McGinley. P. 

Castaneda, S. Castile. T. Hazelwood. D. Gam. J. 
Strange, A. Ford. P. Amnions. B. Bingle. J. Adams. 
C Keough. Row 2: M. Broun. J. Gladnev C. 
Smith. C. McCrae. V. Crowe. B. Strickland. S. 
Layman, D. Brown. C. Armstrong. S. Buchanan. W 
Graham. Row 3: J. Wiggins, 1. Stafford, M. 
Wheeler. M. McDermet. C. Castaneda. G. 
McGinnis, C. Wilkins, J. McAndrews. M. Doyle, F 
Dugan. T. Wills. C. Tooley, Coach J. Perkins. Not 
present. Assistant Coach S. Kamen. 

5. Sprinters Angelia Ford and Danita Gam wait 
tensely for the start of the 220. 

t> April Torrence takes the lead in a 220 heat. 

7. Popular Coach Perkins get.-- a taste of sand after 

the girls defeat Attacks. 


Young Golfers Smother Opponents 

A young Howe golf team swung to a successful season this a fifth place finish in the city, 

year. The Hornets stung last year's city champ Arlington (197- Senior Doug Peters and Juniors Rex Cotter and Joe Kaiser 

203) in their best match of the season and smothered provided strong team support. New coach Joe Vollmer cited 

Washington by 88 strokes. MVP Joe Smith led the team to an conquering Chatard and Marshall as other season highlights. 
1 1-4 season record and a fourth place finish in the sectional and 

1. Studying the distance to the flag, Steve Tanasovich lines up a long shot from 
the fairway. 

2. GOLF. Row 1: J. Smith, J. Kaiser, M. Roeschlein, J. McClain. Row 2: Coach 
Vollmer, D. Peters, R. Cotter, B. Montgomery, S. Tanasovich, J. Starneri. 

3. A determined John McClain chips in a tough shot from the bushes. 


•V-j>'- ' ?• '.:. . libs. 



• *^ mtm --^gm* 


.* ... j- 

4. Somberly. Joe Kaiser concentrates on the stick and contemplates his next shot 

5. His teeth clinched on a golf tee. Rex Cotter lines up a putt on the practice green 

6. Joe Smith skillfull) follows through on a tee shot as Rex Cotter. Coach Vollmer. 
and Doug Peters watch. 

7. Best mental attitude award winner Dous; Peters examines his next shot. 


Girls Tennis Fights Inexperience 

In spite of a dim preseason outlook, an inexperienced girls 
tennis team competed against some of the toughest teams in the 

The girls continued to work hard and practiced faithfully even 

though they were edged out of a win four times by only one 
match. They completed their season with a 7-8 record. 

Again this year top player Mimi Boulais won sectionals, 
placed third in regionals, and went on to become a state finalist. 

1. Tina Eggers concentrates on her return. 

2. State finalist Mimi Boulais strikes the ball with 
her powerful backhand. 

3. GIRLS TENNIS. Row 1: J. Oberlies, L. 
Malmfeldt, K. Newman, A. Strickland, T. Eggers. 
Row 2: J. Mitchell, J. Freeman, G. Malmfeldt, D. 
Velazquez, L. Curren, L. Cohee, Coach McMillan 

x x -. 

V W /lv\ '* V x "x '> y }. x x, > i - v . ..r >-v -V.V-- 

- - \\I\ .vW ^'OxV - , >. xV* 

C X x x x 

X Jx, X. X" X 

XX X X. x 

, . X X, X X - X.-X, N 
1 X x» X » . 

x. x • X 

x N K\* 

^VfSK x v x*x^ - 

x \\\ X "x 

<- N •> X X X X X X 

\ . . . X X X. X; X. ' 

\\ \\\\N>x 

[ X s v X X X. X X. X, 

« s xxxxxx.xx> 

VO *lx'\NVv\\W' 

s x -. a x x s,x.% xXX 

vW S «X X X -,\W 

- • xv V* 

»N x x 

■ s x . X. 

m v \ 

X v X, 

K X x X x N 

- X X X 

B* N \ 

. - s x, x. V 

B x V 

V x X x 


X M-« X> » 

v- x v v x . • * 

-\V/^> x v V 

v X X V'V X - X X 1 

- x xf X x x X > 

• •. x XT' X. s x xx 

, x x/S x ^v s ■ v -. 

S . X * - x X . x - v 


X - " n - 

'- * * " \ -\ \ \ T - \ V '■ V 

' *» > '» ' W t! * > ' K * r 

• • i > 
3. r v • 

l 5r t- 


/ » t * <r » >. • I 


\ • * > V'-,.' 

. x •; xjCxy 

. -. . 
< ' ». 

'. <, \ - ■ • ■■ 


. . > . . . 

.. • • • • ' 

X x. x * 

•'%••• • v >. x 

.'. •. • ' • T ' 

t v». v . , , , 

. . . .. . . . , 

:. * v *. • «. x 




4 Freshman Julie Oberlies strains to complete her serve 
5. Singles player Kath) Newman warms up, 
(-> kailn Newman leans into a warm-up backhand. 
7. Susan Hartill completes her forehand. 



Strong Baseball Teams Hit High Averages 

The 1976 baseball teams had an extremely successful year. 
With Brad Gildea heading the pitching staff, the freshmen split 
their season with six wins and six losses. Coach Jacob observed 
that the boys got along and played well together. 

The reserves were city champs with a 17-5 record. According 
to Coach Preston this was a new school record for the number of 
wins. Griff Reed was the first Howe reserve player in ten years 

to hit over .400. 

The varsity, with nine returning lettermen, were a strong 
hitting team. Mark Gillespie led in hitting with a .450 average. 
Ray (Boo) Littleton was first in home runs with seven. Kevin 
Johnson had 15 stolen bases. Coach Spears commented that the 
highlight of the season was beating John Marshall, rated second 
in the state. 

1. Terry Dorris scatters the dust with a powerful swing. 

2. Mark McClure races the ball to take a close out at first base 

3. One of the city's best catchers, Joe Banayote, awaits the 

— ^ „,-, - ymf 



4. First Baseman Jim Hollv puts out a Scecina pla\er. 

5. Don Hughett skillfully delivers a curve ball. 

6. VARSITY' BASEBALL. Row 1: J. Banayote. D. Hughett. B. 
Dixon, K.. Johnson, T. Cndlin. M. Gillespie, J. Holly, R. 
Littleton. Row 2: Coach Spears. Trainer B. Cope. S. Reuig. M. 
McClure, T. Dorris, K. Goif, B. Shadiow, Trainer G. 

7. Mark Gillespie hurls the ball as the outfield aw aits the plav. 

JV and Frosh Teams Show Power 

:•• .'•'". : • •■ , 

1. Freshman Mark Holt pitches against a strong Northwest team. 

2. Rick Ohm beats the ball to first. 

3. FRESHMAN BASEBALL. Row 1: Mgr. B. Miller, Mgr. T. Rice, J. Suiter, D. 
Finn, K. Mattingly, R. Sexson, B. Marshall. R. Fhompson. Row 2: M. Holt, D. 
Thomas, P. McKay, B. Gildea, R. Russell, P. Higgins, D. Kleppe, F. Curry, J. 
Oberlies, R. Day, Coach Jacob. 

4. Top hitter Griff Reed watches the ball as he rounds first base. 


*•■ '■ " ' i- 




ypg? -c*3w 

5. RESERVE BASEBALL. Row 1: k Meyers. P. Patterson, D Rogers. B. 

Oberlies, T. Schuster. C. Pitman. G. Cunningham. Coach Preston. Row I: k 
Dippel, T. Schultz, J. Stucker, R. Ohm. G. Reed. I' Rocke\. K P... -e.. S 
Perkins, D. Oberlies 

6. Freshman Bart Marshall watches the pla) at first 

7. Pitcher Glenn Cunningham leans into a powerful pitch. 




>' : " •».•'* ■£ *'- ■ Vi 

Boys Tennis Recaptures City Title 

The boys' tennis team, although having only three courts to 
practice with at Ellenberger, ended with an 11-3 season and a 
city championship. The team has won numerous city 
championships and since its beginning has had only winning 
seasons, making tennis the most successful sport at Howe. Howe 
is one of the few schools able to field a full junior varsity and 
freshman team. 

Depth was the team's biggest asset. Each varsity member was 
instrumental in Howe's defeating all city teams. The most 

exciting meet was the close Shortridge meet where Howe edged 
out last year's city champs. Members placing first in the city 
tournament were Allan Guthrie in singles and Rick Gunderman 
and Matt Langenbacher in doubles. Gary Loveman received 
MVP; Rick Gunderman, Best Mental Attitude; and Jerry Suiter, 
Most Improved Player awards. 

High spirits, hard work, and skill made this a successful 

1. Junior Ron Morgan returns the ball with a 
strong backhand. 

2. Rick Gunderman and Matt Langenbacher 
await the serve on their home court. 

3. TENNIS TEAMS. Row 1: T. Horton. B. 
Harter, B. Price, L. Barnard, R. Miller 
(FRESHMAN). Row 2: C. O'Connor, M. Holm. 
R. Thompson, R. Hicks, M. McGregor 
(JUNIOR VARSITY). Row 3: Coach Finkbiner 
M. Langenbacher, D. Sarfaty, A. Guthrie, G. 
Loveman, G. Boulais, J. Suiter, R. Gunderman, 
L. DeHerdt, R. Morgan, Manager M. Young 

. >v ■ 


5. Allan Guthrie warms up for the coming 

6. Mark Roeschlein races to return the ball. 


Cross Country Teams Challenge City Rivals 

How would you feel after running before and after school 
each day there isn 't a meet? Any member of the cross country 
team can tell you— tired. Their work at Christian park paid off, 
however, as all three teams were contenders for the city title. 

The varsity, led by returning lettermen Jim Clark, Marty 
Dugan, Ken St. John, and first year runner Malcolm Curry, ran 

j *<*&>, * '"'iy- 

their way to a 10-4 season. They also placed third in a very close 
city meet. 

The reserves placed fourth in the city meet and had an 11-3 
record although hindered by injuries. 

The freshmen, marked by consistency and potential, finished 
with a 10-5 record and ranked third in the city meet. 

4. Running first and second in the Manual-Scecina meet are Marty Dugan and 
Jim Clark. 

5. Gary McGinnis smiles at a word of encouragement from the spectators. 

6. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY. Row 1: J. Reel. S. Smith. R. Crowe. J. 
Chambers, F. Reed, M. Baughman, G. McPherson. Row 2: Coach J. Perkins, K. 
Kittle, P. Means, D. Turpin, D. Long, K.. Kirkman, J. Boeldt. 

7. Malcolm Curry strains to gain a few seconds in an all-out effort at the finish. 


Injuries, Inexperience Plague Varsity 

Injuries and inexperience plagued this year's varsity football 
team. Expecting a good season, the team fell short of their goal. 
With James Fair and Elige McDaniel out much of the season, 
the Hornets fell to a record of 4-6. However, they beat archrival 
Scecina for the first time in recent years and won their 
homecoming game against Arlington. 

Howe's reserve team fought its way against several tough 
opponents to achieve a season record of 4-3-3. Team highlights 

included starting out the season by beating both Washington 
and Tech. 

The freshman record of 3-3-3 showed the high quality of city 
competition. Out of the 65 players who started the season, only 
28 remained until the end. Despite the loss of players the team 
closed its season with a tie against Perry Meridian and a shut- 
out of Ritter. They lived up to their .motto, "You have to pay the 
price to be successful." 

1. Junior tackle Lane Baker was one of several players injured during the 

James Fair struggles through Scecina defenders for a gain. 

3. Coach Stewart explains why the play didn't work. 

4. James Fair blocks for Bruce Shadiow. 


5. VARSITY FOOTBALL. Row 1: T Sasser. D. Hughett S. Rem-. M 
Collins. J. Fair. D. Bruce. B. Hunter. C. Wallace, F. Hes>. B. Cope. Row ;. 
E. McDaniel. M. Wilson, G. Rankin. T. Barnes. L. Baker. D Moore. T. 
Edwards, K. Barnnger. M. Driscol. J. Smith Row 3 B Miles. B. Shadiow. J. 
Avers. T. Schuster. J. Finch. R. Collins. R. Lolla, A Moore. C Glenn. Row 
4: E. Williams. R Glassmeyer. C. Hardiman. G Houston. J. Drule\. B. 
Hicks. Row 5: Coach Harpold, Coach Stewart. 

6. Bill Hunter cheers on the defense from the sidelines. 

7. The Hornets cheer as the\ nam yardage 


Underclass Teams Tackle Tough Schedules 

1. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL. Row 1: J. Stewart, B. Minton, A. Byrd, M. Cole, T. 
Craig, W. Hollywood. Row 2: Coach McLeish, M. Christian, T. Schuster, D. Ettner, K. 
Jacob, P. Struck, R. Sims, Coach Smith. Row 3: J. Rupe, G. Anderson, R. Haden, J. 
Haboush, D. Williams, M. Wadsworth. Row 4: P. Haas. M. Bullington, J. Ping, G. 
Cole, M. Curtis, B. Evans, Mgr. M. Hammonds. Row 5: A. Higgins, M. Boltz, M. 
Templeton, S. Lowe, D. Meece, J. Sherron, E. Sprankle, M. Sparenberg, J. Bledsoe. 

2. Tom Pursell, Brian Calhoun, and Phil McKay tackle a Marshall runner. 

3. Bart Marshall executes a jump over the line. 


4. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL. Row 1: B. Price. M. Cox. B Calhoun. O. Cowherd. \\ 
Emery, T. Pursell, L. White, R. Boyer. Row 2: V Moore. D. Shaw. L Drake. T Comn. G. 
Gilbert, D. Ransom, J. Schmidhn. B. McCarty. Row 3: G. Pritt. W.T Hall. G. Young. B 
Montgomery, K. Kincy. D. Finn, R. Moore, M. Fagan. Row 4: R Bo\d. B Dodd. \V, 
Christopher, B. Gildea, J. Gunn, B. Marshall, J. Finch. Row 5: M. Sisk. J. Burns. S. Crooks. A 
Holland, B. Cope, Coach Arvin. Coach Preston 

5. A tired Dan Finn gloomily walks oft' the field after a tiring first half. 

6. Freshman Tim Schuster lunaes for a pass. 


Volleyball Wins Close Matches 

Hustle, desire, and teamwork! That's what it took to overcome 
weaknesses such as short players and a young team. Strong 
serving and the ability to come from behind to win helped the 
girls' volleyball team to a varsity record of 10-9 and a reserve 
record of 5-7. 

One of the highlights of the season was in the city tournament 
when 28 setups were used in defeating Arlington. 

Awards went to Cheryl Keough, most valuable player; Tina 
Eggers, best mental attitude; and Pam Castaneda, most 
improved player. 

1. Cheryl Keough slams a powerful serve across the 

2. Pam Castaneda bumps the ball back to the 
opposing team. 

Helm, L. Butler, D. Johns, P. Castaneda, M. 
Johnson, T. Eggers, K. Dixon, C. Keough, Coach 


4. Theresa Dixon silentl) hopes for a victory. 
5 Grim faees watch from the Howe sideline. 

6. Curls keep up team spirit b\ playing around. 
Kath) Small anxiousl) awaits the se ve 

5. RESERVE VOI I ES BAI 1 Coach Brown. D. 
McGuire, 1 Dixon. k Small. C. Riches. T. 
Williams. J Oberlies, 1 McCrae. M B. Johns. k. 
Williams. J. Lenahan. 


Lack of Pool Handicaps Swimmers 

Individual effort seemed to be the strong point of the boys 
swimming team. Even with six returning swimmers, the team 
just wasn't strong enough to top the opposition. A major part of 
the problem was the lack of a swimming pool for practice. Even 
with a losing season the boys' spirit was very high. While board- 
ing the bus at the end of a tough meet, the boys yelled repeat- 
edly "Howe's number one!" as loud as they could. 

1. Cheered on by Mark Roeschlein, Dean Hvidston begins an- 
other grueling lap. 

2. Exhausted after a close loss. Curt Winter wipes the water 
from his face. 

3. Doug Hvidston shows good technique in the freestyle. 




' ~~ 

4. Rick Ohrn shoves off for another heat. 

5. BOYS SWIMMING. Row 1: T. McConaha\. M. Roesch- 
lein. T. Openbrier, R. Seats. J. Rowe. Row 2: R. Ohrn. L 
Drake. D. Hvidston, D. Hvidston, B. McRae. G. Prut. M 

6. Coach Rick Comingore ponders the outcome of the meet. 

7. Curt Winter exercises for the butterfh. 

< *z!f i 



,,:,i?IJ*i.. | .;.'•-: ■ 

Swimmers Get Late Start 

The fall of 1976 was the fourth season for girls swimming at 
Howe. Seven girls returned from last year, including Kathie 
Wood, this year's most valuable swimmer and the team's only 
senior. Old team members welcomed six new swimmers, two 
sophomores and four freshmen. 

The season for the girls got off to a bad start when repairs on 
Forest Manor's pool delayed practice for about three weeks. As 
a result, the girls had to forfeit their first three meets. In all they 

had ten meets, defeating Deaf School and Marshall. 

Two major changes were made from last year's meets. There 
were no more 50-yard races, except in freestyle, and distance 
swimmers like Robi Williams swam 500 yards instead of 400. 

By the end of the season, every girl on the team had improved 
on her time or stroke. The team chose Lois Lauck as the mem- 
ber with the best mental attitude and Marie Brown as most im- 
proved swimmer. 

1. Kathie Wood always gives the individ- 
ual medley her best effort. 

2. Lois Lauck concentrates on her dive for 
the 100-yard freestyle. 

3. Eileen Dugan, Robin Rippel and 
Coach Hancock have a good time after 
defeating Marshall. 




4. Kim Handlon enjoys ihe excitement of 
a Howe- Pike meet. 

5. A good time of 1:29 in the 100-\ard 
freestyle amazes Robn. Hammon>. 

Hammons. k.. kendnck. M McDermei. 
k Wood. L Lauck. Row 2: B. Hurt. R. 
Rippel. E. Dugan. M. Brown. k. Hand- 

n. R. Williams. N. Morgan. Back: 
Coach Hancock. 

Gymnasts Practice Precision 

Difficult-to-learn moves, strength, and pointed toes are what 
gymnastics is all about; and the two-year-old boys gymnastics 
team has begun to pull these points together to make a few 
meets victorious adventures. 

The team was led by seniors Jay Philabaum, Chris Campbell, 
Mark Allison, Lenny Primm, and Bob Vanat, with the apprais- 
ing eyes of coaches Rick Hewitt and Larry Fitzgerald always 
looking on. It was the coaches' job to check routines and new 
moves, and occasionally catch someone resting for a bit too long, 
to keep everyone progressing further and working on form and 


Almost everyone did progress, and even with the injuries 
many sustained the team stayed together. Heading the injury list 
was senior all-around performer Bob Vanat, who broke his 
ankle towards the end of the season. Bob was the leading scorer 
in many events. 

Coach Hewitt was expecially impressed with the first-year 
men and everyone's willingness to try. He also remarked that 
the gymnasts were doing much better than their record 

1. Lenny Primm points his toes up and over in a handspring vault. 

2. It takes strength to do the rings and Mark Storm shows he certainly 
does by doing a cross. 

3. Rod Lovell moves from a roll into a handstand in his floor exercise. 





^9 . 1 ** 


fl ^iH i jb 

SSSSl— iP ""**~- 

4. BOYS GYMNASTICS. Row 1: R. Lovell, D. Fentress. D. Crowlev, 
D. Kittle, J. Reel, J. Philabaum. G. Underwood. Row 2: D. King. D 
Gilliam, M. Storm, J. Cornett. T. McPherson. C. Campbell. M. Cum. 
Row 3: Coach R. Hewitt. R. Russell. M. Allison. L. Pnmrn. L. Alii- " 
son, L. Cunningham. B. Vanat. Coach L. Fitzgerald. 

5. All-around. Bob Vanat shows excellent form while doins an "L" in 
his parallel routine 

6. Jay Philabaum executes a double leg circle while working at a most 
ditYicult event, the side horse. 

7. A judge watches Malcolm Cum as he performs on the horse. 


Girls Gymnasts Going Strong 

The girls gymnastics team is still one of the toughest teams at 
Howe. They worked hard on making their routines the best pos- 
sible, practicing every day after school, on Saturdays, and even 
during vacations. Some of the team's strength came from return- 
ing seniors Cheryl Keough and Tracy Johnson. Cheryl was al- 
ways strong on the uneven bars and this year performed on the 
beam. Tracy, whose main events were floor and uneven bars, 
was on the team from her freshman year. 

The team was inexperienced, with many new members, but 
they definitely had much determination. An example of this was 

in vaulting, where new team member Theresa Littleton took 
some firsts in the early meets. 

Howe gymnasts seldom compete against an "easy" team. 
North Central and Portage are usually tough competition and 
this year was no exception. The team started the season with a 
victory against Shelbyville, then lost to North Central in their 
second meet. Bad weather was a disadvantage to the girls. Prac- 
tice was hard to schedule and meets had to be postponed or can- 
celled. The girls ended the season by hosting their invitational 
on February 26 and the sectional on March 16. 

1. Tracy Johnson pauses in a front support position, 
ready for a cast rap eagle. 

2. Lynda Hill shows perfect balance during a hand- 
stand on the beam. 

3. April Smith is ready to land after a handspring 



Stinging Season for Opponents 

The '76-'77 basketball season was a stinging one for Howe's 
opponents. Though the freshmen had a winless season, they 
played tough, aggressive ball that kept them in many close 

The junior varsity, as defending city champions, started out 
strong. The junior varsity had a perfect record when they faced 
the Tech Titans. After an upset by Tech, the JV's went on to a 
16-4 record. 

At the beginning of the season Varsity Coach Stutz cited 
speed as an asset. But with little height and only three returning 
lettermen nothing unusual was expected. 

The varsity Hornets came blasting out of the nest for the 
strongest start in Howe's history. In front of a sell-out home 
crowd they had the pleasure of defeating Tech for the first time 
in eight years. The first half of the season ended with a perfect 

In the city tourney the varsity defeated Shortridge, Manual, 
and Washington to face Tech for the championship. In spite of 
the fierce desire to win, the game ended in a disheartening 


The second half of the season the finesse and team play of the 
Hornets were acknowledged as the polls ranked Howe in the top 
ten. Dennis Moore, James Fair, Leo Banks, and Rick McKinstry 
received recognition on all-city and all-tourney teams. However, 
the varsity had more than just good players. They had an expe- 
rienced and talented coach. Coach Stutz's abilities were again 
recognized as he achieved his 200th win. 

Going into the sectional the Hornets faced Decatur Central. 
Taking the victory, they went against defending regional cham- 
pion Perry Meridian. The first three quarters the Falcons led by 
four points. The final quarter narrowed the gap to two. With 
only eight seconds on the clock Perry went to the foul line. 
Tensed, Howe players and fans watched as the Perry man hit 
the first shot, went back for the second and missed. James Fair 
snatched away the rebound and sped down the court for two 
points. The rally fell short as Perry won 58-57, ending an ex- 
citing season for players and fans alike. 

1. Hornets James Fair and Keith Manning play aggressive 

2. Sophomore Rick McKinstry puts the ball in the net as 
Leo Banks and Garland Hatter come in for the rebound. 2 


3. VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1 G Hatter, D. Hughetl. R. 
McKinstry, D. Moore. R Manning. J. Fair. Row 2 CoachStuc G. 

Houston. M. Broner. L. Banks. \ Moore. M Wilson. B Cope 

4. Team captain Dennis Moore beats the Washington press. 

5. While Coach Stutz doesn't scream, his halftime talks do get the 
point across. 


JV, Frosh Aggressive Defenders 

1. A tired Acey Byrd watches the action from the 

2. Aggressive defense kept the freshmen in many 
close games. Hornet Don Williams stays tight on 
a Chatard man. 

Minton. G. Anderson, D. Williams. J. Sharon, 
M. Cole, M. Curtis. Row 2: E. Sprankle, J. 
Brown. A. Byrd, J. Ping, L. Barnard. G. Cole, V. 
Myers, Coach Smith. 

4. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETS \l I Rowl F Fd«.irJvk Dippel. C. Hardi- 
man. P. McKay, J. Leavell. D. Kleppe, R > ounger. B. Edwards. B. Boekankamp. 
Row 2: R. Moore. .1 Brown. B Marshall, M Holt, R McKim. L. Darby. R. Bo\d. 
Coach Humes. 

5. Brian Edwards snatches the rebound for Howe 

6. Frustrated team captain 1cm Edwards ji\es up the ball after a team . 

Second-Year Team Second in Sectional 

The '77 varsity basketball team made a significant improve- 
ment over last year's record of 3-12 with an 8-8 season. Their 
greatest strength was shooting with Debbie Johns leading this 
department. Another reason for their improvement was the 
quickness of two freshmen, Rita Scott and Gus Helm. Head 
Coach Bob Mitchell stated that the season highlight was the 
game against Tech in the sectional final where the girls "played 
probably the best of two years of games. Even though they lost 

the girls knew they played to the best of their ability." 

The small reserve team played a superb season. Their defense 
was excellent with the guards creating enough frustration in the 
opposing team to force turnovers. The shooting of Wendy Mont- 
gomery and the timing of starting forwards Sheila Robertson 
and Robin Nicewanger made their offense very exciting. All 
these combined brought their record to 11-2. 

1. Ellen Glassmeyer passes off for an assist. 

2. Debbie Johns evades a strong opposing team by passing to Meredith 

3. Gus Helm shoots over the defense for two points. 


4. RESERVE BASKETBALL. Row 1: J. Oberlies. S. Scott. R Nice- 
wanger. P. Walters, L. Tanasovich, W. Hayes, S. Curry. Row 2 Coach 
Rita Gaither, K. MeDermet, E. Glassmeyer. T. Dixon. W Montgomerv. S. 
Barnard. S. Robertson. 

5. Doreen McGuire employs the fast break 

6. VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: R Scott. K. Dixon. D. Johns. P. 
Castaneda. G. Helm. Row 2: Coach Gaither. D. McGuire. D. Da\ is. M. 
Driscol, M. Johnson, Coach Bob Mitchell. 

7. Lynn Tanaso\ich drops the ball alter Coach Rita Gaither calls time- 


Matt State Finalist Again 

Beginning with a special summer course for all athletes and 
participation in the Scarbrough Peace Games, Howe wrestlers 
started to defend their first city championship. 

The wrestlers won some close matches with the help of a 
home crowd and they were impressive even while losing to state- 
ranked Carmel. The grapplers then proceeded to win their next 
three of four meets before the city. 

Coach Jim Arvin cited a positive attitude and their excellent 
condition before the city tourney. The final results were a city 
runners-up trophy. Matt Langenbacher (119 lbs.) and Dick 
Bruce (185) were city champs; Troy Roeschlein and Fred Hess 
both placed second while Tim Hill placed third. Langenbacher 
was voted the tournament's most outstanding wrestler. 

Under the guidance of coaches Paul Miller and Jerry 
McLeish, the Howe JV and freshman teams progressed toward 
producing varsity wrestlers. Inexperience plagued both teams, 

but Hornets came out on top in most instances. 

The bitter cold and school closings didn't deter the grapplers 
from practicing. Some wrestlers maintained 24-hour-a-day re- 
strictive diets in addition. 

The action-filled sectional found state-ranked Beech Grove 
on top with Tech second and Howe a very close third. Bruce, 
Hess, Hill, and Langenbacher were sectional champs while 
Roeschlein and Randy Boyer captured seconds. All advanced to 
the regional. 

Langenbacher won the regional crown and Roeschlein cap- 
tured a second place. Both went to the semi-state tourney. Matt 
Langenbacher won and advanced to the state finals for the sec- 
ond year in a row. Matt failed in his attempt at the crown but 
became the first Howe wrestler to be state finalist two years in a 

1. Matt Langenbacher looks to the audience for encouragement 

2. Randy Boyer attempts a pin. 

3. At the whistle, Dick Bruce grasps a Tech wrestler. 

Wi ft 

4. VARSITY WRESTLING. Row 1: T Cornn. M Day. R Boyer. D Craig. J. 
Lowe, ML Langenbacher, B. Keough, T. Roeschlein, T Hill. M. Herzberg. Row 
2: Coach P. Miller. S. Wilson. D.Bruce. F. Hess, E. McDaniel. M. Sisk. G 

Reed, Coach J. An in. 

5. Steve Wilson puts the pressure on and throws his weight around. 
b. A victorious Tim Hill raises his hand to the >k\. 

7. Sectional champion Fred Hess £i\es his Beech Grove opponent a taste of 
brute strength. 

- : 

Dedicated Inexperience Prevails 

TLING. Row 1: J. Franklin, J. 
Oberlies, R Hicks. G. Sutter, P. 
Hyche, T. Hinkle. S. Day. Row 2: 
D. Oberlies, B. Oberlies. W. Hall. 
J. K.aim. M. Fagan. P. Hawkins. J. 
Finch. Row 3: Coach P. Miller. J. 
Gunn. K. Stephens. J. Amonette. 
D. Taylor. T. Baughman. B. Chris- 
topher. Coach J. Arvin. 

2. Pat Hawkins rises a conquering 
hero from his exhausted foe from 


Row I: M. Baughman. R. Miller. 
S. Morgan. J. Sheets. Row. 2: S. 
Bell. Gusher. D. Backus. G. Col- 
lins. T. Schuster. K. Jacob. Rou 3: 
R. Haganman. D. Euner. R. Sims. 
A. Whitehurst. C. Pritt. J. 
Haboush. Coach McLeish. Rou 4: 
J. Ping. J. Stewart. P. Haas. C. 
Higgins. K. Kirkman. 
4 Jeff Sheets strains as he fights 10 
put a Pike wrestler on his back. 
5. In the mass of arms and legs, 
find a \oung Howe wrestler in a 





: v 1$v '' ■ 1 


■ "■''. -.'■. 






Marshall 79 

Northwest 52 

Decatur Central 88 

Cathedral 88 

Broad Ripple 72 

Shortridge 72 

Columbus North 39 

Washington 39 

Wood 107 

Attucks 96 

Manual 73 

Scecina 96 

Roncalli 128 

Beech Grove 128 
Greenfield Underclass Meet— 3rd 




Decatur Central 


Broad Ripple 


Columbus North 







Beech Grove 

City Meet-4th 

Sectional— 5th 

Greenfield Underclass Meet 






Warren Central 










City Meet-9th 

Sectional— 6th 



Broad Ripple 








Warren Central 





Ben Davis 

City Meet- 5th 



2114 71'/2 

68 37 



































Manual 1 6 

Our Lady of Grace 4 3 

Scecina 3 4 

Carmel 7 

Tech 5 2 

Warren Central 2 5 

Ben Davis 3 4 

Marshall 6 1 

Broad Ripple 3 4 

Perry Meridian 4 3 

Attucks 5 2 

Beech Grove 3 4 

Lawrence Central 2 5 

Wood 7 


Scecina 1 7 

Ben Davis ■ 7 3 

Tech 9 11 

Clay 3 7 

Mooresville 3 1 

Craig 4 

Eastwood 3 8 

Northwest 7 2 

Franklin Central 3 4 

Marshall 4 12 

Tech 8 5 

Manual 1 1 1 


Washington 8 

Scecina 3 2 

Franklin Central 2 3 

Perry Meridian 8 3 

Latin School 2 

Lawrence Central 3 5 

Lawrence Central 8 4 

Mooresville 10 

Mooresville 10 

Tech 6 5 

Attucks 1 1 1 

Southport 2 1 

Broad Ripple 5 

Ritter 1 

Arlington 16 4 

Marshall 1 3 

Warren Central 1 2 

Northwest 10 

Chatard 8 4 

Ben Davis 3 5 

North Central 7 2 

Roncalli 6 1 


Washington 10 

Tech . 7 2 

Scecina 6 8 

Franklin Central 7 2 

Perry Meridian 1 9 

Latin School 11 1 

Lawrence Central 9 3 

Lawrence Central 4 

Mooresville 13 4 

Mooresville 6 7 

Tech 10 

Attucks 1 1 1 

Southport 2 1 

Broad Ripple 5 9 

Arlington 3 1 

Marshall 2 1 
City Tournament 

Scecina 4 3 

Shortridge 14 

Northwest 12 3 

Warren Central 3 1 

Chatard . 4 11 

Ben Davis 4 13 

North Central 2 3 

Shortridge 1 1 1 

Roncalli 2 5 

Warren Central 4 5 


Arlington 5 

Marshall 4 

Perry Meridian 

Broad Ripple 5 

Shortridge 3 

Manual 5 

Northwest 5 

Ben Davis WB&itekeu, 


Southport 1 

Wood 5 

Attucks 4 

Cathedral 3 

Center Grove 
City Champions 











Washington Invitation- 


Howe Invitational— 3rd 

City Meet-3rd 

1 1 meets won by forfeit 











Lawrence Central 






Ben Davis 



North Central 






Ben Davis Invitational- 


City Meet-4th 


Washington 22 43 

Shortridge , 22 73 

Northwest 24 36 

Scecina . 27 52 

Manual 27 44 

Tech 50 42 

Lawrence Central 50 28 

Manual 24 33 

Ben Davis , 65 . 25 

North Central 65 41 

Wood 16 47 

Attucks 20 ,17' 
Ben Davis Invitational— 7th 
City Meet-3rd 
Sectional— 11th 













Broad Ripple 
Perry Meridian 




















Broad Ripple 

20 * 





Perry Meridian 









Manual (overtime game) 



Broad Ripple 






Perry Meridian 

















Warren Central 





Lawrence North 






Beech Grove 

















Hamilton Southeastern 



Perry Meridian 












Franklin Central 

















Lawrence North 



Franklin Central 











Warren Central 



































Hamilton Southeastern 



Cathedral (overtime) 







Sectional-did not place. 










Broad Ripple 














Perry Meridian 










Warren Central 



City Tournament 

Warren Central 





Hamilton Southeastern 






Beech Grove 



Perry Meridian 



Warren Central 



Broad Ripple 





Hamilton Southeastern 













Warren Central 


















. ■ 

Deaf School 










Lawrence North 






City Tournament 







Beech Grove 


























Seymour 98.73 


Franklin Central 








Crown Point 99.40 




Perry Meridian 121.40 








Lawrence North 



Shelbyville 104.70 


City Tournament 






Southport 100.58 





Sectional (runner-up) 




Warren Central 103.77 










Columbus East 95.73 











North Central 92.17 


Perry Meridian 



Jeffersonville 92.17 









Pike 93.56 





Broad Ripple 





Cascade 93.56 













Franklin Central 



City Tournament 


East Central 









Warren Central 98.85 










Carmel . 77.45 











North Central 93.05 







Shelbyville 75.00 



City Tournament— 5th 




Howe Invitational— 2nd 

Warren Central 



m *'■ ■■■ 



Arlington ( 




Franklin Central 




















Beech Grove 























Franklin Central 



Broad Ripple 









Perry Meridian 




1 C 








City Tournament (runner-up) 








Beech Grove 













North wpct 

Washington (overtime) 






1 ^1 \sl III W Col 

Perry Meridian 






Manual (overtime) 









Broad Ripple 









« ajjyfl 

East Central 






I L' * 1 





City Meet-2nd 

Sectional— 3rd 

Regional— 4th 

Semifinals- 13th 

Finals— Matt Langenbacher 


Decatur Central 

Perry Meridian 








,^ ■-■■■■: /<-,-: 







^SKf&mfJ ■ 

* ■ ' \ 




Faces and names that never met. This is what 1 find to be the 
conclusion of four years of school, after the ball games and sock- 
hops, plavs and talent shows, proms and parties. 

The names of those who made it big. the faces of those who 
tried and failed, know nothing of one another. The names of 
those determined to succeed and the faces of those who don't 
care, have a barrier between them. 

The faces of those who are crying out. "I'm me. look'" need 
names. The names of those who are squawked about, need 
laces. Reach out to someone, we're all people, and come to- 
gether. Put your name with your face and your face with your 



One's high school career lasts four hard years. With each year, 
a little more experience and knowledge is obtained. The fourth 
year is like the icing on the cake. It is filled with excitement and 
activities after several years of work. As a senior, one has come a 
long way from that first confusing, frightening encounter with 
Thomas Carr Howe High. 

A senior is a leader and a symbol of authority and impor- 
tance. Because he is familiar with the school, the teachers, and 
the general routine, the underclassmen look up to a senior for 
help and direction. Seniors are examples to follow. They have 
the experience that only time can bring. 

One's senior year is filled to overflowing with activities, meet- 
ings, parties, and planning for the future. The ever-nearing time 
of graduation continuously needs planning and preparation. 

When the time for leaving finally does arrive, the senior then re- 
alizes how important his high school days have been to him. 

Perhaps being a senior touches one with a little sadness. The 
reality that he will leave forever a world he has come to know 
and love can be hard to take. The friendships he has made will 
last an eternity and he will cherish memories of high school and 
keep them locked in his heart forever. 

Being a senior is ending one's high school career but only be- 
ginning his life in the world around him. Being a senior means 
realizing that he is a little older and a little wiser. Behind the 
tears that will flow on graduation day will be a stream of experi- 
ences and memories that only someone who once was a senior 
could understand. 


Anthony Absher 
Vicki Adrianson 
Mark Allison 
Pilar Ammons 

Elizabeth Arbogast 
Mary Baker 
Teresa Ballinger 
Leo Banks 

Stephen Barnard 
Suzanna Barr 
Ginger Bartley 
JoAnn Bass 



Renee Beal 
Mary Becklehimer 
Mark Benefiel 
Monica Bennett 

John Bigelow 
Carla Bledsoe 
Harry Bobinmyer 
Sherry Boltz 

Cynthia Botscheller 
Margaret Boulais 
Pamela Bovvers 
Joe Boyd 

Cathy Bredensteiner 
Daniel Brewer 
Pamela Brewster 
Mark Broner 

Judith Bronstrup 
Jeffrey D. Brown 
Richard Bruce 
Amanda Buchanan 


Seniors Dominate Homecoming 

Steven Buennagel 
Sharon Butler 
Denise Calhoun 
J. Christopher Campbell 

Linda Campbell 
Gina Cassidy 
Richard Cave 
Teresa Chaplin 

Kenneth Charron 
Dale Cherry 
Jeffrey Cherry 
Gary Childs 

Brian Clark 
Cathy Clark 
Charlie Clyde 
Kathleen Cole 

Mark Collins 
Donna Cook 
Tyann Cook 
Richard Coons 


Sharon Coop 
Nancy Coovert 
Brett Cope 
Ann Copenhaver 

Anthony Cory 
Rex Cotter 
Carol Couden 
Laura Cox 

Don Crane 
Jennifer Cranfill 
Kevin Crenshaw 
Anna Cridhn 

Fall homecoming queen Mimi 
Boulais receives the traditional 
bouquet from the Alumni 


Nationalist Landslide Crushes Federalists 

Scott Cronin 
David Crooks 
Mary Crouse 
William Crowe 

Clifford Cummins 
Glenn Cunningham 
Carol Danner 
Eddie Davis 

James Davis 
Mark Day 
Leo DeHerdt 
James DeNoon 

Robert DeRoos 
Barbara DeWitt 
Gary Dilley 
William Dixon 

John Dobson 
Karen Dougherty 
Dennis Doyle 
Mark Driscol 



Joy Droeger 
Martin Dugan 
James Duncan 
Robert Dunn 

Patricia Durham 
Kimberly Edwards 
Jody Eggers 
Clifford Ellis 

Debbie Eluere 
Dorine England 
Michael Escue 
Rebecca Ewing 

Mr. Finkbiner"?. government clas 
discusses the mock election 


First Annual Powderpuff Football Game 

Karen Fagan 
Cathy Fanelli 
Ellen Farrow 
Nancy Faubion 

Sara Ferguson 
Lisa Figg 
Michael Finn 
Carolyn Fisher 

Patricia Flowers 
Carol Ford 
Paul Ford 
Jerri Fowler 

Jennifer Freeman 
Pamela Freeman 
Kevin Friedly 
William Frye 

Kimberly Gaines 
Tom Galloway 
Kay Gansert 
Debra Garard 



Mariam Garwood 
Finley Gay 
Mtlanie Gibson 
Tonya Gillispic- 

Deborah G illy 
Ann Glover 
John Goldsmith 
Lisa Gomez 



Howe Beats Scecina After Five Years 

Kathy Gray 
Ricky Greb 
Barbara Greiner 
Mauricia Gross 

Brian Guhl 
Gregg Haboush 
Carla Hack 
Robert Haden 

Patricia Haganman 
Timothy Hall 
Jeffrey Ham 
Rhonda Hammons 

Kevin Hanley 
Clifford Hardison 
David Harkness 
Paul Harper 

Beverly Hart 
Sara Hasseld 
Garland Hatter 
Michael Hawkins 


Bettie Hayes 
Elizabeth Heady 
Helen Heidt 
David Heimer 

Alfred Hess 
Linda Hewitt 
Bridget Hill 
Kelly Hill 

Steven Hill 
Wilbert Hill 
Donna Hobdy 
Kevin Holland 

The senior float took tirsi place at 
the fall Homecoming. 

Class Elections Held Before School 

Carol Hommel 
Rhonda Hopkins 
Sharon Hoskins 
Randy Houchens 

Lynn Houser 
Gary Houston 
Terry Howe 
Bryan Hubbard 

Debra Hubbard 
Donna Huffman 
Donald Hughett 
Elizabeth Hughey 

William Hunter 
Samuel Hurt 
Ricky Hutchinson 
Robert Irey 

Patricia Jacobs 
Kimberly James 
Mark Jerrell 
Sheryl Jett 


Michele Jewell 
Monica Johnson 
Tracy Johnson 
Donna Jones 

James Jones 
Rebecca Jones 
William Jones 
Jennifer Kaim 

Cynthia Kaiser 
Joseph Kaiser 
Pamela Keller 
Mark Kelly 

Senior class president Mark Da\ 
and Mr. Tnnkle conduct class 



Charlie Brown" a Big Success 

Kathy Kent 
Cheryl Keough 
Trella Kincaid 
Lawrence King 

Linda King 
Michael King 
Donna Kinney 
Cynthia Kirkham 

Kimberly Klein 
Diana Kleppe 
Keith Knuth 
Robert Lachmeyer 

Douglas Lane 
Joyce Largent 
Marilyn Lauer 
Richard Lawrence 

Susan Layman 
Mark Laymon 
Tonya Leavitt 
Duane LeMay 

Sandra LeVier 
Daniel Lind 
Cynthia Linzie 
Jennifer Long 

Linda Long 
Mark Long 
Susan Long 
Nancy Lotz 


Prom Highlights Senior Year 

Gail Malmfeldt 
Keith Manning 
Glen Marquis 
Natalie Martin 

Barbara Massel 
Cynthia Massey 
Keith Mathews 
Sandra Mattingly 

Eric May 

Dennis McAndrews 
Matthew McAndrews 
Kevin McAtee 

Linda McClain 
F. Thomas McClellan 
Roger McClellan 
Anthony McCombs 

Stephanie McDermet 
Theresa McDermott 
Billye McGrory 
Kristi McGuire 


David McKain 
Ronald McKim 
Kimberly Meadows 
Hinrich Mercker 

Anthony Miles 
Brian Miles 
Susan Miles 
Brian Miller 

Freddy Miller 
Garrick Miller 
James Monka 
Kevin Moore 

Charles Morford 
Tammy Morgan 
Debra Morris 
Kevin Morrow 

Julie Moylan 
Catherine Mroz 
Fdna Mueller 
Barbara Murpln 

Girls Take to the Field 

Timothy Myers 
Debra Nation 
Jewel Neagle 
Lou Ann Neal 

Daniel Neely 
Michelle Nelson 
Tanda Nichols 
Bruce Niedenthal 

Lorraine Norris 
Joseph O'Gara 
Eric Ohmit 
Daniel Ott 

Michael Owen 
Teresa Pace 
Robbie Pacheco 
Rhonda Page 

Pamela Parcel 
Kenneth Patterson 
Ronda Pepper 
Angela Perryman 


Tamara Pettibone 
Lric Phillabaurn 
Patricia Phillips 
Portia Philpot 

Lori Polston 
Brian Poole 
John Poole 
Karen Popplewell 

Donna Pottorff 
Robert Powers 
Carla Purdue 
Julie Rader 

PowderpufF football players tn. a 

new pla\. 

■ - 

Senioritis Prevails as a Tradition 

Robert Randolph 
Gary Rankin 
Lori Rech 
Richard Reel 

Stephen Rettig 
Susie Rhodes 
Felicia Rich 
Daniel Riedman 

Kathi Rippy 
Robert Roberson 
David Roberts 
Joyce Roberts 

Towanda Robertson 
Jimmie Robinson 
Len Robinson 
John Rockey 

David Rodgers 
James Rodgers 
Steven Roell 
Troy Roeschlein 


Kenneth Rowe 
Ricky Rowlen 
Kenneth Rutherford 
Jennifer Ryan 

Mike Sams 
Thomas Sasser 
Michael Sauer 
Diane Scheib 

Laura Schlebecker 
David Schmidlin 
Anthony Schultz 
Pamela Schuster 

Mark Schuttler 
Christina Scott 
Kim Scrogham 
Debbie Seel 

Surilda Setser 
Jerry Sever 
Richard Sever 
Janet Sexson 



Long Awaited Commencement Finally Comes 

Leroy Sexton 
Lisa Sexton 
Darling Shearer 
William Shelley 

Carol Sherron 
Virginia Shockney 
Alan Shoemaker 
Robert Sloan 

Beverly G. Smith 
Beverly Smith 
Jeffery Smith 
Joseph Smith 

Michael Smith 
Dana Snyder 
Stephanie Snyder 
Linda Socks 

James Sommers 
Gregory Sprauer 
Holly Springer 
Judy Stacy 


Michael Stahl 
Julie Staley 
Tracy Stephens 
Robert Stephenson 

Larry Stidd 
Sherry Stillabower 
Beverly Stinson 
Kenneth St. John 

George Stoyonovich 
Richard Stribj 
William Sturm 
Lori Sullivan 

Final Memories 

Constance Sumner 
James Sutterfield 
Steven Tanasovich 
Charles Taylor 

Sheila Thomas 
Michael Thompson 
Gary Thornton 
Kathleen Tillery 

Sharon Toles 
Patrick Toney 
Beverly Tooley 
Tereasa Traylor 

Deborah Trinkle 
Tammy Troutt 
Toni Twigg 
Darius Ursiny 

Debra Van 
Robert Vanat 
Patricia Vance 
James Vane 


Teresa Vaughn 
Jessica Velazquez 
Holly Vernon 
Michael Wadsworth 

Janet Walker 
Charles Wallace 
Jimmie Ward 
Clara Wayman 

Pattie Webb 
Rusty Webb 
Lucius Wells 
Mark Welsh 


Exchange Student Thanks Howe 

At this time I want to thank the whole Howe family for their 
help and friendship during my time at this wonderful school. It 
was a great experience and a lot of fun for me to live in a differ- 
ent culture and to start in a different school system. I enjoyed 
my classes and met many active people in student council, 
TOWER, and the German Club. 

What did I like most? The nice people I met everyday and the 
active school life. In my German school there are no activities at 
all. Therefore I really liked the school spirit at Howe including 

the dances, the school teams and games, club meetings, home- 
coming, and the senior play. 

I would like to thank especially Mr. Tout, Mr. Nelson and 
Mrs. Aman for their help and understanding and every other 
teacher or student who is my friend and talked to me. I am glad 
to graduate with the class of 77. 

I am proud to be a Hornet! 


John Wheeler 
Mary Wheeler 
Brenda White 
Joseph White 

Devon Wilcoxon 
Christopher Wiles 
Kenneth Williams 
James Wilson 

Michael Wilson 
Steven Wilson 
Curt Winter 
Dana Witter 

Hugh Wood 
Kathryn Wood 
Catherine Yager 
Mark Young 

»JA * 


Vela Young 
Dianna Zimmerman 

1. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Bev Tooley, Secretary; Nora Gonzalez. Second 
Vice-President; Ken St. John, First Vice-President; Mimi Boulais, Assistant 
Alumni Secretary; Kristi McGuire, Assistant Treasurer; Mark Day, President; 
Cathy Clark, Treasurer; Melanie Gibson, Alumni Secretary. 

2. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Row 1: Holly Springer, Vice-President; 
David McKain, Treasurer; Cathy Bredensteiner. Secretary; Kevin Friedly, Presi- 
dent. Row 2: Laura Cox, Bill Shelley. Jessi Velazquez. Sheryl Jett. Carol Hom- 
mel, Dana Snyder, Patty Flowers, Carla Hack, Carol Ford. Row 3: Sponsor 
Roxy Watson, Kristi McGuire, Terry Howe, Mark Collins, Sam Hurt, Glen 
Marquis. Karen Fagan, Jody Eggers, Jenni Kaim. Donna Kinney, Keith Knuth. 


Seniors Present "Charlie Brown" 

The senior class of 1977 presented "You're a Good Man, 
Charlie Brown" as their traditional class play. The play, directed 
by Mrs. Hariette Baker, had a cast of only six very spirited ac- 
tors: Chet Werner as Charlie Brown, Ellen Farrow as Lucy, Dan 

Lind as Snoopy, David McKain as Schroeder, Donna Kinney as 
Patty, and Mike Vinson as Linus. It was different from past 
plays because it had incidental music which the cast handled 
very well. 

1. Snoopy's teeth are starting to tingle. 

2. Charlie Brown's kite is finally flying. 

3. Schroeder will not sell his piano for any reason. 

4. Lucy stands up to Charlie Brown at the baseball game 



Senior Advises Underclassmen 


I'm new. You too? Hey where in the world is "S-2?" 

I wish I were a sophomore. 

Hi there, remember me? 

Biology stinks (and that's just the room!). Going to try out for 

I sure wish I was a junior. 
Hey, what's hap'ning, man? Who gave you the ring? Who gave 

you the hickey? 
History is boooooring! English is a real drag! 
Want to cut lunch? How 'bout the whole day? 
I can't wait to be a senior. 

Hello, old friend, you're really looking great. 
What college are you going to? No kidding? When are you 
getting married? 

I hope I get that A in gov't. I've got to try to get a scholarship. 
Why didn't I try harder last year, or the year before, or the year 

before that? 
We've got to get together sometime soon, or sometime later. I'll 

miss you. 
In fact, I love you, too. 
Time sure has gone fast. Do you think you're ready to take on 

the world? 
Well, it feels great to be graduating. I wish I didn't have so many 

You know, I hope those freshmen don't waste their years like 

some of us did. 
Goodbye, friends— say we'll keep in touch to make me feel 



Anne Abell 
Dudley Abrell 
Patty Adams 
Tammy Adams 
Dianna Aikman 
Don Aikman 
Mary Aldred 

Suzy Aldred 
Amy Alexander 
Andria Alexander 
Jennifer Allen 
Johnny Allen 
Lou Ann Allen 
Tina Allen 

Dan Allison 
Debbie Allison 
Lance Allison 
Leo Allison 
Kevin Alvis 
James Amonette 
Alise Andrews 

Audrey Anderson 
David Anderson 
Diane Anderson 
Guy Anderson 
Mary Anderson 
Sandy Anderson 
Chris Antrobus 

Cindy Antrobus 
Kelly Arbogast 
Amanda Archer 
Brian Archer 
Tammy Archer 
Carrie Armstrong 
Kittie Arnold 

Paula Arthur 
Tammy Aruai 
Jimmy Ash 
Tamara Atherton 
Doug Averitt 
Joe Ayers 
Jerry Babcock 

David Backus 
Dwayne Backus 
Tommy Bacon 
David Baden 
Deborah Bailey 
Sherrie Bailey 
Terry Bailey 


David Baker 
Lane Baker 
Tina Balch 

Jim Bandy 
Teresa I 
Larrv Barnard 

Sherri Barnard 
Kathy Barnes 
Maurice Barnes 
Tom Barnes 
Vanessa Barnes 
Yolanda Barnes 
Andrew Barnett 

Cindy Barnett 
James Barnett 
James Barnett 
Robert Barnett 
Kevin Barringer 
Cindy Barron 
Joyce Bartley 

Tina Bartley 
Latonya Bass 
Charles Bast 
Patty Baue 
Diane Baughman 
Michael Baughman 
Tim Bauahman 

Joe Baxter 
Tamara Bayliff 
Rae Beach 
David Beard 
Donald Beard 
Jamie Beard 
Tom Beard 

Charlene Beatty 
Henry Beatty 
Wade Begeman 
Georae Bell 
Jeffrev Bell 
Steve Bell 
Shellv Beller 

Richard Benedict 
Barbara Bennett 
Mike Bernardi 
John Biale 
Anita Biggeistaff 
David Biggeistaff 
Bernadette Billerman 

Bruce Bingle 
Susie Blanchard 
Mark Bledsoe 
Brian Blessing 
Kathj Blines 
Carl Bockovei 
Bill Boekankamp 

Carol Boekankamp 
Janei Boekankamp 
John Bck 

Brad Bohnenkamp 
Jud) Holing 
Debbie Boltinghouse 
David Boltz 

Kath\ Bolu- 
Cindv Bone 
Carol Booher 
Dai Booher 
Kath\ B, ok< 
Linda Bvxnhman 
Crais Bo ram 


The Lockers Seem to Crowd 

The lockers seem to crowd me as I rush down the gloomy 
halls and up the long stairs which never seem to end. Out of 
breath I shove my way through the crowd which appears to be- 
come bigger the farther I get through. On my way I drop my 
books by bumping into someone. In a rush I bend down to pick 
up my books, only to discover my math book is missing. With- 
out any hesitation, I run back through the crowd, down the 
stairs and into the halls. I come to my locker, but I'm in so much 
of a hurry I forget my combination. After trying it for the fourth 
time, the locker comes dashing open, with paper and books all 
falling out. The late bell rings. Still rushing, I grab up everything 
and shove it in my locker. Just as I close the door, I realize I still 
don't have my math book, so I open the locker again, and once 
again the books and paper start pouring out. Luckily, my math 

book falls out first, so I grab it and place it with my other books. 
Then I grab the other mess and force it into my locker. Slamm- 
ing the door, I pick up my books and run down the hall. A 
teacher in another classroom puts his head out the door and tells 
me to walk and not to run. I walk down the hall like he tells me, 
but soon I am stopped and asked for a pass, which I don't have. 
I'm sent to the dean for a pass. It takes ten minutes to see the 
dean and ten more minutes to explain my tardiness. Finally, I 
get the pass and rush back down the empty halls and up the 
stairs. When I get to my classroom the bell rings, and everyone 
dashes out. I tear up my pass and start toward my next class. 
The lockers seem to crowd me as I rush down the gloomy hall . . . 

Tina Borders 
Dee Anna Bossert 
Susie Bossert 
Gerry Boulais 
Anna Bow 
Eric Bowman 
LaDonna Bowman 

Lisa Bowman 
Randy Bowman 
Randy Boyd 
Randy Boyer 
Greg Brackin 
John Bradburn 
Joy Bradley 

Donna Branham 
Larry Branham 
Lisa Branham 
Patrick Bratton 
Tim Bratton 
Debra Bridgeforth 
David Bridges 

LaDonna Bridges 
Tony Bridges 
Pamala Brinegar 
Melinda Bristow 
Raymond Bristow 
Jara Britton 
Charles Brockman 

David Brooks 
Aretha Brown 
Carol Brown 
Carrie Brown 
Cindy Brown 
Jimmie Brown 
John Brown 

Marie Brown 
Nevalene Brown 
Rhea Brown 
Valeria Brown 
Cindy Bruce 
Toni Bruce 
Kathy Brummett 

Teresa Brummett 
Debra Bryant 
James Bryson 
Ward Buckner 
Timothy Buennagel 
Douglas Bullard 
Titus Bullard 


Ted Bulkns 
Laura Bullerdick 
Jvirn Bullington 
Mike Bullington 
Michael Bunch 
Regina Burch 
Darryl Burgess 

Kevin Burke 
Robert Burke 
Todd Burke 
Marvin Bums 
Robert Burress 
James Burris 
Fred Butler 

Linda Butler 
Acey Byrd 
Kim Byrd 
Robin Byrd 
Susie Cain 
William Cain 
Eric Caldwell 

Eunice Caldwell 
Brian Calhoun 
Kim Calhoun 
Maureen Calhoun 
Pam Callaway 
Tammy Caluza 
Denise Calvert 

Sheila Campbell 
Keller Carolan 
Denise Carpenter 
Renee Carpenter 
Kenneth Can- 
Kevin Carr 
Rita Carr 

Michelle Carroll 
Linda Carter 
Robert Carter 
Scott Carter 
Sherrie Carter 
Edward Cassidy 
Cris Castaneda 

Pam Castaneda 
Cathi Caster 
Kelley Caster 
Sandra Castile 
Gayle Cauley 
Rose Caveny 
Karen Chafins 

Jackie Chailbux 
Jefiery Chambers 
Man Ann Chandler 
George Chapin 
Lori Chapman 
Sherrie Charron 
Theresa Cheatham 

Tammie Childs 
Steven Chilton 
Helen Chism 
Paula Chrisman 
Scott Chrisman 
Mike Christian 
Laura Christensen 

Ph> llis Christensen 
William Christopher 
Sherry Christ) 
Tim Clampitt 
Chuck Clark 
Diane Clark 
James Clark 

Enjoy It While You Can 

If you are going to be one of the precious few who can say 
they really DID something in high school, you must accept 
yourself physically, emotionally, and intellectually. You must 
know yourself and know you can be even better. 

You can't dwell in dreams of what you want to be and spend 
the rest of your life convincing yourself that you are these 
things. You simply trust your own abilities, confident that you 
can adjust to meet new challenges. 

This confidence can produce a completely new life for you. 
You become the type of person people can look up to because of 
your cool approach to new situations. There's something about 
the way you talk, the way you reach out to new acquaintances . 
It only takes two things: ( 1 ) Whatever the situation is, pretend 

it is the problem of the person you most admire. How would 
that person handle it? (2) Spend five minutes each morning in 
complete self-adulation. If even you don't think you can handle 
something, why should others? You'd be surprised what just a 
few moments of confidence-building can do. 

Why, I've even commissioned close friends $3.00 an hour just 
to tell me how great I am. I fail to see humor in this idea, yet my 
friends derived no end of laughter from this. Are you laughing? 

The underlying message from the graduating class is always 
this: Enjoy it while you can. Your years here at Howe can be the 
happiest of your life, but you've got to work at it. Make an ear- 
nest attempt at having fun. You won't get another chance. 


Jeff Clark 
Kenny Clark 
Kenny Clark 
Mindy Clark 
Steve Clark 
Earl Clay 
Douglas Cline 

Jeri Cline 
Ellen Clingan 
Meri Clyde 
Starr Coakley 
Suzy Cobb 
Regina Cobbs 
Jeanette Cochrane 

Alan Cockrill 
Cindy Coe 
Dawn Coffman 
Becky Cole 
Gary Cole 
Marcus Cole 
Mark Cole 

Robert Cole 
Charles Coleman 
Cindy Coleman 
Robin Coleman 
Allen Collins 
Candy Collins 
Elaine Collins 

Gene Collins 
Glen Collins 
Rick Collins 
Betty Combest 
Peggy Combest 
Teresa Combs 
Yolanda Combs 

Patricia Compton 
Kevin Conwell 
Tonnya Cook 
Pat Coonfield 
James Coop 
Larry Cooper 
Ron Cooper 

Beverly Cope 
Roxanne Cope 
Bryan Copenhaver 
Ron Coppinger 
Nellie Copple 
Jeff Corbell 
Susie Corrice 


n . 

Delores Corrie 
' Cory 
Bob Costin 
K f ostin 
Carey Cottongim 
Kenneth Couch 
Carol Couden 

Terrie Couden 
Joyce Covert 
Felicia Covington 
Sabrina Covington 
Owen Cowherd 
Denise Cox 
Jeff Cox 

Leslie ( 
Mitchell Cox 

Samue: ' 
Spencer Cox 
Sheilah Craft 
Joni Craflon 
Charle> Craig 

Cheryl Craig 
Dana Craig 
Tim Craig 
Deborah Crane 
Donna Cravens 
Mary Crenshaw 
Elaine Cridlin 

Sheila Critchlow 
Jim Crocker 
Don Crockett 
Kevin Crockett 
Don Croley 
John Cross 
Karyn Cross 

Maurice Cross 
Brenda Crouch 
Tina Crouse 
Richard Crowe 
Yernita Crowe 
Carmelita Cruz 
Tommv Cruz 

Liliie Culpepper 
Connie Cunningham 
Jeffrey Cunningham 
John Cunningham 
Larry Cunningham 
Sherry Cunningham 
Yicki Cunningham 

Lis3 Curren 
Jewel Curry 
Malcolm Curry 
Sheila Curry 
Jenni Curtis 
Louise Curtis 
Mike Curtis 

Tammie Dailey 
Tammy Dalton 
Kelley Dalzell 
Carla Danford 
Brenda Daniels 
Linda Daniels 
Lai rondorf Darbv 

Robe:: !\;\ „-■'-." - 
Dennis Davidson 
Paul Davidson 
Barbara L>avis 
Deborah Davis 
James Davis 
Robin Davis 


Knowledge Through Experience 

The greatest method of gaining knowledge is through experi- 
ence. During the summer of 1976, 1 had the honor of attending 
Hoosier Girls State, a government learning program sponsored 
by the American Legion Auxiliary. Nearly 800 representatives 
were housed in three dormitories on the campus of Indiana 
State University, in Terre Haute. 

When I arrived at my dorm room I expected nothing but long 
hours, boring meetings, hard work, and more government than I 
cared to think about. At the end of the first day I began to real- 
ize how wrong I was. The meetings were very involved and quite 
interesting and it seemed that there wasn't enough time to take 

care of everything. Along with government, we all learned about 
the precious gift of a smile or a cheerful greeting. The work was 
difficult, but sharing the burden with a friend made it so much 

My concern and awareness have been greatly heightened over 
the American government system, and I hope to share my un- 
derstanding of the importance of participation with all of my ac- 
quaintances. My experiences at Girls State taught me not only 
of government but also of loving others and living in harmony 
with them. 


Terry Davis 
Terry Davis 
Richard Day 
Steve Day 
Tom Day 
Diane Dean 
Rhonda Decher 

Teresa Denbo 
Jill Denham 
Carol Denny 
Tammy Denny 
William Denny 
De De DeNoon 
Robert DePew 

Sally Dessauer 
Ron DeTar 
Julie DeWitt 
Lanny Diana 
Tammy Dick 
Tim Dick 
Elizabeth Dilley 

Mary Dilley 
Herbert Dinkel 
Kent Dippel 
Stanley Disman 
Doug Dixon 
Kebra Dixon 
Teresa Dixon 

Darrell Dob son 
Bryan Dodd 
Marsha Donahue 
Sherelyn Donaldson 
Lori Doody 
Vickie Doss 
Jeff Doucleff 

Gary Douglas 
George Douglas 
Theodore Douglas 
Muriel Dowell 
Monica Doyle 
Phil Doyle 
LaVon Drake 

Danny Draper 
Meredith Driscol 
Jay Druley 
Ken Dryden 
Eileen Dugan 
Kim Dulaney 
Darlene Duncan 


Mary Duncan 
Michael Duncan 
Shonda Dunkerson 
Cynthia Durham 
Chris Dych 
Donna Dye 
Randy Eads 

Dale Eaton 
Beth Eden 
Martha Edgerton 
Pamela Edwards 
Tina Eggers 
Jeff Ehlert 
Bruce Ehrgott 

Jeff Ehrgott 
Cary Eickelberg 
Mary Eickelberg 
Barbara Elder 
Billie Ellen 
Roxanne Elsbury 
Carl Eluere 

Ed Eluere 
Wayne Embry 
Pam Emery- 
Theodore Engelking 
Billie Jo England 
Penny Engle 
Sharon Ende 

Tami Engle 
Terri Engle 
Elizabeth Ensinger 
Jeanie Ensinger 
Gary Escue 
Pamela Etheridge 
W'ardell Etheridse 

Darin Ettner 
Michelle Ettner 
Beverly Evans 
Bradley Evans 
Eric Evans 
Leslie Ezzell 
Mark Fasan 

Debbie Falls 
Kenny Farson 
Kim Farrow 
Stephanie Fattk 
Linda Faubion 
Mike Fendley 
Dewavne Fentress 

Phil Fentress 
Kevin Ferguson 
Kim Ferguson 
Rosemary Ferguson 
Virginia Ferguson 
Jim Ferrer 
Traci Fields 

Scon Fifer 
Jesse Finch 
Joyce Finch 
Danny Finn 
Scon Fishburn 
George Fisher 
Lorinda Fisher 

Debbie Fisk 
Cynthia Fleenoi 
Chris Fleitz 
Rhonda Fletcher 
Rhonda Flick 
Chuck Flowers 
Anselia Ford 


What Is It About Freshmen? 

Crowding the halls, making it impossible to get to class, and 
going into complete hysteria if they can't find their classes are 
the annual new batch of freshmen. 

You know the ones. They're new at Howe. They're the ones to 
whom you give the ticket to the swimming pool. You ask your- 
self what swimming pool? Silly, there is no pool but don't tell 
them that. 

What is it about freshmen that makes them so much fun to 
pick on? Maybe because they are new and "wet behind the 
ears," or because they look so funny trying to get their lockers 
open while trying to hide the combination, or maybe even be- 
cause it's funny to listen to them decide what jeans to wear to 
the Brown and Gold. 

Remember your freshman year? I do. Looking back I remem- 
ber the terrifying feeling I got walking into that new, big school. 
I always heard you could tell a freshman. I spent my whole first 
year wondering if I looked like a freshman. 

"Don't carry all your books because freshmen have a way of 
dropping their books." 

"Don't go near the tower stairs," they told me, "because those 
are for seniors and they'll throw things at you or they'll throw 
you into the creek." 

All of this is a part of the everyday life of a freshman. Hang in 
there, guys, you'll make it. We all did! 


Kevin Ford 
Larry Ford 
Marilyn Ford 
Shelly Ford 
Toni Fosso 
Robert Foster 
Robin Foster 

Sheila Foster 
Vincent Foster 
Barbara Fowler 
Billy Fowler 
Susan Fowler 
Anthony Franklin 
Joe Franklin 

Kim Freeh 
Annette Freeman 
Wendy Freeman 
Kimberly Friedly 
Tony Frost 
Timothy Fry 
Rusty Fullen 

Tina Fullenkamp 
Krystina Fuller 
Pat Gannon 
Danita Gant 
Traci Gard 
Cheryl Gardner 
Susan Gardner 

Steve Garner 
Gail Garvey 
Robert Gatewood 
Virgil Gavin 
Michael Gay 
Shirley Gayles 
Kim Gearlds 

Sean Gelarden 
Tim Gelarden 
Mark Gentry 
Mike Gentry 
John Gibbs 
Shelly Gibbs 
Edward Gibeaut 

Terri Gibeaut 
Becky Gibson 
Sherry Gibson 
Renee Gilbert 
Brad Gildea 
Bobby Gilliam 
Darryl Gilliam 


#> # ! £i 

James Gilliam 
Larry Gilliam 
Anthony Gladney 
Karen Gladney 
Ellen Glassmeyer 
Rick Glassmeyer 
Charles Glenn 

Chris G 
Nell Gl 
Alice Godb) 
Bill Golden' 
Rita Goldsberr. 
Tern Goldsberr. 
Keith Goldsmith 

Maria Gomez 
Phyllis Goode 
David Goodman 
Lori Gorton 
Scott Gorton 
Susie Gorton 
Wendv Graham 

Cindy Graves 
Janet Graves 
Laura Graves 
Tracy Gray 
Darrell Greb 
Gary Greb 
Carol Green 

Rick Green 
Teresa Green 
Hank Grimes 
Paul Grismore 
Peggy Grismore 
Terry Grooms 
Karen Gross 

Sharon Gross 
Wade Guffey 
Rick Gunderman 
Bob Gunn 
Ed Gunn 
Patsy Gunn 
Brenda Gunter 

Alan Guthrie 
Paul Haas 
Jeff Haboush 
Roger Hack 
Brenda Hacker 
Randy Hackler 
Ron Haden 

Debbie Hadlej 
Lynn Hadle\ 
Rich Haeanman 
Pern Hail 
Alan Hall 
Robert Hall 
Steve Hall 

Theresa Hall 
Dallas Hamilton 
Thomas Hamilton 
Mont) Hammons 
Robin Hammons 
Rita Hampton 
Dale Hancock 

Kim Handlon 

Debbie Harbin 
Chris Hardebeck 
Claudia Hardin 
Maggie Ha:Jle\ 
Can Hard man 
Gail Hare 


Bothered by Social Standing 

Duane Hartley 
Tom Harton 
Corbette Harvey 
Darrell Harvey 
Ken Harvey 
Judy Haste 
James Hatter 

Debra Hauk 
Dolores Hauk 
Mike Hause 
David Havens 
Dan Hawkins 
Jeff Hawkins 
Karen Hawkins 

Lula Hawkins 
Pat Hawkins 
Steve Hawks 
Grover Hawn 
Dexter Hayes 
Gwendolyn Hayes 
Jackie Hayes 

Tanya Hazelwood 
Tom Heady 
Scott Heberden 
Mark Heck 
Tom Hege 
Dave Heizer 
Betty Hempfling 

Shawn Hendricks 
Billy Hendrickson 
Bonnie Hendrickson 
David Hendrix 
Don Hendrix 
James Henson 
Diana Henthorn 

Barbara Henton 
Leslie Hermsdorfer 
Laura Herndon 
Barney Herrington 
Jacqueline Herron 
Mark Herzberg 
Valorie Herzberg 

Terry Hester 
Debbie Hickman 
Ricky Hicks 
Terry Hier 
Mike Higdon 
Alan Higgins 
Julie Higgins 

High School, 

What a place. 

You have your popularity to keep and cherish, 

You have your pretty head to hold high. 

I tell you it's good 

To walk in the halls saying hello 

to half the people who pass. 

It's very impressive. 

You know it. 

A kind of unseeable contest is made of it. 

It's sad. 

And am I just one of the many people you say HI to? 

Just an unknown person added to 

Keep your social standing high? 

Or am I a friend? (SAM ROBERSON) 

Susan Harlow 
Donna Harper 


Paul Higgins 
Susan HUdebrand 
Cathy Hill 
George Hill 
Hazel Hill 
Lynda Hill 
Mark Hill 

Richard Hill 
Tim Hill 
Tim Hill 
Vanessa Hill 
Jean Hilton 
Karen Hilton 
Lynn Hilton 

Nancy Hindi 
Paul Hinesly 
Tony Hinkle 
Sherrie Hire 
Brian Hodnett 
Gres Hodnett 
Rick Hoff 

Vickie Hoffman 
Steve Hoffmire 
Aronzo Holland 
James Holland 
Rick Holland 
Eric Hollon 
Walter Hollywood 

Mark Holm 
Mark Holt 
Wayne Holt 
Rhonda Hooks 
Angela Hopkins 
Jeff Hopper 
Karen Horton 

Anita Hoskins 
Steve Hotseller 
Dennis Howard 
Edward Howard 
Lisa Howard 
Randal Howard 
Ann Hudson 

Guy Hueston 
Chuck Huffman 
Joe Huffman 
Carolyn Hughett 
Kathy Hughey 
Tarni Hughey 
Tina Hudiev 

Edward Hull 
Fred Hunter 
Beth Hurt 
Deanna Hurt 
Tracy Hurt 
Gwyn Hutchinson 
Dean Hvidston 

Douglas Hvidston 
Lee Hj atl 
Patrick Hyche 
Marcus Hynds 
Debra Irey 
Daryl Jackson 
Kathv Jackson 

Robert Jackson 
Sharon Jackson 
Kenny Jacob 
Patricia Jacobs 
Mike James 
Rhonda James 
Troy James 


Don't I Know You? 

At the sound of a bell 
All stand 

And rush to the door 
And make their way (our way) 
Into the halls 
All touching 
But few really feeling 
Eyes meet 
But few really see 
But then sometimes 
Just sometimes 
We realize 
I see you each day 
On this same stairway 
Don't I know you? 
Is this all worthwhile? 

Jackie Jameson 
Cheryl Jefferson 
Elmore Jenkins 
Laura Jensen 

Karen Johnson 
Kenneth Johnson 
Kris Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Shelia Jolly 
Bobby Jones 
Candice Jones 

Dale Jones 
David Jones 
Debbie Jones 
Don Jones 
Edward Jones 
Jenny Jones 
Jerry Jones 

Joyce Jones 
Lauretta Jones 
Patricia Jones 
Stanley Jones 
Tammy Jones 
Annette Jordon 
Jim Kaim 

Laurie Kaiser 
Cheryl Karr 
Tim Kaufman 
Pat Kaylor 
Virgil Keeker 
Greg Kehl 
Akira Keith 

Kim Keith 
Shirley Keith 
Lora Keller 
John Kelley 
Daniel Kelly 
David Kelly 
Fred Kelso 

Donna Kemp 
Karen Kemp 
Bill Kendall 
Chris Kendrick 
Bradley Keough 
Phillip Keough 
Brent Keplinger 

Elaine Kern 
Maureen Kern 
David Kerr 
Leslie Kerr 
Stephen Kessler 
Susan Key 
Michael Kilburn 


Richard Kilburn 
Frank Kime 
Kenneth Kincy 
Angie King 
Cheryl King 
Dana King 
Debbie King 

Donald King 
Julia King 
Kevin King 
Mark King 
Pamela King 
Timothy Kinney 
Debbie Kinser 

Richard Kirchner 
Kathy Kirkham 
Sherry Kirkham 
Kenneth Kirkman 
Robert Kirkman 
Lori Kirlin 
Tom Kirlin 

Ed Kittle 
Lorrie Klain 
Caroline Kleber 
Donald Kleppe 
Robert Klier 
Charles Knight 
Lisa Kollman 

Lisa Kopp 
Kim Koser 
Nicholas Kraeszig 
KeUey Kramer 
Jerome Kutche 
Vicki Lakes 
Billv Lambert 

Karen Landis 
Larry Landwer 
Phillip Lane 
Matt Langenbacher 
Janet Lanman 
Brian Largent 
Emorv Larsent 

B HO - 

Linda LaRue 
Lois Lauck 
Robin Laudermilt 
Holly Laurenzo 
Gregory Lawson 
Margaret Lawson 
Judv Leach 

Phyllis Leach 
Bill Leamon 
John Leavell 
Ronda Leavitt 
Gilbert Lee 
Teresa LeMay 
Jean Lenahan 

Laura Lepper 
Karen LeVier 
Brenda Lewis 
Carolyn Lewis 
Debra Lewis 
Kath\ Lewis 
Mark Lewis 

Jacqueline Ligon 
Sandra Ligon 
Martlia Lindenbor 
Tim LindscN 
Gloria Linton 
Theresa Littleton 
Jeanna Lockhart 



Sports Are in the Air 

Sports are in the air! One doesn't just watch athletic events, he 
feels the sport all around him! Each sport has its own mood that 
makes it unique and exciting. 

Football is crisp weather, confetti, hot chocolate, blankets, 
and a cold nose. It has a feeling of the outdoors along with the 
action of the guys on the field fighting for valuable points for 
that hard-earned victory. 

Basketball is fast-paced excitement with a feeling of closeness. 
One is close to the action and the opposition as well. The gym- 
nasium is filled with the sound of cheers and competition. Fans 
are close to their neighbors and friends, and spirit is often 

Wrestling finds one on the edge of his seat straining with the 

grapplers on the mats. It is one-to-one competition at its best, 
but everyone in the gym becomes involved in every battle of 
strength and strategy. 

Gymnastics is grace and style. The peak of perfection is 
strived for in every move. The competition is both beautiful and 
breathtaking. It is truly "poetry in motion." 

Swimming, track and field, golf, volleyball, baseball, tennis, 
and bowling at Howe all entail different moods and atmo- 
spheres that make the sport what it is. Why are sports so popu- 
lar? They are popular because one doesn't just watch a physical 
match of skills. One is totally wrapped up in the thrill of com- 
petition. Sports are in the air! 


Linda Lockhart 
Lanette Logan 
Lisa Logan 
Roland Lolla 
Chuck Long 
Connie Long 
Daryl Long 

David Long 
Kelly Long 
Sandy Long 
Scott Long 
Terry Long 
Gail Looper 
William Lotz 

Linda Loucks 
William Loucks 
Rod Lovell 
Gary Loveman 
Gail Lowe 
Steve Lowe 
James Lucas 

Kathy Lucas 
Charles Ludwig 
John Luke 
Nancy Luzar 
Becky Lynette 
Kevin Lynette 
Pam Lynette 

Julie Lyons 
Ellen Mackell 
Janet Mackell 
Sandra Mackey 
Jane Maddrill 
Fotios Magdalinos 
James Mahaney 

Arlene Mahurin 
Penny Mahurin 
Sandra Maki 
Laurie Malmfeldt 
Cathy Malone 
Kevin Mandrel] 
Connie Manley 

Victor Manley 
Earlene Manning 
Kim Manning 
David Mansfield 
Richard Marlow 
Bart Marshall 
Karen Marshall 


David Martin 
Deondra Martin 
Mark Martin 
Debbie Mason 
Lisa Matheny 
Tina Matthews 
Torn Matthews 

Kevin Mattingly 
Kyle Mattingly 
Robert Mattingly 
Theresa Mattingly 
Debra Maxie 
Jim McAllister 
Andre v. McAndrews 

Jackie McAndrews 
Kelly McAtee 
Charles McCallister 

Bob McCarty 
John McClain 
Kim McClain 
Robert McClain 

Paula McCleerey 
Jennifer McClure 
Richard McClure 
Debra McCombs 
Kathy McConahay 
Sue McConahay 
Timothy McConahay 

Mike McCotter 
Linda McCrae 
Maureen McCrae 
Kathyann McDaniel 
Mike McDaniel 
Roxanne McDaniel 
Kim McDermet 

Melanie McDermet 
Man NicDermott 
Amv McDougal 
Jeff McFarland 
Gar. MeGinnis 
Mark rvicGovem 
Matt McGovem 

Dallis McGraw 
Mike McGregor 
Doreen McGuire 
Kathleen McGuire 
Martha McGuire 
Mary McGuire 
Paul McKain 

Kim McKane 
Phillip McKaj 
Roger McKim 
Rick McKinstrj 
Maicy McLeod 
Tim McLeod 
Gregory McMiller 

Norman McMiller 
Gary McPherson 
Tim McPherson 
Brian McRae 
Alan McWhorter 
David Meece 
Rodger Meece 

Norma Melton 
Kathj Merrifield 
Cheryla Merritt 
Warren Merritt 
Jams Meyer 
Julie M.-\ ei 
Keith Meyers 


Football, a Plaything? 

Debbie Miller 
Kim Miller 
Linda Miller 
Ray Miller 
Ron Miller 
Joyce Milligan 
Kenneth Milligan 

Boyd Minton 
John Miser 
JoAnne Mitchell 
Rosemary Mitchell 
Bob Montgomery 
Bryan Montgomery 
Ken Montgomery 

Rhonda Montgomery 
Wendy Montgomery 
Antwaun Moore 
Cathy Moore 
Dale Moore 
Kathy Moore 
Lamont Moore 

Mary Moore 
Myron Moore 
Rayshelle Moore 
Vaughn Moore 
Bryan Monroe 
Nancy Monroe 
Cathy Morgan 

Christina Morgan 
Nyla Morgan 
Ron Morgan 
Scott Morgan 
Tiny Morgan 
Brad Moriarity 
Pamela Moriarity 

Michael Morris 
Patricia Morrison 
Julie Morse 
Rene Mosley 
Yvonne Mosley 
Bill Moylan 
Linda Moylan 

Michael Muir 
Teresa Mullins 
Janice Munchel 
Allen Munden 
Debbie Munden 
Mary Munden 
Timothy Murdick 

The dictionary defines football as a plaything 

It don't look like play, the way they swing, 

It don't seem fair to pile up on one man, 

It sure must hurt the way they land, 

It's one time a guy can make a legitimate pass, 

Without getting slapped by an innocent lass. 

The downs go three, I think that's the way, 

Then they have to kick or lose their play. 

I don't know how many yards they have to run. 

But it sure don't look like a game of fun. 

It's beyond me how they can play in the rains and 

Without being frostbit from their feet to their nose. 
Anyway, I'll watch football from now to New Year's Day, 
You think it's a fun game MAN, NO WAY! 


Leslie Meyers 
Brian Mikesell 


Pat Murphy 
Sally Murphy 
Lsennic Murry 

Julie Mussei 
Maurice Musser 
Vincent Myers 

Robbie Myrick 
Clara Nalley 
Kenneth Nalley 
Lee Napier 
Vicki Nation 
Bonita Neal 
Danny Neely 

David Neely 
Larry Neely 
Chuck Nelson 
Jeffery Nelson 
Pamela Nemesnyik 
Kathy Newman 
Robin Nicewanger 

Cheryl Nichols 
Sandra Nichols 
Edward Nicholson 
James Nicholson 
John Nicholson 
Michelle Nicholson 
Paula Nicholson 

Teresa Nicholson 
Thomas Nicholson 
Dale Nickel! 
Susan Nix 
Julie Norris 
Karen Norris 
Barbara Northern 

Keith Northern 
Anthony Norton 
Nancy Nottingham 
Velita Nuebling 
Joseph Nuttall 
Kathy Nuttall 
Bruce Oberlies 

Don Oberlies 
Jeffrey Oberlies 

Julie Oberlies 
Beth O'Brien 
Terry O'Brien 
Chris O'Connor 
Patrick O'Connor 

Tim O'Connor 
Julie O'Haver 
Pam O'Haver 
Richard Ohrn 
Richard Oldham 
Curtis Oliver 
Julie Oltean 

Judie O'Neal 
David Openbrier 
Tony Openbrier 
David Ormerod 
Cindy Osborn 
Alice Osteon 
Jenj On 

David Pacanowski 
Brenda Pacheco 
Randy Padgett 
Tamara Padgeti 
rina F.ioce:: 
Bryan Page 
John Parkei 


Only One Wins 

Maria Peacock 
Tom Peacock 
Jamie Pearson 
Sandra Peele 
Diana Pennington 
Tonya Pepper 
Steve Perkins 

James Perry 
Alfonso Perryman 
James Petty 
Brenda Phillips 
Cynthia Phillips 
Ethel Phillips 
Lisa Phillips 

Michael Phillips 
Randy Phillips 
Robert Phillips 
Perry Pierson 
Tim Pilkinton 
Terry Pillow 
Jim Ping 

Jerry Pitcock 
Chris Pitman 
Bruce Polk 
Kellie Pollard 
Barbara Pollitt 
Nancy Pollitt 
Douglas Polston 

Carol Pond 
Debbie Porter 
Debbie Poulos 
Francine Powell 
Kay Powell 
Vicki Powell 
Mark Pressley 

Charles Preston 
Joanne Presutti 
Bill Price 
Blaine Price 
Frances Price 
Kenneth Priestlv 
Alberta Pritchard 

Chris Pritt 
Gilbert Pritt 
Greg Privette 
Randy Procter 
Robert Proffitt 
Lisa Pruitt 
April Pryor 

The whistle blew. 
Six girls stepped up to the block. 
Each one nervous and anxious to go . . . 
Swimmers take your mark, Go! 
Their bodies outstretched as they lurch 
off the blocks with hard determination. 
Every girl strains with hard determination 
Every girl strains with every pull, every 
kick, putting every ounce of energy 
and strength into each stroke. 
Then they are on the last length. 
Even the tiniest amount of energy left 
is poured into each stroke. 
Then it's over and only one girl wins. 

Lynette Parker 
Melissa Parkhurst 
Denelda Parmer 


Don Pryor 
Earl Puckett 
Vickie Puckett 
Vincent PurceU 
Stefania Purdue 
Torn Pursell 
Jill Purvis 

Jeff QuaLkenbush 
Gregory Rader 
Denny Raines 
Jim Raines 
Jeanette Ramey 
Chris Ramsey 
David Ransom 

Lisa Ransom 
Brian Rapp 
Gay Ratliff 
Candy Ray 
Kathryn Ray 
Laura Ray 
Tytiana Rea 

Christina Reames 
Mary Reames 
Julie Rebholz 
Cindy Rech 
David Rech 
Beth Rednour 
Fredrick Reed 

Georgann Reed 
Ken Reed 
Laura Reed 
Sherry Reed 
Jeff Reel 
Kelly Reifeis 
Mary Reifeis 

Troy Remster 
Penny Renner 
Paul Rettig 
Joni Reynolds 
Walter Rhoades 
Anthony Rice 
Frank Rice 

Camilla Rich 
Lisa Richard 
Wayne Richards 
Donald Richardson 
Linda Richardson 
Stanley' Richardson 
Carol Riches 

Donna Richmond 
Shirley Richmond 
James Ridenoin 
Jeffery Riggs 
Kim Ri^s 
Helen Riley 
Man Lou Rilev 

Robin Rippel 
Dennis Robards 
Cindy Robbins 
Jamie Robbins 
Jon Robbins 
Jamie Roberson 
Samuel Roberson 

Mark Roberts 
Mike Roberts 
Sam Roberts 
Sheila Robertson 
Jeff Robinson 
Jerome Robinson 
John Robinson 


Best Four Years? 

Six in the morning is a pretty rough time to be pulling out of 
bed, so I wait until 7: 15. But I don't lie in bed when I do wake 
up. I can't— 7: 15 is too late. I have to be sitting in my first-period 
class in one hour. Rush. I'm about halfway through washing my 
face and I can see the ugly day outside. It's been two full years, 
going on three, that I've gone through this monotony, five days 

a week and ten months a year. Do you know how much can 
happen in ten months? 

These are the best years of my life? I hope there aren't any 
best years. I want each part of my life to have its share of bad to 
make the good seem better. 


Kelly Robinson 
Willie Robinson 
Sue Roell 
Scott Roembke 
Mark Roeschlein 
Danny Rogers 
Debbie Romans 

Rochelle Romig 
Brian Ross 
Chris Ross 
Donald Ross 
Sherri Ross 
Barbara Rouse 
Jim Rowe 

Lucinda Rowland 
Lisa Rude 
Valerie Rude 
Cynthia Rudolph 
Jon Rupe 
Tim Rupp 
Regina Rush 

Bobby Rusk 
Debora Russell 
Lynn Russell 
Rex Russell 
Rocklin Russell 
Steven Safstrom 
Bill Sanders 

Greg Sanders 
Janice Sanders 
Jeff Sanders 
Kenneth Sanders 
Latonya Sanders 
Leslye Sanders 
Michelle Sanders 

Natalie Sanders 
Robert Sanders 
Susan Sanders 
Evelyn Sapp 
David Sarfaty 
Sandra Sargent 
Sue Sauter 

Stephen Schaedel 
Darrell ScheU 
Cecile Schlebecker 
John Schmidlin 
Jeff Schneider 
Rick Schroering 
Ellie Schultz 

Shawn Schultz 
Tim Schuster 
Tom Schuster 
Bob Scott 
Gary Scott 
Marty Scott 
Rita Scott 



Roxanne S 
Frances Seals 
Ronald Seats 
Cheryl Sedam 
Dema Sedam 
Torn See 
Pam Selke 

Jeffrey Sexson 
Ronnie Sexson 
Bruce Shadiov. 
Debra Shadiov. 
Dwayne Shav. 
Teresa Sheedy 
Jeff Sheets 

Julie Sheets 
Jackie Shelton 
Krista Shepard 
Clent Sherrill 
Joe Sherron 
Mark Shidler 
Dan Shinkle 

Dan Short 
Randy Short 
Tami Short 
Teresa Short 
Johnny Siebenthal 
Roy Silins 
Anna Simmons 

Ruben Simmons 
Ronnie Sims 
Sue Sims 
Michael Sisk 
Jeffrey Slayton 
Tony Slayton 
Kathy Small 

Theresa Smartz 
Michael Smiley 
Andrew Smith 
Anthony Smith 
Anthony Smith 
April Smith 
Bob Smith 

Bonnie Smith 
Brenda Smith 
Charlotte Smith 
David Smith 
Dennis Smith 
Douglas Smith 
Harr\ Smith 

James Smith 
Jenin Smith 
Karen Smith 
Kelly Smith 
Kevin Smith 
Lynda Smith 
Michael Smith 

Reggie Smith 
Robert Smith 
Robert Smith 
Shenj Smith 
Sheryl Smith 
Tammie Smith 
Tammv Smith 

Tony Smith 
Virginia Smith 
Waj ne Smith 
Jeff Smithes 
Rhonda Snedigar 
Garj Snelson 
Linda Snoddv 


Muscles Are Ripping Apart 

Martha Sprowl 
Donald Spurring 
Aretha Stafford 
Cathy Stafford 
Michael Stafford 
Ronnie Stafford 
Kevin Stephens 

Madeira Stephenson 
Aaron Sterling 
Kevin Sterling 
Charles Stevens 
Phil Stevenson 
Susie Stevenson 
Jim Stewart 

Karen Stewart 
Linda Stewart 
Teena St. John 
Cindy Stiles 
Mark Still 
Shelley Stillabower 
Wayne Stone 

Michael Storey 
Craig Storm 
Mark Storm 
Rhonda Stout 
Lora Stover 
Charles Stoyonovich 
Dan Stoyonovich 

Jenny Strange 
Amy Strickland 
Ronnie Strickling 
Paul Strode 
Bonnie Struck 
Paul Struck 
Steve Struck 

Donna Strykowski 
Ronda Strykowski 
Joey Stucker 
Vaughn Stultz 
Carmel Stum 
Patricia Sturgeon 
John Suddarth 

Okay, this is it. 

Are you gonna make the first move? 
Or am I? 
I suppose I will. 
I'm gonna take you down. 
There! My hands are around your back. 
Now, your arms are behind you. 
I've got to flip you over. 
You're bigger than I thought. 
My muscles are ripping apart. 
I can't clench my teeth harder. 
I've got to put your shoulders on the mat 
You're awful strong— 
But I'll win. 
I've got to win. 
One more push. 

There! Your shoulders are down. 
You're down! 
I did win! 

Rhonda Snoddy 
Mike Snyder 
John Solberg 

Susie Sorrentino 
John Sparenberg 
Steve Sparks 


Sylvia Suddarth 
Jerry Suitor 
Dan Suitors 
Don Suitors 
Mark Summers 
Steve Summers 
Delores Summitt 

Ricky Surber 
Wanda Surber 
Donna Sutter 
Greg Sutter 
Mary Sutterfield 
Mike Sutton 
Robert Tackett 

Lynn Tanasovich 
Chris Tarver 
Andrew Taylor 
Beverly Taylor 
David Taylor 
Keith Taylor 
Lisa Taylor 

Trent Taylor 
Tim Tedders 
Edward Temple 
Laurie Temple 
Roger Temple 
Mark Templeton 
Diana Terry 

Kellie Terry 
Sam Thatch 
James Thein 
Stephen Thein 
Darryl Thomas 
Jim Thomas 
Stacev Thomas 

Becky Thompson 
Debbie Thompson 
Donna Thompson 
Maurica Thompson 
Pam Thompson 
Reeda Thompson 
Sam Throckmorton 

Renato Thornton 
Susan Thornton 
Patty Tichenoi 
Desi Tinnin 
David Tinsley 
James Toles 
Chuck Tolley 

Chuck Tolley 
Lea Tomlin 
Jeannie Toney 
Edith Torcence 
April Torrence 
Pat Tot ton 
Rut hie Trice 

Thomas Trice 
Eloise Trospei 
Georgia Trope: 
Cheryl Tucker 
Donna Tucker 
Wendell Tucker 
Shirley Tunstill 

Donna Turne: 
James Turner 
Kim Turner 
Terri Turner 
Diana Tuxpin 
Dominic Turpin 
Michelle Uban 


Through the Looking Glass 

The 8:10 bell rings in the building. 

Suddenly the chattering, overpopulated lobby begins to stir with 


The whole student body seems to dart like salmon toward the 

rapids of the now flowing staircases. 

In just a matter of minutes, the halls are nearly empty, only a 
few stragglers still color the now hollowed halls. 
Then another bell rings, and there is silence in the empty and 
desolate pathways to the future . . . 

Greg Underwood 
Jay Upchurch 
Rick Vance 
Mike Vane 
Lisa Van Fossan 
Amanda Van Hooser 
Margaret Van Huss 

Denise Vardiman 
Steven Vastine 
Theresa Vastine 
Joan Verbosky 
Mike Verbosky 
Holly Vernon 
Theresa Vie 

Kevin Vinson 
Phyllis Vollmer 
Lori Von Wilier 
Karen Voss 
Dale Waddell 
Marland Wade 
Kevin Wadsworth 

Tammy Waggoner 
Myra Wagner 
Mike Walden 
Dave Waldo 
Debby Waldroff 
James Walker 
Rebecca Walker 

Dennis Wall 
Brenda Wallace 
Murphy Wallace 
Becky Wallis 
Beth Walters 
Joy Walters 
Juanita Walters 

Lora Walters 
Pam Walters 
Debby Wand 
Melody Wand 
Chris Ward 
Bertha Washington 
James Watkins 

Rosie Watkins 
James Watson 
Robert Watson 
Christina Watt 
Bob Weaver 
Ernest Weaver 
Keith Weaver 

Paul Weaver 
Kenneth Weaver 
Gary Webb 
Lagonda Webb 
Rickey Webb 
David Welch 
Pat Wells 


Sheila Wells 
Phil Werner 
David West 
Mary Whalen 
Chris Wheatley 
Patty Wheeler 
Steven Wheeler 

Jill Wheeling 
Gay la Whitaker 
Cynthia White 
Dawn White 
Kris White 
Larry White 
Lisa White- 

Sharon White- 
Steve White 
Andy Whitehurst 
Dennis Whitney 
Don Whitney 
Sue Whin 
Kerri Whittington 

Angela Whyde 
John Wichman 
David Wickizer 
Debbie Wiese 
Joann Wiese 
Edwin Wissinaton 
David W ilberly 

Charles Wilburn 
Eyvonne Wilburn 
Mark Wilder 
Andy Wiles 
James Wiley 
John Wiley 
Leslie Wilfong 

Elizabeth Wilkins 
Andy Wilkinson 
Kelly Wilkinson 
David Williams 
Donald Williams 
Jenny Williams 
Kay Williams 

Melissa Williams 
Penny Williams 
Roberta Williams 
Susie W illiams 
Tammy Williams 
Vicky Williams 
W'avne Williams 

John Williamson 
Kay Williamson 

Patricia Williford 
Ronnie Wills 
Yicki Wilmore 
Annette Wilson 
Dennis W ilson 

James W ilson 
Keith Wilson 
Linda Wilson 
Patricia Wilson 
Sandy WingfieM 
Curtis Wise 
Delisa Whherspoon 

Doug Woernei 
Joe Wood 
Sherri w ood 
Greg w oodcocfc 
Rhonda w ood cock 
Kathy Woodmansee 
Denisa w oodv aid 


Looking Back on the Good Times 

David Woolen 
Tina Wootan 
Kathy Workman 
Mike Wright 
Nancy Wright 
Brenda Wyatt 
David Wyatt 

Rhonda Wylie 
Stephen Wynalda 
Scott Wynn 
Dawn Yamafuji 
Thomas Yaryan 
Mike Yates 
David Yeary 

Patty Yohler 
Bill York 
Jimmy York 
Beverly Young 
Denise Young 
Gary Young 
J'Annelle Young 

Robert Young 
Tim Young 
Mark Zander 
Steve Zimmerman 

In the years to come, we the students of Howe High School 
will look back upon all of the good times we have had. Even 
though the bad times may not seem so important when they 
happen, they are just as important as the fun and happiness that 
go along with the good times. 

As we look ahead, we realize there are many roads we must 
travel. Some will be smooth and easy to travel. But then there 
are those which will be long, winding, and rough. No matter 
how bad times get and how rough life treats us, we can always 
look back on all the good times that we had at Howe. 

When we leave Howe, we will realize that our four years at 
Howe have been four of the greatest years in our lives. 


1. Duane Hartley says he gets a "natural high" on a six-foot unicycle. 

2. Charles Wilburn expresses himself through art. 

3. Carrie Armstrong and Mark Young freeze through a tense football game. 


Students Praise Excellent Teaching 

Frank Tout 

Principal. Interested in swimming, theater, etc. 
Donald Glenn 

Vice-Principal. Former English teacher. 
Charles Ruschhaupt 

Vice-Principal. Collects glass. 

Patricia Aman 

Business, Student Council. Had private reception 

with President Ford in 1976. 
Rex Anderson 

Counselor. Former track coach. 
James Arvin 

Physical Education. Wrestling, Football, Varsity 

Athletic Club. Volunteer work with kids in summer. 

Hanette Baker 

English, Thespians, Dramatics. Enjoys world travel 
Sgt. Jerome Baker 

ROTC, Rifle Team, Color Guard, Drill Team. 

Service in Europe and Asia. 
Mary Bancroft 

English, Mat Maids, Gymates. Likes needlework, 

African violets, and cats. 

Deborah Bareford 

Business, DE Coordinator, DECA. Likes swimming. 

boating, hooking rugs. 
David Baugh 

Business. Worked as ticket agent for Greyhound 

while in college. 
Michaleen Bean 

Media Center. Enjoys archaeology. 

Bruce Beck 

English Department Chairman, Stage Lighting for 

Musical. Enjoys gardening and carpentry. 
James Beck 

Security. Enjoys students. 
Rjchard Beck 

English, Future Educators. Leader in teacher 



Margaret Benson 

Dean ol Girls Has taught music and English. 
Randal Bishop 

Social Studies. Chess Club, Active in politics. 
Robert Bramblc-tt 

Music. Madrigals. District and State Solo and 

Ensemble Director. All-Cit;. f.horal Festival 

Director, Plays pool 

Patricia Bredewater 

English. Enjoys gourmet cooking. 
Steve Bnggs 

English. Speech and Debate, Grows pri/e winning 

Janice Brown 

Physical Education. Volleyball. Painter and interio 


Philip Brown 

Social Studies. Teaches social studies methods ai 

Deanna B\rd 

Guidance Office Clerk. Howe mother. 
Mary Callaway 

Business. Plays golf. 

Doris Cartwright 

Home Economics Department Chairman. Textbook 

William Christoff 

Music. Orchestra. String Ensemble. All-Cit\ 

Orchestra. All-State Orchestra. Enjo\s photography 

and antiques. 
Norman Coglan 

Industrial Arts. Evening Division Supervisor. Sports 

official 36 sears. 

Mr. Philip Brown is a fantastic disciple of the testament of 
American history. His gory, thrill-packed adventures of time are 
well received by his fascinated students. Even the sleepers of 
other classes sit up and listen eagerly to his passages. Students 
that would normally cut a history class with any other teacher 
always seem to show up to his classes. Admiring teachers try to 
imitate his unmistakeable style, and yet none can even come 
close to him. 

Mr. Brown brings himself down to the level of his students. 
He speaks out to each individual as a unique person. He doesn't 
try to speak above their language. Students accept him as one of 
their own kind. (LOIS LAUCK) 


Teachers Have "HOME" Work Too 

Richard Comingore 

Industrial Arts, Swimming. Has commercial flying 

Joan Cooper 

English. Young grandmother. 
Margaret Crawford 

English. Plays tennis, decorates cakes. 

Waneta DeHoff 

Nurse. Enjoys students. 
E. Dale Dinkens 

English. HILLTOPPER. Photography and boating. 
Doris Duncan 

Art Department Chairman. Owns flower and gift 


Henry Easter 

Assistant dean of boys. Excellent golfer. 
M/Sgt. Harold Ecktman 

ROTC. Drill Teams, Color Guard. Oil painting. 

horseback riding. 
Robert Edwards 

Science Department Chairman. Has attended many 


John Ervin 

English, History Club. Collects and restores antiques. 
Blanche Ferguson 

Home Economics. Enjoys small children. 
Jeannette Fields 

Library clerk. Overworked, underpaid. 

Ron Finkbiner 

Social Studies, Tennis, Quiz Team. Tells gorilla jokes. 
Larry Fitzgerald 

Social Studies. Gymnastics. Likes swimming and 

Rita Gaither 

Home Economics, Cheerleaders, Girls Basketball, 

Intramurals. Sports fan. 


Richard Hammond 

Science. Recognized by colleagues as outstanding 

physics teacher. 
Joan Hancock 

Foreign Language. Swimming. French Club. Enjoys 

tennis, swimming, music. 
Kenneth Hanna 

Business. Real estate broker, enjoys bridge and 


Richard Harpold 

Physical Education, Track, Football. Varsity Athletic 

Club, Intramurals. Howe graduate. 
Frederick Hewitt 

Physical Education. Gymnastics, Enjoys 

Lynne Hopkins 

Counselor. Former English and social studies teacher. 

Raymond Hulce 

Foreign Language Department Chairman. Enjovs 

Larry Humes 

Physical Education. Basketball. Former Mr 

Basketball and professional basketball plaver. 
George Jackson 

Business Department Chairman. Has most crowded 

office in school. 

History Club member use sponsor 
John Ervin's basement to work on a 
quilt for the Indiana Junior Historical 
Society convention. 


Students Exhaust Educators 

Gary Jacob 

Business, Baseball. Enjoys outdoor sports. 
Tim Jessup 

Science, Cross-Country, Track. Saw 1976 Olympics in 

Dewain Johnson 

Industrial Arts. Enjoys sports and car repair. 

William Jones 

Physical Education, Athletic Director. Was 

outstanding athlete at Manual High School. 
Jamise Kafoure 

Foreign Language. Spanish Club. Pacer fan. 
Hartwell Kayler 

Social Studies Department Chairman. Howe teacher 

over 34 years. 

Evelyn Keaton 

Science, National Honor Society. Proud parent. 
Barbara Kendall 

Home Economics, Home Economics Club. Has 

worked at Indianapolis zoo. 
Maurice Kindle 

Foreign Language, German Club. President of 

national German honorary. 

James Komann 

Art. Enjoys antiques, architecture, and history. 
Jack Lawson 

Industrial Arts, ICT Coordinator. Good basketball 

Jo Anna Leffler 

Media Center. Sports fan, scout leader. 

Thomas Lewis 

Music Department Chairman. A man of many 

James Lynch 

Art, Stage Design. Football player in college. 
Terrill Mahler 

Music, Band. Plays in professional combo. 


Jeannie Martin 

English. TOWER, "Flea market nut." en 

and pet goldfish. 
Virginia McCIellan 

Attendance Clerk. Howe mother. 
Charles McGinlej 

Social Studies. Enjoys music and theater. 

Gerald McLeish 
Social Studies. Football, Wrestling. Son ol I 

head football coach. 
Janet McNeil 

Music Department Accompanist. Children graduated 
from Howe. 

Penelope McNeish 

Business. Proud parent 

Wayne Mellott 

English. Gardening and hiking. 
Suzanne Micon 

Art, Track. Runs with girls in track season. 
Paul Miller 

Science. Wrestling. Football Equipment Manager. 

Water and snow skiing. 

Mrs. Joan Cooper collapses at the end 
of the da\. 


Small Classes Give Extra Attention 

Robert Mitchell 

Mathematics, Girls Basketball, Track. Sports fan. 
Virginia Moore 

Bookstore Manager, Bookkeeper. At Howe for 

second time in her career. 
William Morris 

Industrial Arts. Enjoys outdoor sports. 

Josinah Mosiman 

Home Economics. Has packed piston rings for 

Perfect Circle. 
Jerry Motley 

Science, ATOM DUST. Active in National Society of 

Arts and Letters. 
Shirley Neal 

English, PEN POINTS. Enjoys modern jazz dancing. 

Arnold Nelson 

Counselor. Hiking. 
Ellen O'Drain 

English, Guidance. Loves the Oregon coast. 
James Perkins 

Physical Education, Cross Country, Girls Track, 

Intramurals. Directed driver education at Attebury 

Job Corps Center. 

Yvonne Perry 

Business, COE Coordinator, OEA. Has held jobs in 

Charles Pirtle 

Art, Director of Productions. Outdoor sports fan. 
Margaret Poole 

Secretary. Family attended Howe. 

George Posey 

Career Guidance. Heads new program at Howe. 
Harry Preston 

Foreign Language, Mathematics, Baseball, Football. 

Aggressive intramural basketball player. 
David Pugh 

Social Studies. Backpacks in mountains. 


AIilc Purvis 

Mathematics. Sports fan. 
Norma Rauch 

Health Occupations Coordinator. Golf, bridge. 
Justin Rchm 

Mathematics. Owns over 3.000 sports magazines. 

Marilyn Remhardt 
Physical Education. Gymnastics Former Howe- 

Vicki Rentorth 

Mathematics. Skiing. 

Harrison Richardson 
Mathematics. Coached many freshman sports. 

Glenn Rohde 

Mathematics Department Chairman. Music, theater 
Burdeen Schmidt 
Physical Education. Tennis. Golf. Boating, 
aul Schneeman 
ndustrial Arts. Quiet t\pe 

Ham Preston analyzes a computer 
program with Brett Cope. Greg Suiter 
and Tim McConaha\ . 


Teachers Are People Too 

Mary Schwier 

Registrar. Arrives early, leaves late. 
Ethel Seitz 

English. Needlework and sewing. 
Marguerite Sights 

English. Bridge and golf. 

John Skene 

Business. Bass fishing. 
Carole Smith 

Assistant Dean of Girls. Sketching, sewing, and 

Shirley Smith 

English, Hornet Honeys. PEN POINTS. Horseback 

riding and dancing. 

William Smith 

Science, Football. Basketball. Former Howe athlete 
Errol Spears 

Social Studies, Baseball, Quiz Team. Loves to tell 

fraternity stories. 
David Stahly 

Evening School Director. Former Howe biology 


Cheryl Stegnach 

Social Studies, Cheerleaders. Political work. 
David Stewart 

Social Studies, Football. Enjoys travel. 
James Stutz 

Physical Education Department Chairman. 

Basketball. Has over 200 wins as a Howe basketball 


William Sumhn 

Dean of Boys. Sports fan. 
Larry Todd 

Media Center Director. Enjoys nature and outdoor 

Thomas Totten 

Director of Guidance. Travel guide in spare time. 


John I rink Ic 

Counselor. Has been ai Howe 20 years. 
Frances Valentine 

Budget clerk. Has held several office jobs ai H 
Dante Ventresca 

Science. Collects record. 

Joseph Vollmer 


English, Director of Activities, Golf. Avid golfer and 
sports fan. 

&$ ^'v,;*! 

Roxy Watson 

Mathematics. National Honor Society. Needlework 

music, and reading. 

Barbara Watts 


Computer clerk. Formerly switchboard operator. 

Vivian Watts 

Counselor. First year at Howe. 
Jacqueline White 

English, Guidance. Painting, reading and macrame. 
Vivian White 

Home Economics. A quiet person. 

Alson Wright 

Art. Stylish dresser. 
James Yarber 

Science, Naturalist Club. Has been park ranger. 
Howard Young 

Industrial Arts. Works lon° hours. 


Seniors Helped With Mass Confusion 

Many people are involved in putting together a yearbook. 
More than 30 people helped at different times to complete the 
1977 book. Our seniors were chosen to represent the staff be- 
cause it is impossible to picture everyone who helped. Each in 
his own way represents the other staffers in their concern and 
the time they gave to record another year. 

» , *■■ 4 * . v v \ • * * * a I t 

' . '• * ' J j j~ ,' 

1. Billye Irene McGrory. 

2. Stephanie June McDermet. 

3. Glen Davis Marquis. 




Academics— 42 

Album- 100 

All-City Orchestra-35 

Art Club-20 






Reserve— 1 3 

Freshman— 14 
Chess Team— 2 1 
Choralaires— 39 
Chorus Classes— 38 
Concert Choir— 32 
Cooperative Office Education— 53 
Distributive Education— 52 
Football -74 
French Club- 19 
Future Educators in Action— 18 
German Club- 16 
Gymates- 15 
Health Occupations— 53 
HILLTOPPER-168. 176 
History Club-21 
Hornet Honeys- 10 
Industnal Cooperative Training— 52 
Madrigals— 33 
Make-up Crew— 30 
Marching Band — 36 
Mat Maids- 1 1 
Music— 32 
Musical— 40 
Naturalists Club- 19 
Qui/ Team— 31 
Senior Class— 102 
Senior Play-28 
Spanish Club— 118 
Spirit Board-29 
Stage Band-36 
Stnng Ensemble-35 
Student Business Managers— 31 
Student Council— 26 
Student Life-6 

Student Managers (Athletic)- 12 


Swing Choir— 37 


Thespians— 31 


Underclassmen— 130 


Aman, Pat-26, 28, 158 
Anderson, Rex— 158 
Annabelle Lee— 24 
Arvin, James-94, 158 
Baker, Hanetle-30, 31, 128, 158 
Baker, Jerome-22, 158 
Bancroft, Mary- 158 
Bareford, Deborah- 158 
Baugh, David- 158 
Bean, Michaleen 158 
Beck, Bruce L.-I58 
Beck, James- 158 
Beck, Richard- 18, 158 
Benson, Margaret— 158 
Bishop, Randal- 159 
Bramblett, Robert-38. 159 
Bredewater, Pat- 159 
Bnggs, Steven— 159 
Brown, Jamce-76, 77, 159 
Brown, Philip- 159 
Byrd, Deanna-159 
Callaway, Mary- 159 
Carter, James Earl— 2 
Cartwnght, Doris— 159 
ChnstofT, Wilham-34, 35, 159 
Coglan. Norman — 159 
Comingore, Richard-79, 160 

Cooper, Joan— 160, 163 
Crawford, Margaret— 160 
DeHo(T, Waneta-160 
Dmkens, E. Dale- 160, 176 
Duncan, Doris— 160 
Easter, Henry— 160 
Ecktman, Harold-22, 160 
Edwards, Robert- 160 
Ervin, John-21, 160 
Ferguson, Blanche— 160 
Fields, Jeannette— 160 
Finkbiner, Ron-21, 68, 105, 160 
Fitzgerald, Larry-82, 83, 160 
Frieda-24, 25 
Gaither, Rita— 91. 160 
Glenn, Donald- 158 
Hammond, Richard— 47, 161 
Hancock, Joan-80, 81, 161 
Hanna, Kenneth— 161 
Harpold, Richard-56, 73, 161 
Hewitt, Frederick-82, 83, 161 
Hopkins, Lynne— 161 
Hulce, Raymond— 161 
Humes, Larry-89, 161 
Jackson, George- 16 1, 176 
Jacob, Gary— 64, 66, 162 
Jessup, Tim-56. 70, 162 
Johnson. Dewain— 162 
Jones, William— 162 
Kafoure. Jamise — 162 
Kamen. Suzanne— 58, 59 
Kayler, Hartwell-162 
Kealon, Evelyn— 162 
Kendall, Barbara —162 
Kindle, Maunce-16, 17, 162 
Komann. James— 162 
Lawson, Jack — 162 
Leffler, Jo- 162 
Lewis, Thomas— 33, 162 
Lynch, James-20, 162 
Mahler, Terrill-36, 162 
Martin, Jeannie— 24, 163 
McClellan, Virgina— 4, 163 
McGinley, Charles— 163 
McLeish, Gerald-95, 163 
McMillan. Nancy— 62 
McNeish. Penelope— 163 
Mellott, Wayne- 163 
Micon, Susan— 163 
Miller, Paul-94, 163 
Mitchell, Robert-56, 91, 164 
Moore. Virginia— 164 
Moms, William— 164 
Mosiman, Josinah— 164 
Motley, Jerry— 164 
Neal, Shirley-25, 164 
Nelson, Arnold- 164 
O'Drain, Ellen- 164 
Perkins, James-58, 59, 71, 164 
Perry, Yvonne— 164 
Pirtle, Charles-30, 164 
Poole, Margaret— 164 
Posey, George— 164 
Powell. Mrs. Elwood— 8 
Preston, Harry-64, 67, 164, 165 
Pugh, David- 164 
Purvis, Alice— 165 
Rauch. Norma— 165 
Rehm. Justin- 165 
Reinhardt, Manlyn-85, 165 
Renforth, Vicki-165 
Resurrection— 24 
Richardson, Harrison— 165 
Rohde, Glenn- 165 
Ruschhaupt, Charles- 158 
Schmidt. Burdeen— 165 
Schneeman, Paul— 165 
Schwier, Mary— 165 
Seitz, Ethel- 166 
Sights, Marguerite— 166 
Skene, John- 166 
Smith, Shirley-25, 166 
Smith. Carole— 166 
Smith, Wilham-88. 166 
Spears, Errol-21, 46, 64. 65. 166 
Stahly, David -1 66 
Slegnach, Cheryl— 166 
Stewart, David-73, 166 
Stutz, James-86, 166 
Sumlin, William— 166 
Todd. Larry— 166 
Tolten, Thomas— 166 
Tout, Frank-26, 158, 176 
Trinkle, John- 113, 167 
Valentine, Frances- 167 
Ventresca, Dante— 167 
Vollmer, Joseph-31, 60, 61, 167 

Watson, Roxy-15, 127, 167 
Watts, Barbara- 167 
Watts, Vivian- 167 
White, Jacqueline— 167 
White. Vivian- 167 
Wright, Alson-167 
Yarber. James- 19, 167 
Young, Howard- 167 

Abell, Anne- 130 

Abrell, Dudley- 130 

Absher, Anthony-52, 102 

Adams, Jeri— 59 

Adams. Patricia— 36, 130 

Adams. Tammy— 130 

Adrianson, Vicki — 102 

Aikman, Dianna— 10, 130 

Aikman, Don- 130 

Aldred. Mary- 130 

Aldred, Suzanne— 130 

Alexander, Amy— 16, 36, 130 

Alexander, Andna-11, 27. 29. 32, 130, 176, cover 

Allen, Jennifer— 130 

Allen, Johnny-56, 130 

Allen, Lou Ann-10, 34, 130, 176 

Allen, Tina-25, 130, 176 

Allison, Daniel- 130 

Allison, Deborah- 130 

Allison, Lance-32, 33, 130 

Allison, Leo— 130 

Allison, Mark- 102 

Alvis, Kevin- 130 

Ammons, Pilar- II. 26, 58, 59, 102 

Amonette, James— 94, 130 

Anderson. Audrey— 130 

Anderson, David— 130 

Anderson. Diane— 130 

Anderson. Guy-88, 130 

Anderson, Mary— 130 

Anderson, Sandra— 130 

Andrews, Alise- 13, 130 

Anlrobus, Christine— 130 

Antrobus, Cynthia— 130 

Arbogast, Ehzabeth-102 

Arbogast, Kelly- 130 

Archer, Amanda— 130 

Archer, Brian— 130 

Archer, Tammy— 130 

Armstrong, Carrie- II, 39. 59. 130, 156 

Arnold, Kiltie- 130 

Arthur, Paula- 130 

Aruai, Tammy— 130 

Ash. James- 130 

Atherton. Tamara— 130 

Aventl, Douglas- 130 

Ayers, Joseph -56. 73, 130 


Babcock, Jerry- 130 

Backus, David-95, 130 

Backus. Dwayne-22, 32, 130 

Bacon, Tommy— 130 

Baden, David- 130 

Bailey, Deborah- 130 

Bailey. Sherne-130 

Bailey. Tern- 130 

Baker. David- 131 

Baker. Lane-56, 72, 73, 131 

Baker, Mary- 102 

Balch, Tina- 131 

Ballinger, Teresa— 102 

Banayote, Joe— 64, 65 

Banayote, Robert— 131 

Bandy. James— 131 

Banks, Leo-86, 102 

Barger, Teresa— 131 

Barnard, Larry-68, 88, 131 

Barnard, Shern-34, 35, 91, 131 

Barnard, Stephen-32, 33, 40, 41, 102 

Barries, Kathy-32, 33, 131 

Barnes, Maurice— 131 

Barnes, Thomas— 73, 131 

Barnes, Vanessa— 131 

Barnes, Yolanda— 131 

Barnett, Andrew— 131 

Barnett, Cindy- 13 1 

Barnett, James B.-131 

Barnett, James G.— 131 

Barnett, Robert- 13 1 

Barr, Suzanna— 102 

Bamnger, Kevin— 73, 131 

Barron, Cynthia— 131 

Bartley, Ginger— 102 

Bartley, Joyce- 131 

Bartley, Tina-131 

Bass, Jo Ann- 102 

Bass, Latonya-22, 131 

Bast, Charles- 13 1 

Baue, Patncia— 131 

Baughman, Diane— 131 

Baughman, Michael-71, 95, 131 

Baughman, Timothy- 16, 94, 131 

Baxter, Joel— 131 

Bayliff. Tamra-131 

Beach, Rae-131 

Beal, Renee-20. 31. 85. 103 

Beard, David- 16, 131 

Beard, Donald-131 

Beard, Jamie— 131 

Beard, Thomas— 131 

Beatty, Charlene-131 

Beatty, Henry- 131 

Becklehimer, Mary— 103 

Begeman, Wade— 131 

Bell, George- 131 

Bell, Jeffery-3, 131 

Bell, Steven-95, 131 

Beller. Shelly- 131 

Benedict, Richard- 131 

Benefiel, Mark-52, 103 

Bennett, Barbara— 131 

Bennett, Monica— 102 

Bemardi, Michael— 131 

Biale. John-131 

Bigelow, John-19. 103 

Biggerslaff, Anita- 13 1 

BiggerstafT, David- 131 

Billerman, Bernadette— 131 

Bingle, Bonnie-58, 59 

Bingle, Bruce— 131 

Blackstad, Mark-21 

Blanchard, Susan— 131 

Bledsoe. Carla-103 

Bledsoe. Mark- 131 

Blessing, Brian— 131 

Bhnes, Kathy-131 

Bobinmyer. Harry— 103 

Bockover, Carl— 131 

Boekankamp. Carol— 34, 131 

Boekankamp, Janet— 30, 36, 131 

Boekankamp, Wilham-56, 89, 131 

Boeldt, John-71, 131 

Bohnenkamp, Bradley— 131 

Boling, Judith- 131 

Boltinghouse, Deborah— 131 

Boltz, David- 131 

Boltz, Kathy-131 

Boltz, Sherry- 103 

Bone, Cynthia-10, 131 

Booher, Carol— 131 

Booher, Dai-20, 39, 131 

Booker, Kathenne— 131 

Boothman, Linda— 131 

Boram, Craig— 131 

Borders, Tina— 132 

Bossert, Dee-24, 27, 132 

Bossert, Susan— 132 

Botscheller, Cynthia-15, 18, 26, 29, 103 

Boulais. Gerry-20, 21, 24, 68. 132 

Boulats, Margaret (Mimi)-24, 26, 62, 103. 105, 127 

Bow. Anna— 132 

Bowers, Pamela— 103 

Bowman, Enc— 132 

Bowman, LaDonna— 132 

Bowman, Lisa— 132 

Bowman, Randy— 132 

Boyd, Joseph- 103 

Boyd, Randall-56, 89, 132 

Boyer, Randy-93, 132 

Brackin, Gregory— 132 

Bradburn, John-23, 36, 132 

Bradley, Joy-30. 132 

Branham, Donna— 132 

Branham, Larry — 132 

Branham, Lise— 132 

Bratton, Patrick- 132 

Bratton, Timothy-36, 132 

Bredensteiner. Cathy-21, 24. 25, 29, 43, 102. 103, 

127. 145 
Brewer. Daniel— 103 
Brewster, Pamela— 103 
Bndgeforth. Debra-132 
Bridges, David- 132 
Bridges, LaDonna— 132 
Bridges, Tony-31, 132 
Bnnegar, Pamala— 132 
Bristow, Melinda— 132 
Bristow, Raymond— 132 
Bntton, Jara-132 
Brockman, Charles— 132 
Broner, Mark-86, 103 
Bronslrup. Judith- 103 
Brooks, David-21, 24, 31, 32. 33. 41, 132 
Brown, Aretha— 132 
Brown, Carol— 132 
Brown, Carrie— 132 
Brown, Cynthia— 132 
Brown, Denola— 59 
Brown, Jeffrey- 103 
Brown, Jerry— 88 
Brown, Jimmie— 89, 132 
Brown, John— 132 
Brown, Marie-59, 80, 81, 132 
Brown, Nevalene— 132 
Brown, Rhea-132, 176 
Brown, Valeria— 132 
Bruce, Cindy— 132 
Bruce. Richard-73, 92, 93, 103 
Bruce, Toni-Il, 132 
Brummett. Kathy-36. 132 
Brummell, Teresa— 132 
Bryant, Debra-132 
Bryson, James— 132 
Buchanan, Amanda— 34, 35, 103 
Buchanan, Shem— 59 
Buckner, Ward- 132 
Buennagel. Steven— 104 
Buennagel. Timothy— 132 


Bullard. Douglas- 132 
Bullard, Talis- 132 
Bullens, Theodore —133 
Bullerdick, Laura- 133 
Bullington, Kimbcrly 133 
Bulhnglon, Michael 133 
Bunch, Michael 133 
Burch, Regina 133 
Burgess. Danyl-133 
Burke. Kevin- 133 
Burke. Robert -133 
Burke, Todd- 133 
Burns, Marvin-133 
Burress. Robert- 133 
Burns, James- 12, 133 
Butler, Fred-9, 133 
Butler, Linda 31. 76. 133 
Butler. Sharon- 10, 104 
Byers, Cynthia 39 
Byrd, Acey 88. 133 
Byrd, Kimberly 133 
Byrd. Robin 133 

Cain. Susan- 133 

Cain, William-133 

Caldwell, Enc-133 

Caldwell, Eunice- 14, 133 

Calhoun, Brian 12, 24, 133 

Calhoun,, 104 

Calhoun, Kimberly- 133 

Calhoun, Maureen— 36, 133 

Callaway, Pamela- 133 

Caluza. Tammy— 133 

Calvert, Demse-133 

Campbell. Chnstopher-82, 83, 104 

Campbell. Linda-32, 104 

Campbell, Sheila- 133 

Carolan, Keller- 133 

Carpenter, Denise— 133 

Carpenter. Renee-133 

Carr. Kenneth- 133 

Carr, Kevin- 133 

Carr, Rita- 10, 19, 133 

Carroll, Michelle-24, 133, 156 

Carter, Linda- 133 

Carter, Robert- 133 

Carter. Scott-56, 133 

Carter, Sherrie— 133 

Cassidy, Edward- 133 

Cassidy, Gina-32, 104 

Castaneda, Cnstina— 133 

Castaneda, Maria-59 

Castaneda, Pamela-27. 29, 58, 59, 76, 91, 133 

Caster, Catherine- 133 

Caster, Kelley-133 

Castile, Sandra-58, 59, 133 

Cauley, Gayle-39, 133 

Cave, Richard- 104 

Caveny, Rose- 10, 133 

Chafins, Karen— 133 

Chaillaux, Jacqueline 133 

Chambers, Jeffery-71, 133 

Chandler. Mary-18. 133 

Chapin. George— 133 

Chaplin, Teresa-26, 31. 34, 50, 85, 104 

Chapman, Lori— 133 

Charron, Kenneth- 104 

Charron, Sheme-39. 133 

Cheatham, Theresa— 133 

Cherry, Dale 104 

Cherry, Glen-56 

Cherry, Jeffrey- 104 

Childs, Gary- 16, 21. 33, 34. 35, 41. 104 

Childs, Tamera— 133 

Chilton, Steven- 133 

Chism, Helen 133 

Chrisman, Paula— 133 

Chnsman, Scott- 133 

Chnslensen, Laura— 133 

Chnstensen, Phyllis- 1 33 

Christian, Michael- 133 

Christopher. William-94, 133 

Christy, Sherry -133 

Clampitl, Timothy- 133 

Clark, Brian-52, 104 

Clark, Cathy-10. 33, 104, 127 

Clark, Charles-27, 133 

Clark, Diane 133 

Clark, James-56. 70, 71, 133 

Clark, Jeffrey- 134 

Clark, Kenneth-32, 134 

Clark, Kenny- 134 

Clark. Mindv 16. 134 

Clark, Steve- 134 

Clay, Earl- 134 

Cline, Douglas- 134 

Cline, Jen- 134 

Clingan, EUen-34. 35, 39, 134 

Clyde, Charley- 104 

Clyde, Men-134 

Coakley, Starr - 134 

Cobb. Susan- 18. 134 

Cobbs, Regina-46, 134 

Cochrane. Jeanncttc 134 

Cockrill. Alan 134 

Coe, Cynthia 10, II, 134 

Cohee, Lisa— 62 

Coffman, Dawn 134 

Cole, Becky 134 

Cole, Gary-88, 134 

Cole, Kathleen 1114 

Cole, Marcus 134 

Cole, Mark-88, 134 

Cole. Robert 134 

Coleman, Charles- 56, 57. 134 

Coleman, Cynthia 134 

Coleman. Robin- 134 

Collins. Allen- 134 

Collins, Candy 134 

Collins, Elaine-9, 15, 134 

Collins, Gene- 134 

Collins, Glen-95, 134 

Collins, Mark-2, 51, 73. 104, 127 

Collins, Rick-56, 73, 134 

Combesl, Belly- 134 

Combest, Peggy- 134 

Combs, Teresa- 134 

Combs, Yolanda-134 

Compton, Patricia 134 

Conwell, Kevin — 134 

Cook, Donna- 104 

Cook, Tonnya-134 

Cook, Tyann 104 

Coonlleld, Patricia 134 

Coons, Richard- 104 

Coop, James— 134 

Coop, Sharon— 105 

Cooper, Larry— 22, 134 

Cooper, Ronald -1 34 

Coovert, Nancy— 105 

Cope, Beverly- 15, 134 

Cope, Brett- 12, 24, 65, 73. 86. 105. 165 

Cope. Roxanne-14, 134 

Copenhaver. Ann-ll, 20, 31, 105 

Copenhaver, Bryan— 36, 134 

Coppinger, Ronald- 134 

Copple, Nellie 134 

Corhell. Jeffery-134 

Comett, Joey- 14, 83 

Cornn. Tracy- 1 2. 56. 93 

Comce, Suzanne— 134 

Come, Deloris— 34, 135 

Cory, Anthony— 105 

Cory, Carol— 135 

Costin, Kaye-135 

Costin, Robert- 135 

Cotter, Rex-60, 61, 105 

Cottongim, Carey— 135 

Couch, Kenneth- 135 

Couden, Carol- 105, 135 

Couden, Terrie— 19, 135 

Covert, Joyce— 135 

Covington, Felicia— 135 

Covington, Sabrina-29, 39, 135 

Cowherd, Owen— 56, 135 

Cox, Denise— 135 

Cox, Jeffrey- 135 

Cox, Laura-24, 25. 31. 32. 33, 34, 35, 105, 127 

Cox, Leslie- 19, 38, 135 

Cox, Mitchell-30, 135 

Cox, Samuel- 135 

Cox, Spencer- 135 

Craft, Sheilah-18, 135 

Crafton, Joni- 135 

Craig, Charles- 135 

Craig, Cheryl 14. 85. 135 

Craig, Dana- 16. 93. 135 

Craig. Tim- 135 

Crane, Deborah- 135 

Crane, Donald- 105 

Cranfill, Jennifer— 105 

Cravens, Donna — 135 

Crenshaw, Kevin— 5, 32, 105 

Crenshaw, Mary— 135 

Cridlin, Anna- 105 

Cridlin, Elaine-34. 35. 39, 135, 176 

Cridlin, Tom— 65 

Critchlow, Sheila 36, 135 

Crocker, James— 135 

Crockett, Donald- 135 

Crockett, Kevin- 1 35 

Croley, Don-83, 135 

Cronin, Scott— 106 

Crooks, David-34, 35, 106 

Cross, John-56, 70, 106 

Cross, Karyn-135 

Cross, Maurice— 135 

Cross. Phillip— 21 

Crouch. Brenda-135 

Crouse. Mary-18, 106 

Crouse, Tina- 135 

Crowe, Richard-71. 135 

Crowe, Vemita-59, 135. 176 

Crowe, William- 106 

Cruz, Carmelita — 135 

Cruz, Thomas— 135 

Culpepper, Lilhe-135 

Cummins, Clifford-25, 106 

Cunningham. Connie— 38. 135 

Cunningham, Glenn— 20, 67, 106 

Cunningham, Jeffrey 135 

Cunningham, John -135 

Cunningham, Larry 83, 135 

Cunningham, Sherry 135 

Cunningham. Vicki-135 

Currcn, Lisa 27, 62, 135 

Curry, Freddie 66 

Curry, Jewel 70, 1 35 

Curry, Malcolm-56, 70, 71. 83. 135 

Curry, Sheila-91,135 

Curtis, Jennifer 135 

Curtis. Louise 135 

Curtis. Michael 88. 135 


Dalton, Tammy- 135 

Dalzell. Kelley-135 

Danford, Carla-36, 135 

Daniels, Brenda-135 

Daniels, Linda— 135 

Danner, Carol-32, 106, 143 

Darby, Lafrondorf-89, 135 

Davenport, Robert— 135 

Davidson, Dennis— 135 

Davison, Paul— 135 

Davis, Barbara- 135 

Davis, Deborah-34, 91, 135 

Davis, Eddie- 106 

Davis, James-32, 106, 135 

Davis, Robin- 135 

Davis, Terry— 136 

Davis, Terry— 136 

Day, Mark-32, 93, 106, 113. 127 

Day, Richard- 136 

Day, Stephen-32, 94. 136 

Day, Thomas— 136 

Dean. Diane-27. 136 

Decher, Rhonda- 136 

DcHerdl. Leo-68, 106 

Denbo, Teresa 136 

Denham. Jill- 10. 19, 33. 39. 136 

Denk. Robert-22 

Denny. Carol— 136 

Denny, Tamara-136 

Denny, William- 136 

DeNoon, DeDe-34, 36, 136 

DeNoon, James- 106 

DePew, Robert- 136 

DeRoos. Robert- 106 

Dessauer, Sally— 136 

DeTar, Ronald- 136 

DeWitt, Barbara-106 

DeWitt, Julie— 136 

Diana, Lanny— 136 

Dick. Tammy— 136 

Dick, Timothy- 136 

Dilley, Elizabeth- 136 

Dilley, Gary 106 

Dilley. Mary-18, 136 

Dinkel. Herbert- 136 

Dippel, Kent-67, 136 

Disman, Stanley— 136 

Dixon, Douglas- 136 

Dixon, Kebra-76, 91. 136 

Dixon, Teresa-77, 91, 136 

Dixon. William-65, 106 

Dobson, DarreU- 136 

Dobson, John- 106 

Dodd, Bryan- 136 

Donahue, Marsha— 136 

Donaldson, Sherelyn 136 

Doody, Lori— 136 

Dorns, Terry— 64. 65 

Doss. Vickie- 136 

DoucletT. Jeffry-136 

Dougherty. Karen— 106 

Douglas. Gary— 136 

Douglas. George- 136 

Douglas. Theodore— 136 

Dowell, Muriel- 136 

Doyle. Dennis- 106 

Doyle, Monica-59, 136 

Doyle, Phillip- 16. 136 

Drake, Lavon-56, 79. 136 

Draper. Daniel 136 

Dnscol, Mark-73, 106 

Dnscol, Meredith-90, 91, 136 

Droeger. Jov 107 

Druley, Jay-36. 73. 136 

Dryden. Ken- 136 

Dugan. Eileen- 15, 20. 27, 39, 59. 80. SI. 136 

Dugan, Martin-27. 28, 32, 56, 70. 71. 10" 

Dulaney. Kimberly 136 

Duncan, Darlene— 136 

Duncan, James- 107 

Duncan. Mars- 137 

Duncan, Michael-29, 137 

Dunkerson, Shonda— 137 

Dunn, Robert-36. 107 

Durham, Cynthia— 137 

Durham. Patricia- 107 

Dvch. Christopher- 137 

Dye, Donna- 137 

Eads. Randall -1 37 
Eaton Dale 137 
Eden. Beth -4, 10. 33. 39, 137 
Edgerton, Martha- 1 37 
Edwards. Briar, - 1 
Edwards. Kimbcrh 107 
Edwards. Pamela- 137 
Edwards. Terry 56. 73. 89 
Fggers. J<«L, 107. 127 
Eggers. Tina- 19. 62. 76. 137 
Ehlert. Jeffrey- 32. 137 
Fhrgott, Bruce 137 
Ehrgoll Jeff 137 
Eickclberg. Cary -32. 137 
Eickclberg. Mary-16. 137 
Elder. Barbara-32, 137 
Ellen, Billie— 137 
F.llett, Bob-27 
I II.. Clifford- 107 
Flsbury. Roxanne-137 
Eluere. Carl 137 
Eluere. Debbie- 107 
Eluere. Edward- 137 
Embry. Wayne- 137 
Emery, Pam-32. 137 
Engellcing, Theodore— 32. 137 
England. Billie-137 
England. Donne- 107 
Engle, Penny- 137 
Engle. Sharon- 137 
Engle. Tami-10. 24. 137. 152 
Engle. Tern-24. 137 
Fnsinger. Elizabeth- 137 
Ensinger. Jeanie-29. 37 
Escue. Gary — 137 
Escue. Michael- 107 
Etheridge, Pamela- 137 
Ethndge. Wardell-137 
Eltner. Dann-95. 137 
Ettner. Michelle- 10. 38. 137 
Evans, Beverly— 137 
Evans. Bradle'y-29. 137 
Evans. Enc-L37 
Ewing, Rebecca— 107 
Ezzell. Leslie- 137 

Fagan, Karen-9. 32. 108. 127 

Fagan. Mark-94. 137 

Fair. James-56. 72. 73. 86 

Falls. Debra-137 

Fanelli. Catherine— 108 

Fanow, Ellen-30, 32. 108. 128 

Farson. Kenny- 137 

Fattic. Stephanie- 18. 137 

Faubion. Linda-39. 137 

Faubion. Nancy — 32. 108 

Fendly, Michael- 137 

Fentress. Dewavne-83. 137 

Fentress. Phil— 137 

Ferguson. Kevin- 137 

Ferguson. Kimberly- 137 

Ferguson. Rosemary 13" 

Ferguson. Sara— 108 

Ferguson. Virginia— 137 

Ferrer. James- 137 

Fields. Sharon-39 

Fields. Traci-137 

Filer. Scott- 137 

Figg. Lisa- 108 

Finch. Jessie— 56, 94. 13" 

Finch. Jon— 73 

Finch. Josce- 137 

Finn. Danny -66. 137 

Finn. Michael- 108 

Fishbum, Scott- 137 

Fisher. Carolyn- 108 

Fisher, George-95. 13" 

Fisher. Lonnda-13" 

Fish. Dcborah-22. 13" 

Fleenor. Cynthia- 137 

Flenz, Chnstopher-137 

Fletcher. Rhonda-2". 13" 

Flick. Rhonda- 13" 

Fknvcrs Charles 2". 13". 1"6 

Flowers. Patricia 21.29, 30. 31. 39. 10$. 12". 169. 

Ford, \ngelia 58 5 Q 13" 
Ford. Carol 25. 30. 31. 39. 10$, 12" 
Ford, Harold ->6 
Ford. Kevin 22. 138 
Ford. Larry -I3S 
Ford. Manlvn-138 
Ford. Paul- 108 
Ford. Shelley 23. 138 
Fosso, Tbni lev 22. 23, 13S 
Foster. Robert- 13 
Foster. Robm 138 
Foster, Sheila 138 
Foster. Vincent- 13S 
Fowler. Barbara 13S 

Fowler, Billy- 138 

Fowler, Jerri— 108 

Fowler, Susan— 138 

Franklin. Anthony— 138 

Franklin, Joseph-56, 94, 138 

Freeh, Kimberly-36, 39, 138 

Freeman, Annette— 39, 138 

Freeman, Jennifer— 16, 62, 108 

Freeman, Pamela— 108 

Freeman, Wendy— 138 

Friedly, Kevin-32, 33, 38, 40, 41, 51, 108, 127 

Friedly, Kimberly-19, 24, 138 

Frost, Tony- 138 

Fry, Timothy— 138 

Frye, William- 108 

Fullen, Russell- 138 

Fullenkamp. Tina— 138 

Fuller, Krystina-138 

Gaines, Kunberly-108 

Galloway, Tom-23, 108 

Gannon. Patrick— 138 

Gansert, Kay- 108 

Gant, Dana-138 

Gant, Danita-21, 58, 59 

Garard, Debra-8, 108 

Gard, Traci-138 

Gardner, Cheryl— 138 

Gardner, Susan— 36, 138 

Garner. Steven— 138 

Garvey. Gail— 138 

Garwood, Manam— 109 

Gatewood, Robert-27. 138 

Gavin, Virgil- 138 

Gay, Finley-109 

Gay, Michael- 138 

Gayles, Shirley— 138 

Gearlds, Kim- 138 

Gelarden, Sean— 138 

Gelarden, Timothy— 138 

Gentry, Mark- 138 

Gentry, Michael-21, 34, 35, 138 

Gibbs, John- 138 

Gibbs, Shelly- 138 

Gibeaut, Edward— 138 

Gibeaut, Terri— 138 

Gibson, Becky— 138 

Gibson, Melanie-10, 109, 127 

Gibson, Sherry— 138 

Gilbert, Darla-138 

Gildea, Bradley-7, 20, 24, 64, 66, 138 

Gilliam, Bobby- 138 

Gilliam, Darryl-83, 138 

Gilliam, James— 139 

Gillaim, Larry— 139 

Gillespie, Mark— 64, 65 

Gillespie, Tonya— 109 

Gilly, Deborah- 109 

Gladney, Anthony— 139 

Gladney, Joyce— 59 

Gladney, Karen— 139 

Glassmeyer, EUen-29, 90, 91, 159 

Glassmeyer, Richard— 36, 73, 139 

Glenn, Charles-56, 73, 139 

Glover, Ann- 109 

Glover, Chris- 139 

Glover. Neil-39, 139 

Godby, Ahce-31, 139 

GofT, Kris-65 

Golden, William- 139 

Goldsberry, Rita- 139 

Goldsberry, Terri— 139 

Goldsmith, John- 109 

Goldsmith, Keith- 139 

Gomez, Lisa-32, 109 

Gomez, Maria— 139 

Gonzalez, Nora- 109, 127 

Gonzalez, Sergio-56, 109 

Goode, Billie-49 

Goode, Phyllis- 139 

Goodman, David— 139 

Gorham, Vicki-109 

Gorton, Lori— 139 

Gorton, Scott- 139 

Gorton, Susan- 139 

Gott, Sue- 16 

Graham, Dianne— 109 

Graham, Wendy- II, 59, 139 

Graves, Cynthia-139 

Graves, Janet— 139 

Graves, Laura— 139 

Gray, Kathy-110 

Gray, Tracy— 139 

Greb, Dan-ell- 139 

Greb, Gary- 139 

Greb, Ricky-110 

Green, Carol— 139 

Green, Rick-139 

Green, Teresa— 139 

Greiner, Barbara— 110 

Grimes, Hank- 1 8. 32, 139, 176 

GrLsmore. Margaret— 139 

Grismore, Paul— 139 

Grooms, Terry- 139 

Gross, Karen-36, 39, 139 

Gross, Mauricia— 32, 110 

Gross, Sharon-36, 39, 139 

G'Sell, Susan-10 

GufTy, Wade- 139 

Guhl, Brian-32, 33, 36, 110 

Gunderman, Richard-21. 55, 68. 134, 139 

Gunn, Bob- 139 

Gunn, Edward — 139 

Gunn, Ja Bez— 95 

Gunn, Patsy- 139 

Gunter, Brenda— 139 

Guthrie, Alan-11, 68, 69, 139 


Haas, PauI-95, 139 

Haboush, Greg-20, 27, 29, 65, 1 10 

Haboush, Jeffrey-95, 139 

Hack, Carla-36, 110. 131 

Hack, Roger- 139 

Hacker. Brenda- 19, 139 

Hackler, Randall- 139 

Haden, Robert- 110 

Haden, Rory-139 

Hadley, Debra-139 

Hadley, Lynn-36, 139 

Haganman, Patricia— 110 

Haganman, Richard— 95, 139 

Hail, Perry- 139 

Hall, Alan-139 

Hall, Robert-139 

Hall, Stephen-139 

Hall, Theresa- 139 

Hall, Timothy- 1 10 

Hall, W.T.-94 

Ham. Jeffrey- 1 10 

Hamilton, Dallas-20, 139 

Hamilton, Thomas-20, 139 

Hammons, Monty— 139 

Hammons, Rhonda-20, 32, 110 

Hammons, Robin-39, 81, 139 

Hampton, Rita— 139 

Hancock, Dale- 139 

Handlon, Kimberly-81, 139 

Hanley, Kevin-110 

Harbin, Deborah-139 

Hardebeck, Chris- 139 

Hardiman. Christopher— 73, 89 

Hardin, Claudia-27, 39, 139 

Hardison, Clifford- 110 

Harkley, Maggie— 139 

Hardman, Gary— 139 

Hare, Gail- 139 

Harkness, David-31, 40, 41. 110 

Harlow, Susan-1 1, 18, 24, 25, 34, 35, 39, 140, 146 

Harper, Donna— 140 

Harper, Paul- 110 

Harrell, John-140 

Hamngton, Mark- 140 

Hams, Joyce— 140 

Hart, Beverly- 1 10 

Harter, Bruce-68, 140 

Hartley, Duane-56, 140, 156 

Harton, Thomas-68, 140 

Harvey, Corbette-22, 23, 140 

Harvey, Darrell-140 

Harvey, Kenneth— 22, 140 

Hasseld, Sara- 110 

Haste, Judy- 140 

Hatter, Garland-86, 1 10 

Hatter, James- 50, 140 

Hauk, Debra-34, 35, 140 

Hauk, Dolores- 19, 140 

Hause, Michael- 140 

Havens. David— 140 

Hawkins, Daniel— 140 

Hawkins, Jeff- 140 

Hawkins, Karen — 140 

Hawkins, Lula— 140 

Hawkins, Michael— 110 

Hawkins, Patrick-16, 94, 140 

Hawks, Stephen- 140 

Hawn, Grover— 140 

Hayes, Bettie- 1 1 1 

Hayes, Dexter-56, 140 

Hayes, Gwendolyn— 91, 140 

Hayes, Jaqueline— 22, 140 

Hazelwood, Tonya— 59, 140 

Heady, Elizabeth — 11 1 

Heady, Thomas— 140 

Heberden, Scott- 140 

Heck, Mark-34, 36, 79, 140 

Hege, Thomas— 140 

Heidt, Helen-Ill 

Heimer, David-24, 25, 1 1 1 

Heizer, David- 140 

Helm, Gustavia-76, 90, 91 

Hempfling, Betty-33, 34, 35, 39, 140 

Hendncks, Shawn- 140 

Hendrickson, Billy— 140 

Hendrickson, Bonnie— 140 

Hendrix, David- 140 

Hendnx, Donald- 140 

Henson, James— 140 

Henthorn, Diana— 140 

Henton, Barbara- 140 

Hermsdorfer, Leslie— 20, 140 

Herndon, Laura— 140 

Hemngton, Barney— 140 

Herron, Jacqueline— 140 

Herzberg, Mark- 16, 140 

Herzberg, Valorie-16, 140 

Hess, Alfred-73, 92, 93, 111 

Hester, Terry- 140 

Hewitt, Linda-Ill 

Hickman, Debra— 140 

Hicks, Ricky-68, 94, 140 

Hicks, Robert-73 

Hier, Terry- 140 

Hlgdon, Michael— 140 

Higgms, Alan— 140 

Higgins, Julie— 140 

Higgins, PauI-66, 141 

Hildebrand, Susan— 141 

Hill, Bridget- 10, 32, 111 

Hill, Cathy-13, 27, 141 

Hill, Hazel-7, 141 

Hill, Kelly-39, 111, 169, 176 

Hill, Lynda — 84, 85, 141 

Hill, Mark-141, 176 

Hill. Richard-5, 141 

Hill, Steven-50, 1 1 1 

Hill, Timothy- 141 

Hill, Timothy-93, 141 

Hill, Vanessa- 141 

Hill, Wilbert-16, 111 

Hilton, Jean- 19, 30, 39, 141 

Hilton, Karen-29, 141 

Hilton, Lynn-10, 32, 141 

Hinch, Nancy— 141 

Hinesly, Paul- 14 1 

Hinkle, Anthony-16, 32, 33, 94, 141 

Hire, Sherri-141 

Hobdy, Donna-Ill 

Hodnett, Bnan-141 

Hodnett, Greg- 141 

Hoff, Rick-141 

Hoffmire, Steve-141 

Holland, Aronzo— 56, 141 

Holland, James— 141 

Holland, Kevin-Ill 

Holland, Ricky-5, 111 

Hollon, Eric- 14 1 

Holly, Jim-65 

Hollywood, Walter- 141 

Holm, Mark-32, 68, 141 

Holt, Mark -66, 89, 141 

Holt, Wayne- 141 

Hommel, Carol-20, 76, 112, 127 

Hooks, Rhonda-10, 33, 34, 141 

Hopkins, Angela— 141 

Hopkins. Rhonda— 112 

Hopper, Jeffrey— 141 

Horton, Karen— 141 

Hoskins, Anita — 141 

Hoskins, Sharon— 112 

Holseller, Steven — 141 

Houchens, Randy— 112 

Houser, Lynn-1 12 

Houston, Gary- 12, 73, 86, 112 

Howard, Dennis-36, 141 

Howard, Edward— 141 

Howard, Lisa— 141 

Howard. Randell-141 

Howe, Terry-112, 127 

Hubbard, Bryan-112 

Hubbard, Debra-112 

Hudson, Ann-10, 27, 141 

Hueston, Guy— 141 

Huffman, Chuck- 141 

HufTman. Donna-32, 112, 136 

Huffman, Joseph— 141 

Huffman, Vickie— 141 

Hughett, Carolyn-13, 141 

Hughett, Donald-65, 73, 86, 112 

Hughey, Ehzabeth-112 

Hughey, Kathleen-141 

Hughey, Tammi— 10, 141 

Hughey, Tina— 141 

Hull, Edward- 141 

Hunter, Fred- 141 

Hunter, William-73, 112 

Hurt, Beth-18, 81, 141 

Hurt, Deanna-18, 141 

Hurt, Samuel-34, 35, 112, 127 

Hurt, Tracy-18, 141, 176 

Hutchison, Gwyndelene— 141 

Hutchinson, Ricky-52, 112 

Hvidston, Dean-32, 33, 78, 79, 141 

Hvidston, Douglas-32, 33, 41, 78, 79, 141 

Hyatt, Debra- 141 

Hyche, Patrick-56, 94, 141 

Hynds, Marcus— 141 

Irey, Debra— 141 
Irey, Robert-112 

Jackson, Daryl— 141 

Jackson, Kathy— 141 

Jackson, Robert— 141 

Jackson, Sharon— 39, 141 

Jacob, Kenny-36, 94, 141 

Jacobs, Patricia— 112 

Jacobs, Patricia— 141 

James, Kimberly-32, 112 

James, Michael— 141 

James, Rhonda— 141 

James, Troy— 141 

Jameson, Jackie— 142 

Jefferson, Cheryl- 142 

Jenkins, Elmore— 142, 176 

Jensen, Laura— 26, 142 

J,errell, Mark-112 

Jen-ell, Sheni-16, 142 

Jett, Bnan-142 

Jett, Sheryl-36, 112. 127 

Jewell, Michele— 1 13 

Johns, Deborah-76, 90, 91, 142 

Johns, Mary— 77 

Johns, Mary— 142 

Johnson, Douglas— 142 

Johnson, Harry— 142 

Johnson, Haven— 142 

Johnson, Joseph— 142 

Johnson, Karen-20, 142 

Johnson, Kenneth — 142 

Johnson, Kevin— 64, 65 

Johnson, Kris— 142 

Johnson, Monica-76. 91, 113 

Johnson, Scott— 142 

Johnson, Tracy-3, 31, 84, 85, 113 

Jolly, Shelia-142 

Jones, Bobby-56, 142 

Jones, Candice— 142 

Jones, Dale— 142 

Jones, Daryll-18 

Jones, David— 142 

Jones. Debbie— 142 

Jones, Donald— 142 

Jones, Donna-32, 39, 1 13 

Jones, Edward— 142 

Jones, James— 1 13 

Jones, Jennifer- 142 

Jones, Jerry— 142 

Jones, Joyce- 142 

Jones, Lauretta— 142 

Jones, Patricia-20, 32, 33, 34. 35. 142 

Jones, Rebecca— 1 13 

Jones, Stanley— 142 

Jones, Tammy— 142 

Jones, William-32, 33, 113 

Jordon, Annette— 142 


Kaim, James-94, 127, 142 

Kaim, Jennifer— 1 13 

Kaiser, Cynthia-113 

Kaiser, Joseph-60, 61, 113 

Kaiser, Laurie— 142 

Karr, Cheryl- 142 

Kaufman, Timothy— 142 

Kaylor, Patricia— 142 

Keeker, Virgil- 142 

Kehl, Gregory- 142 

Keith, Akira-142 

Keith, Kimberiy-19, 142, 176 

Keith, Shirley- 11, 16, 142 

Keller, Lora-142 

Keller, Pamela- 113 

Kelley, John-142 

Kelly, Daniel- 142 

Kelly, David- 142 

Kelly, Mark-113 

Kelso, Fred- 142 

Kemp, Donna— 142 

Kemp, Karen- 142 

Kendall, William-142 

Kendrick, Christine- 1 1 , 27, 81, 142 

Kent, Kathy- 1 14 

Keough, Bradley-93, 142 

Keough, Cheryl-59, 76. 84, 85. 114 

Keough, Phillip- 142 

Keplinger, Brent— 142 

Kem, Elaine— 142 

Kern, Maureen— 26, 29, 142 

Kerr, David- 142 

Ken, Leslie- 10, 32, 33, 142 

Kessler, Stephen— 142 

Key, Susan— 142 

Kilbum. Michael- 142 

Kilbum, pichard— 143 

Kime, Frank-36, 143 

Kincaid, Trella-114 

Kincy, Kenneth-32, 143 

King, Angela- 136, 143 

King, Cheryl- 143 

King, Dana-83, 143 

King, Debbie-143 


King, Donald -143 

King, Julie- 143 

King, Kevin- 143 

King, Lawrence— 114 

King. Linda -114 

King, Mark- 143 

King, Michael 114 

King. Pamela-39, 143 

Kinney, Donna II, 114, 127, 128 

Kinney, Timolhy-143 

Kinser, Debbie- 143 

Kirchner. Richard- 16, 36. 143 

Kirkham, Cynthia 1 14 

Kirkham. Kalhy-143 

Kirkham. Sherry- 143 

Kirkman, Kenneth 71, 143 

Kirkman. Robert-70, 143 

Kirlin. Lori 143 

Kirlin, Tom 143 

Kittle, Edward-34, 71, 83, 143 

Klain, Loretla-143 

Kleber. Caroline- 16, 143 

Klein, Kimberly-10, 114 

Kleppe, Diana 1 14 

Klcppe. Donald-27, 32, 66, 70, 89, 143 

Knight, Charles- 143 

Knuth, Keith-56, 1 14, 127 

Kollman, Lisa 39. 143 

Kopp. Lisa-20, 143 

Koser, Kimberly-I I, 143 

Kraeszig, Nicholas- 143 

Kramer, Kelley-21, 143 

Kramer. Lisa-21. 34, 35 

Kutche, Jerome- 143 

Lachmayer, Robert- 1 14 

Lakes, Victoria-21, 143 

Lambert. Billy 143 

Landis, Karen- 16. 143 

Landwer. Larry- 143 

Lane, Douglas-32. 33, 34. 35. 36, 1 14 

Lane. Phillip- 16. 17. 32, 33. 143 

Langenbacher. Mallhew-68, 69, 92, 93, 143 

Lanman, Janet- 143 

Largent, Brian— 143 

Largenl, Emory— 143 

Largent. Joyce— 1 14 

LaRue, Linda- 15, 18, 143 

Lauck, Lois-20, 31, 80, 81, 143, 149, 154, 159 

Laudermilt, Robin- 19, 143 

Lauer, Marilyn- 1 14 

Laurenzo, Holly- 143 

Lawrence, Richard- 1 14 

Lawson, Gregory- 143 

Lawson, Margaret- 143 

Layman, Susan-18, 58, 59, 114 

Laymon, Mark- 114 

Leach, Judith 19, 36, 143 

Leach, Phyllis- 1 8. 143 

Leamon. William- 143 

Leavell, John-89. 143 

Leavitt, Rhonda- 143 

Leavitt, Tonya- 1 14 

Lee. Gilbert- 143 

LeMay. Duane-1 14 
LeMay. Teresa- 143 

Lenahan, Jean- 15, 27, 77, 143 

Lepper, Laura-39, 143 

LeVier. Karen- 19, 143 

LeVier, Sandra-16, 19, 21, 32, 115 

Lewis, Brenda-143 

Lewis, Carolyn- 143 

Lewis, Debra-143 

Lewis. Kathryn-34, 35, 143 

Lewis, Mark- 143 

Ligon, Jacqueline— 143 

Ligon, Sandra- 143 

Lind, Daniel -27, 36, 37, 115, 128 

Lindenborg, Martha 143 

Lindsey, Timothy- 143 

Linton, Gloria— 143 

Lrnzie, Cynthia- 1 15 

Littleton. Ray-64. 65 

Littleton. Theresa- 13. 28, 84, 85, 143 

Lockhart, Jeanna-143 

Lockhart, Linda- 144 

Logan, Lanetle-144 

Logan, Lisa 144 

Lolla, Roland-27, 29, 56, 144, 176. cover 

Long, Charles- 144 

Long, Constance— 144 

Long, Daryl-36, 144 

Long, David 144 

Long, Jennifer- 1 15 

Long, Kelly- 144 

Long, Linda 1 15 

Long, Mark 115 

Long, Sandra 1 14 

Long, Scott— 36, 144 

Long, Susan-27. 32. 33, 40. 41. 115 

Long, Terry- 144 

Looper, Gail- 144 

Lou, Nancy- 1 15 

Lot/, William 144 
Loucks. Linda 144 
Loucks, William- 144 
Lovell, Rodney 32, 70, 82, 83 
Loveman, Gary— 68, 144 
Lowe, Gail 39, 144 
Lowe. James-93, 115 
Lowe, Steven 144 
Lowry, Sheha 1 15 
Lucas, James- 144 
Lucas, Kalhy 144 
Ludwig. Charles- 144 
Luke, John- 144 
Lunslord, Michael -115 
Luzar, Nancy 144 
Lynette. Douglas- 1 15 
Lynelte, Kevin -144 
Lynette. Pamela- 144 
Lynette. Rebecca- 144 
Lyons. Julie- 144 


Mackell, Ellen-9, 144 

Mackell, Janet 13, 39, 85. 144 

Mackey, Sandra — 144 

Maddrill, Jane 14, 144 

Magdalions, Folios- 144 

Mahaney, James- 144 

Mahurin, Arlene- 144 

Mahunn, Penny 144 

Maki. Sandra 144 

Malmfeldt, Gail-62, 116 

Malmfeldt, Laurie-62. 144 

Malone, Cathy— 144 

Mandrcll. Kevin- 144 

Manley, Connie— 144 

Manley, Victor— 144 

Manning, Earline- 144 

Manning, Keith-86, 116 

Manning, Kimberly-144 

Marlow, Richard — 144 

Marquis, Glen-30, 31. 116. 127, 168, 176 

Marshall. Bart-66. 67. 89, 144 

Marshall, Karen-19. 31, 36, 144 

Martin, David- 145 

Martin, Deondra-145 

Martin, Mark -145 

Martin. Natalie- 1 16 

Mason, Deborah- 145 

Mason. Debra-145 

Massel, Barbara-22, 23, 116 

Massey, Cynthia- 101, 116 

Matheny, Lisa— 145 

Mathews, Keith-22, 23. 116 

Matthews. Tina— 145 

Matthews. Thomas- 145 

Mattingly. Kevin-66, 145 

Mattingly, Kyle- 145 

Mattingly. Robert- 145 

Mattingly, Sandra- 1 16 

Mattingly. Theresa- 145 

Maxie, Debra-145 

May. Eric— 116 

McAllister, James— 145 

McAndrews, Andrew-46, 145 

McAndrews, Jacquelyn-27, 39, 59. 145 

McAndrews, Matthew 116 

McAtee, Kevin-21. 48, 116 

McCallister. Charles- 145 

McCarty, Robert-56. 145 

McClain, John-31. 60, 145 

McClain, Kim- 145 

McClain, Linda- 1 16 

McClain, Robert 145 

McCleerey. Paula- 10, 145 

McClellan, Roger- 1 16 

McClellan. Thomas- 116 

McClure, Jennifer- 145 

McClure, Mark- 64. 65 

McClure. Richard- 145 

McCombs, Anthony— 116 

McCombs, Debra- 145 

McConahay, Kathleen 20 

McConahay. Susan- 145 

McConahay. Timothy-79. 145. 165 

McCotter. Michael- 145 

McCrae, Carol- 58, 59 

McCrae, Linda-32. 34, 35, 77. 145 

McCrae, Maureen -145 

McDaniel, Ehge-72, 73 

McDaniel, Kathvann-145 

McDaniel, Michael— 93, 145 

McDaniel, Roxanne-27, 145 

McDermet, Kimberly-91, 145 

McDermet, Melanie- 19, 30, 39, 59, 81. 145, 176 

McDermet. Stephanie 32. 116. 168. 176 

McDermott. Marv-145 

McDermott. Theresa- 116 

McDougal, Amy- 145 

McFarland, JefT-145 

McGinley, Theresa— 59 

McGinms. Gary-58. 70, 71. 145 

McGinnis. Georgann- 59 

McGovern. Mark 145 

McGovem, Matt- 145 

McGraw, Dalhs 145 

McGregor, Michael- 27, 68, 145 

McGrory, Billye 27, 28, 116, 168, 176 

McGuire, Dorecn 77. 91, 145 

McGuire. Kathleen 15. 33, 145 

McGuire, Knsti 9, It). 32, 40, 41. 116, 127 

McGuire, Martha- 145 

McGuire, Mary 145 

McKain, David 18, 21, 32. 34. 35. 117. 127, 128 

McKain, Paul 145 

McKane. Kimberly-145 

McKay, Phillip— 66, 89, 145 

McKim, Roger-89, 145 

McKinstry. Rick 86, 145 

McLeod, Timothy- 145 

McMiller, Gregory-21. 145 

McMiller. Norman 145 

McPherson, Gary-29, 71, 145 

McPherson. Timolhy-27, 56, 70, 83, 145. 176 

McRae, Bnan-79. 145 

McWhorther, Alan 145 

Meadows, Kimberly-20, 30, 32, 117 

Means, Phillip- 7 1 

Meece, David- 145 

Meece, Rodger- 145 

Melton, Norma 145 

Mercker, Hmrich 16, 24, 27, 117, 127 

Merrifield, Kathy 145 

Merrill, Cheryla-145 

Merrill, Warren- 145 

Meyer, Janis— 145 

Meyer, Julie— 10. 18, 145 

Meyer, Keilh-66, 145 

Meyers. Leslie— 146 

Mikesell. Brian- 146 

Milburn. Ernesl-16, 36. 146 

Miles. Anthony- 1 17 

Miles, Bnan-73, 117 

Miles, Gail- 146 

Miles, Susan- 1 17 

Miller, Bart 66, 146 

Miller, Brian-117 

Miller. Daniel- 146 

Miller, Deborah-146 

Miller, Freddy- 117 

Miller, Gamck 117 

Miller, Kimberly-146 

Miller, Linda- 146 

Miller, Raymond-68, 146 

Miller, Ronald- 146 

Milhgan, Joyce— 146 

Milligan, Kenneth- 146 

Minton. Boyd-88, 146 

Miser, John- 146 

Mitchell, Joanne- 11, 36, 62, 146 

Mitchell, Rosemary- 146 

Monka, James— 1 17 

Monroe, Bryan 146 

Monroe, Nancy- 146 

Montgomery. Bob- 16, 60. 146 

Montgomery, Bryan -146 

Montgomery. Kennelh-146 

Montgomery, Rhonda- 146 

Montgomery. Wendy— 29, 91, 146 

Moore. Abe-56. 57. 73, 86 

Moore, Antwaun— 146 

Moore, Cathy- 146 

Moore. Dale 146 

Moore. Dennis— 73, 86 

Moore, Kathleen- 10, 146 

Moore. Kevin-22. 23. 117 

Moore. Lament- 18, 29, 146 

Moore, Mary- 146 

Moore, Mvron— 146 

Moore. Rayshelle-146 

Moore, Robert-89 

Moore, Vaughn-25. 27, 56. 146 

Morford. Charles- 1 17 

Morgan, Cathy— 146 

Morgan, Christian — 146 

Morgan, Nyla-14, 29, 81. 146 

Morgan, Ronald-68, 146 

Morgan, Scott- 146 

Morgan, Tammy— 117 

Morgan, Tiny- 146 

Monanty, Brad— 32, 146 

Mortality, Pamela— 36. 146 

Moms. Debra- 1 17 

Morns. Michael- 146 

Morrison. Patricia- 146 

Morrow. Kevin— 117 

Morse, Julie- 146 

Moslev. Rene- 146 

Moslev, Yvonne— 146 

Movlan, Linda— 146 

Moylan. Julie- 117 

Movlan. William— 146 

Maiz, Catherine- II 7. 130 

Mueller, Edna-27. 30. 36. 117. 169. Pp 

Muir, Michael- 16. 32. 146 

Mullms. Teresa— 146 

Munchel, Janice 29. 146 

Munden, Allen 146 

Munden, Debra 146 

Munden. Mary 39. 146 

Murdick, limoths -146 

Murphv. Barbara- 117 

Murph\, Sails 14' 

Murphy Patrick-147 

Murry. Bcnnie- 147 
Muse. Gregory- 147 
Musscr. Maurice 147 
Mussc-r. Julie -147 
Myers, Vinctm U : 
Myers, Timothy- 1 1>, 
Myrick. Robert- 147 


Nallcy. Clara- 147 

Nalley. Kenneth 147 

Napier. Lee Ann-22. 147. 176 

Nation, Debra- 1 18 

Nation. Vicki 36. 37. 147 

Neaglc Jewel- 1 18 

Neal, Bonita-147 

Neal. Lou Ann I V', 

Neely. Daniel- 118 

Neely. Danny- 147 

Neely. David- 147. 176 

Neely. Larry- 147 

Nelson. Charles- 147 

Nelson. Jeffery -147 

Nelson. Michelle- 1 18 

Nemesnyik. Pamela- 147 

Newman, Kathy-32. 36. 62. 63. 147 

Nicewanger. Robin -91. 147 

Nichols. Cheryl- 15. 18. 147 

Nichols, Sandra- 147 

Nichols. Tanda-118 

Nicholson. Edward— 147 

Nicholson. James— 147 

Nicholson. John- 147 

Nicholson. Michelle- 147 

Nicholson. Paula- 147 

Nicholson. Teresa- 147 

Nicholson. Thomas- 147 

Nickell. Dale-147 

NiedenthaL Bruce-20. 32. 118 

Nix, Susan- 147 

Norns. Julie— 147 

Norris. Karen-85, 147 

Norns. Lorraine— 118 

Northern. Barbara- 147 

Northern. Keith-36. 147 

Norton. Anthony— 147 

Nottingham. Nancy- 10. 147 

Nuebhng. Velita— 147 

Nuttall, Joseph-22, 147 

Nuttall, Kathryn-147 


Oberhes, Bruce-67. 94, 147 
Oberlies, Donald-67, 94, 147 
Oberhes, Je(Trev-66. 70. 94. 14" 
Oberhes. Julie-62. 63. 77. 91. 147 
O'Bnen. Beth- 147 
O'Bnen. Terri-147 
O'Connor, Chris-24. 68. 147 
O'Connor. Patrick- 14" 
O'Connor, Timolhv-147 
O'Gara, Joseph-22, 23. IIS 
O'Haver. Julie- 10. 33. 39. 147 
O'Haver. Pamela- 10. 32. 33. 147 
Ohmit. Enc-16. 17. 29. 4S. 56. US 
Ohrn. Richard-66. 67. 70. "9. 147 
Oldham. Richard-36. 14" 
Oliver. Curtis-21. 14" 
Oltean. Julia |9 |4" 
O'Neal. Judie 14" 
Openhner. David- 14" 
Opcnbner. Tons "9. 14" 
Ormerod. David- 14" 
Osbom. Cindv- 14" 
Osleen. Alice- 14" 
Ott. Daniel- I IS 
On. Jcrrs 14" 
Owen. Michael- US 

Pacanowski, David— 147 

Pace. Tercsa-24. US 
Pacheco, Brenda- 147 
Pacheco, Robbie-6". II! 
Padgett. Randall- 14" 
Padgett. Tamara-14" 
Padgett. Tina- 14" 
Page. Br\an-I4" 
Page. Rhonda US 
Parcel. Pamela 33, 1 IS 
Parker, lynette I4S 
Parkhurst. McIlssj- I4S 
Parmer. Denelda I4S 
Passmore. Debra 14S 
Pastnck. Delia 14S 
Patrick. Debbie 14S 


Patterson. Kenneth- 118 
Patterson, Linda— 148 
Patterson, Phillip— 67 
Patton, Thomas- 148 
Payne, Denise— 148 
Peacock, Mana— 148 
Peacock, Thomas— 148 
Pearson, Jamie— 148 
Peele, Sandra— 148 
Pennington, Diana— 148 
Pepper, Ronda-118 
Pepper, Tonya— 148 
Perkins, Steven-67, 148 
Perry, James- 148 
Perryman, Alfonso— 148 
Perryman, Angela— 118 
Peters, Doug-60, 61 
Pettibone, Tamara— 1 19 
Petty. James- 148 
Phillabaum, Enc-83, 119 
Phillips. Brenda-148 
Phillips, Cynthia- 148 
Phillips, Ethel- 148 
Phillips, Lisa- 148 
Phillips, Michael- 148 
Phillips, Patricia- 119 
Phillips, Randy-36, 148 
Phillips, Robert- 148 
Philpot, Portia-119 
Pierson, Perry- 148 
Pilkinton, Timothy- 148 
Pillow, Terry- 148 
Ping, James-88, 148 
Pitcock. Jerry- 148 
Pitman, Chnstopher-67, 148 
Polk, Bmce-148 
Pollard, KeUie-148 
Polhtt, Barbara- 148 
Polhtt, Nancy-22, 23, 148 
Polston, Douglas- 148 
Polston, Lori-119 
Pond, Carol- 18. 148 
Poole, Brian- 119 
Poole, John- 119 
Popplewell, Karen-30, 32, 119 
Porter, Debra-148 
PottorfT, Donna-119 
Poulos, Deborah- 148 
Powell, Francine-28, 148 
Powell, Nita-148 
Powell, Vicki-148 
Powers, Robert- 119 
Pressley, Mark— 148 
Preston, Charles- 148 
Presutti, Joanne— 148 
Price, Blaine-68, 148 
Price, Frances— 148 
Price, William- 148 
Priestly, Kenneth-148 
Primm, Lenny-56, 57, 82, 83 
Pritchard, Alberta- 10, 148 
Pritt, Chris-51, 148 
Pntl, GiJbert-56, 79, 148 
Pnvette, Doug-56, 57 
Pnvette, Gregory— 56, 148 
Proctor, Randy-36, 148 
Proffitt, Robert- 148 
Pruitt, Lisa- 148 
Pryor, April- 148 
Pryor, Donald- 149 
Puckett, Earl- 149 
Puckett, Vickie- 149 
Purcell, Vincent- 149 
Purdue, Carla-119 
Purdue, Ronald-56, 70 
Purdue, Stefania— 149 
Pursell, Tom- 149 
Purvis, Jill- 16, 149 


Qualkenbush. Jeffrey- 16, 36, 149 


Rader, Gregory— 149 
Rader, Julie- 119 
Raines, Denny— 36, 149 
Raines, James— 149 
Ramey, Jeanette— 149 
Ramsey, Chris- 149 
Randolph, Robert- 18, 120 
Rankin, Gary-30, 73, 120 
Ransom, David— 149 
Ransom, Lisa— 14, 149 
Rapp, Brian-32, 34, 36, 149 
Ratliff, Gay- 149 
Ray, Candy- 149 
Ray, Kathryn-149 
Ray, Laura— 149 
Rea, Tytiana— 149 
Reames, Chnstina-39, 149 
Reames, Mary— 34, 149 

Rebholz, Julienne— 149 

Rech, Cynthia- 149 

Rech, David-56, 70, 149 

Rech, Lori-120 

Rednour, Elrzabeth-36, 39, 149 

Reed, Angelia— 22 

Reed, David-64, 66, 67, 93 

Reed, Fredrick-71, 149 

Reed, Georgann-27, 32, 33, 149 

Reed, Kenneth- 149 

Reed, Laura— 149 

Reed, Sherry- 149 

Reel, Jeffery-71, 83, 149 

Reel, Richard- 120 

Reifeis, Kelly- 149 

Reifeis, Mary-149, 176 

Remster, Troy— 149 

Renner, Peggy— 149 

Rettig, Paul-56, 149 

Rettig, Stephen-65, 73, 120 

Reynolds, Joni-11, 149 

Rhoades, Walter- 149 

Rhodes. Susie-5, 28, 120 

Rice, Anthony-32, 66, 149 

Rice, Frank— 149 

Rich, Camilla- 10, 39, 149 

Rich, Felicia-32, 120 

Richard, Lisa- 149 

Richards, Wayne— 149 

Richardson, Donald— 149 

Richardson, Linda— 149 

Richardson, Stanley— 149 

Riches, Carol-39, 77. 149 

Richmond, Donna— 149 

Richmond, Shirley— 149 

Ridenour, James— 16, 23, 149 

Riedman, Daniel— 120 

Riggs, Jeffrey- 149 

Riggs, Kimberly-149 

Riley, Helen-21, 34, 35, 149 

Riley, Mary Lou— 149 

Rippel. Robin-80, 81, 149 

Rippy, Kathi-29, 120 

Robards. Dennis— 149 

Robbins, Cindy-149 

Robbins, Jamie— 149 

Robbins, Jon-32, 33. 149 

Roberson, Jamie— 34, 149 

Roberson, Robert- 120 

Roberson, Samuel- 140, 149, 151 

Roberts, David-18, 32, 120 

Roberts, Joyce-49, 120 

Roberts, Mark-23, 36, 149 

Roberts, Michael- 149 

Roberts, Samuel— 149 

Robertson, Sheila-91, 149 

Robertson, Towanda— 120 

Robinson, Jeffry — 149 

Robinson, Jerome— 149 

Robinson, Jimmie— 120 

Robinson, John— 149 

Robinson, Kelly- 150 

Robinson, Len— 120 

Robinson, Willie- 150 

Rockey, John-67, 120 

Rodgers, David- 120 

Rodgers, James— 120 

Roell, Steven-120 

Roell, Suzanne— 150 

Roembke. Scott- 150 

Roeschletn, Mark-60. 68, 69, 78, 79, 150 

Roeschlein, Troy-9, 32. 49, 93, 120 

Rogers, Danny— 67, 150 

Rogers, Frank— 32 

Romans, Debra— 150 

Romiq, Rochelle-150 

Ross, Brian- 150 

Ross, Christopher- 150 

Ross, Donald- 150 

Ross, Sherri-150 

Rouse, Barbara— 150, 176, cover 

Rowe, James-79, 150 

Rowe, Kenneth-52, 121 

Rowland, Lucinda— 150 

Rowlen, Ricky— 121 

Rude, Lisa- 150 

Rude, Valerie- 150 

Rudolph, Cynthia- 150 

Rupe, Jonathan— 150 

Rupp, Timothy— 150 

Rush, Regina-150 

Rusk, Bobby- 150 

Russell, Debora-36, 150 

Russell, Lynn- 150 

Russell, Rex- 150 

Russell, Rockhn-27, 66, 83, 150 

Rutherford, Kenneth-121 

Ryan, Jennifer— 121 

Safstrom, Steven- 150 
Sams, Michael— 121 
Sanders, Geffrey— 150 

Sanders, Janice— 25, 150 

Sanders, Kenneth— 150 

Sanders, LaTonya— 150 

Sanders, Leslye— 150 

Sanders, Michelle-150 

Sanders, Natalie— 150 

Sanders, Robert- 150 

Sanders, Susan— 150 

Sanders, WUliam-36, 150 

Sapp, Evelyn— 150 

Sarfaty, David-68, 150 

Sargent, Sandra— 150 

Sasser, Thomas— 121 

Sauer, Michael— 121 

Sauter, Sue— 150 

Schaedel, Stephen-150 

Scheib, Diane— 121 

Schell, Darrell-150 

Schlebecker, Cecile— 34, 150 

Schlebecker, Laura-30, 31, 34, 121 

Schmidlin, David-27, 29, 121 

Schmidlin, John-150 

Schneider, Jeffery-16, 150 

Schroering, Richard— 150 

Schultz, Anthony-67, 121 

Schultz, Elhe-150 

Schultz, Shawn- 15, 18, 150 

Schuster, Pamela— 121 

Schuster, Thomas-67, 73, 150 

Schuster, Timothy-95, 150 

Schuttler, Mark-121 

Scott, Bob- 150 

Scott, Christina- 121 

Scott, Gary-150 

Scott, Marty-150 

Scott, Rita-91, 150 

Scott, Roxanne— 151 

Scott, Susan— 36, 91 

Scott, Wanda- 18 

Scrogham, Kim- 15, 24, 32, 121 

Seals, Frances— 151 

Seats, Ronald-99, 151 

Sedam, Cheryl— 151 

Sedam, Dema— 151 

See, Thomas— 151 

Seel, Deborah-121 

Selke, Pamela- 151 

Sester, Surilda-121 

Sever, Jerry— 121 

Sever, Richard-121 

Sexson, Janet— 121 

Sexson, Jeffrey— 151 

Sexson, Ronald— 66, 151 

Sexton, Leroy— 122 

Sexton, Lisa-19, 122 

Shadiow, Bruce-65, 72, 73, 151 

Shadiow, Debra- 10, 151 

Shaw, Dwayne— 56, 151 

Shearer, Darling— 122 

Sheedy, Teresa- 15 1 

Sheets, Jeffery-95, 151 

Sheets, Julie- 151 

Shelley, William-30, 122, 127 

Shelton, Jacquelyn— 151 

Shepard, Knsta-9. 12, 26, 27, 32, 85, 151 

Sherron, Carol- 122 

Sherron, Joseph-88, 151 

Shinkle, Daniel-36 

Shockney, Virginia-32, 33, 41, 122 

Shoemaker, Alan— 122 

Short, Daniel- 151 

Short, Randall- 151 

Short, Tamela-151 

Short, Teresa- 151 

Siebenthal, Johnny— 151 

Silins, Roy-23, 36, 151 

Simmons, Anna— 151 

Simmons, Ruben — 151 

Sims, Ronald-95, 151 

Sims, Susie— 151 

Sisk, Michael-56, 93, 151 

Slayton, Jeffrey- 151 

Slayton, Tony— 151 

Sloan, Robert-56, 122 

Small, Katheryn-77, 151 

Smartz, Theresa-31, 39, 151 

Smiley, Michael— 151 

Smith, Andrew— 71, 151 

Smith, Anthony- 151 

Smith, Anthony- 151 

Smith, April-9, 84, 85, 151 

Smith, Beverly- 122 

Smith, Beverly- 122 

Smith, Bonnie-10, 39, 151 

Smith, Brenda-151 

Smith, Charlotte-58, 59, 151 

Smith, David- 151 

Smith, Dennis- 151 

Smith, Douglas-22, 151 

Smith, Harry-151 

Smith, James— 151 

Smith, Jeffery-122 

Smith, Jennifer-34, 151 

Smith. Joseph-60, 61, 73, 122 

Smith, Karen-151 

Smith, KeUy-151 

Smith, Kevin-151 

Smith, Lynda- 151 

Smith, Michael-122 

Smith, Michael- 151 

Smith, Reginald- 151 

Smith, Robert- 151 

Smith, Robert-151 

Smith, Robert-151 

Smith, Sherry-13, 27, 39. 151 

Smith, Sheryl-151 

Smith, Tammie— 151 

Smith, Tammy— 151 

Smith, Tony-151 

Smith, Virginia— 151 

Smith, Wayne-151 

Smithes, Jeffery-151 

Snedigar, Rhonda— 151 

Snelson, Gary— 151 

Snoddy, Linda— 151 

Snoddy, Rhonda— 152 

Snyder, Dana-33, 39, 122, 127 

£nyder, Mike- 152 

Snyder, Stephanie— 122 

Socks, Linda— 122 

Solberg, John— 152 

Sommers, James— 122 

Sorrentino, Susan— 10, 152 

Sparenberg, John— 152 

Sparks, Steven— 152 

Spears, Beverly— 152 

Spencer, Frank— 152 

Spencer, Sierra— 152 

Spicklemire, Stephen-16, 32, 33, 152, 176 

Sprankle, Edward- 12, 88, 152 

Sprauer, Gregory— 122 

Spring, Rhonda— 152 

Springer, Holly-32, 33, 122, 127 

Sprowl, Martha— 152 

Spurling, Donald— 152 

Stacy, Judy- 122 

Stafford, Cathy- 152 

Stafford, Aretha-59, 152 

Stafford, Michael-152 

Stafford, Ronnie- 152 

Stahl, Michael- 123 

Staley, Julia-20, 39, 123 

Stamen, John— 60 

Stephens, Kevin-94, 152 

Stephens, Tracy— 123 

Stephenson, Madella— 152 

Stephenson, Robert-27, 123 

Sterling, Aaron— 152 

Sterling, Kevin-152 

Stevens, Charles— 152 

Stevens, Phillip- 152 

Stevenson, Susan— 9, 152 

Stewart, James-95, 152 

Stewart, Karen-24, 29, 152 

Stewart, Linda— 152 

Stidd, Larry-123 

Stiles, Cynthia-152 

Still, Mark- 152 

Stillabower, Shelley- 152 

Stillabower, Sherry— 123 

Stinson, Beverly-32, 123 

St. John, Kenneth-24, 56, 70, 123, 127 

St. John, Teena— 152 

Stone, Wayne- 152 

Storey, Michael-152 

Storm, Mark-82, 83, 152 

Stout, Rhonda- 152 

Stover, Lora— 152 

Stoyonovich, Charles— 152 

Stoyonovich, Daniel— 21, 152 

Stoyonovich, George— 123 

Strange, Jennifer-9, 20, 27, 59, 152 

Striby, Richard- 123 

Strickland, Amy- 10, 24, 25, 62, 152 

Strickland, Beth-59 

Strickling, Ronnie— 152 

Strode, Paul- 152 

Struck, Bonnie-27, 28, 152 

Struck, Paul- 152 

Struck, Steven- 152 

Strykowski, Donna— 32, 152 

Strykowski, Ronda-32, 152 

Stucker, Joey-67, 152 

Stultz, Vaughn- 1 52 

Stum, Carmel— 26, 152 

Sturgeon, Patricia— 152 

Sturm, William- 123 

Suddarth, John- 152 

Suddarth, Sylvia- 153 

Suiter, Jerry-66, 68, 153 

Suiters, Daniel-36, 153 

Suiters, Donald- 153 

Sullivan, Lori— 123 

Summers, Mark— 153 

Summers, Stephen— 153 

Summitt, Delores— 153 

Sumner, Constance— 124 

Surber, Rjcky-153 

Surber, Wanda- 153 

Sutter, Donna-39, 153 

Sutter, Gregory-20, 94, 153, 165 

Sutterfield, James- 34, 35, 36, 124 

Sutterfield, Mary-36, 153 

Sutton, Michael-153 


Turpin, Dominic 71, 153 
Twigg, Tom 124 

Tackelt. Robert- 153 
Tanasovich, Lynn-91, 153 
Tanasovich, Steven— 49, 60, 124 
Tarver, Christann— 153 
Taylor, Andrew-32, 53, 56, 1 53 
Taylor, Beverly— 153 
Taylor, Charles- 124 
Taylor, David-56, 70, 94, 153 
Taylor, Keith- 153 
Taylor, Kimberly— 36 
Taylor, Lisa- 153 
Taylor, Trent 153 
Tedders, Timothy— 153 
Temple, Edward— 153 
Temple, Laurie— 153 
Temple, Roger— 153 
Templeton, Mark-16, 153 
Templeton, Tamara— 36 
Terry, Diana— 153 
Terry, Kellie-153 
Thatch, Samuel- 153 
Thein, James- 1 53 
Thein, Stephen-19, 153 
Thomas, Cynthia— 13, 85 
Thomas, Darryl— 66, 153 
Thomas, Jimmy— 153 
Thomas, Sheila-27, 32, 124 
Thomas, Stacey-153 
Thompson, Becky— 153 
Thompson, Debra-153 
Thompson, Donna— 153, 176 
Thompson, Maurica— 153 
Thompson, Michael— 124 
Thompson, Pamela— 10, 153 
Thompson, Reeda-153 
Thompson, Robin— 66, 68 
Thornton, Gary— 124 
Thornton, Renato— 153 
Thornton, Susan — 153 
Throckmorton, Samuel— 153 
Tichenor, Patricia— 153 
Tillery, Kathleen-124 
Tinnin, Desi— 153 
Tinsley. David— 153 
Toles. James— 153 
Toles, Sharon-18, 124, 132 
Tolley, Charles- 153 
Tomlin, Lea-20, 153 
Toney, Jeanette— 153 
Toney, Palnck— 124 
Tooley, Beverly— 124, 127 
Tooley, Charlotte- 1 1, 34, 36, 59 
Torrence, April— 59, 153 
Torrence, Edith— 153 
Totton, Patricia- 19, 29, 34, 153 
Tracy, Sharon— 32, 36 
Traylor, Tereasa— 20, 29, 124 
Trice, Ruth- 153 
Trice, Thomas— 153 
Tnnkle, Deborah— 124 
Tnvett, Michael— 36 
Trosper, Georgia— 153 
Trosper, Eloise— 153 
Troutl, Tammy— 124 
Tucker, Cheryl— 24, 153 
Tucker, Donna-24, 27, 153 
Tucker, Wendell- 153 
Tunstill, Shirley— 153 
Turner, Donna— 18, 153 
Turner, James— 153 
Turner, Kim — 153 
Turner, Terri-153 
Turpin, Diana— 39, 153 


Uban, Michelle- 153 
Underwood, Gregory -II, 83, 154 
Upchurch, Jay— 154 
Ursiny, Danus-20, 124 


Van, Debra-124 

Vanal, Roberl-82, 83, 124 

Vance, Patricia 124 

Vance, Rick- 154 

Vane, James— 124 

Vane, Michael- 154 

Van Fossan, Lisa-34, 154 

Van Hooser, Amanda-8, 32, 154 

Van Huss, Margaret 154 

Vardiman, Denise-154 

Vastine, Steven— 154 

Vastine, Theresa— 154 

Vaughn, Teresa— 125 

Velazquez, Denise— 62 

Velazquez, Jessica— 36, 125, 127 

Verbosky, Joan- 154 

Verbosky, Michael-20, 154 

Vernon, Holly-125, 154 

Vie, Theresa— 154 

Vinson, Kevin — 154 

Vinson, Michael-32, 128 

Vollmer, Phyllis- 154 

Von Wilier, Lon-19. 154 

Voss, Karen- 154 


Waddell, Dale- 154 
Wade, Marland-154 
Wadsworth, Kevin— 154 
Wadsworth, Michael- 125 
Waggoner, Tammy— 154 
Wagner, Myra— 154 
Walden, Michael- 154 
Waldo, David-154 
WaldrofT, Debra-154 
Walker, James— 154 
Walker, Janet- 125 
Walker, Rebecca- 154 
Wall, Dennis-23, 154 
Wallace, Brenda-19, 154 
Wallace, Charles-73, 125 
Wallace, Murphy- 154 
Wallis, Becky- 154 
Walters, Beth- 154 
Walters, Joy- 154 
Walters, Juanita-154 
Walters, Lora-10, 39, 154 
Walters, Pamela-91, 154 
Wand, Deborah- 154 
Wand, Melody- 154 
Ward, Christopher- 154 
Ward, Jimmie— 125 
Washington, Bertha- 154 
Watkins, James— 154 
Watkins, Rosie-154 

Watson. James- 154 

Watson, Robert 154 

Watt, Christina- 1 54 

Wayman, Clara- 125 

Weaver, Robert 154 

Weaver, Ernes! 1 54 

Weaver, Keith 154 

Weaver, Kenneth 154 

Weaver, Paul 16, 154 

Webb, Gary- 1 54 

Webb, Lagonda-154 

Webb, Pattie- 19, 125 

Webb, Rickey- 154 

Webb, Rusly-27, 125 

Welch, David-32, 33, 154. 176 

Wells, Lucius- 125 

Wells, Pat- 154 

Wells, Shelia 155 

Welsh, Mark- 125 

Werner, Chester-128 

Werner. Phillip- 155 

West, David- 155 

Whalen, Mary- 155 

Whealley, Christopher- 155 

Wheeler, John-27, 126 

Wheeler, Mary-59, 126 

Wheeler, Patricia- 155 

Wheeler, Steve- 1 55 

Wheeling, Jill- 16, 155 

Whitaker, Gabrielle-155 

White, Brenda-19, 126 

White, Cynthia- 1 55 

White, Dawn 155 

White, Joseph- 1 26 

White, Kristie-155 

White, Larry- 155 

White, Lisa- 155 

White, Sharon- 155 

White, Stephen- 155 

Whitehurst, Andy-16, 155 

Whitney, Dennis— 155 

Whitney, Don- 155 

Whitl, Sue- 155 

Whitlmgton, Kerri-155 

Whyde, Angela- 155 

Wichman, John— 155 

Wickizer, David-155 

Wiese, Debbie-155 

Wiese, Joann— 155 

Wiggington, Edwin — 155 

Wiggins, Janice— 59 

WUburn, Charles- 155. 156 

Wilbum, Eyvonne— 155 

Wilcoxon, Devon— 32, 126 

Wilder, Mark- 155 

Wiles, Andy-16, 155 

Wiles, Christopher— 126 

Wiley, James- 155 

Wiley, John- 155 

Wilfong. Leshe-16, 30, 39, 155, 176 

Wilkins, Chris-59 

Wilkins, Elizabeth- 155 

Wilkinson, Andrew-21, 36, 155 

Wilkinson, Kelly- 10, 26, 34, 39, 155 

Williams, David-155 

Williams, Donald-88, 155 

Williams, Elton-73 

Williams. Jenny— 155 

Williams, Kay-77 

Williams, Kennelh-20, 126 

Williams, Melissa- 155 

Williams, Penny- 155 

Williams, Roberta- 19. 24, 81. 155 

Williams, Susan— 155 

Williams, Tammy-77, 155 

Williams, Vicky- 155 

Williams. Wayne- 155 

Williarmon. John— 155 

Williamson, Katie-155 

Williford. Patricia- 1 55 

Wills. Ronnie- 155 

Wills. Tanua-59 

Wilmorc. Vicki-155 

WiLson. Annette- 1 55 

Wily,n. Alben-27 

WiLson, Dennis-155 

Wilson. James— 126 

Wilson, James- 1 55 

Wilson. Keith -1 55 

Wilson. Linda-155 

Wilson, Michael-26, 27, 2*. 29, 5'. 79 -' 2( 

176, cover 

Wilson. Patricia- 1 55 

Wilson. Steven -93. 126 

Wingfield. Sandy-155 

Winter. Curt-48. 78, 79. 126 

Wise. Curtis- 155 

Withersp«>n, Delisa-155 

Witter. Dana- 126 

Woerner, Douglas- 155 

Wood, Hugh- 126 

Wood, Joseph 155 

Wood, Kathnn-31. 32. 80. 81. 126 

Wood. Sharo'n-10. 39. 155 

Woodcock. Greg— 155 

Woodcock. Rhonda- 19. 155 

Woodmansee, Kathy-155 

Woodward. Denise- 155 

Woolen. David- 156 

Woolen. Tena— 156 

Workman. Kalhy-156 

Wright, Michael- 156 

Wnght, Nancy- 156 

Wyatt. Brenda-156 

Wyatt, David-34, 156 

Wylie. Rhonda- 156 

Wynalda. Stephen-19. 156 

Wynn. Scotl-156 

Yager. Catherine— 126 
Yamafuji. Dawn— 18, 156 
Yaryan, Thomas— 156 
Yates, Michael- 156 
Yeary. David-156 
Yohler, Patricia- 19. 156 
York. Bill— 156 
York. Jimmy— 156 
Young. Beverly— 156 
Young, Denise— 156 
Young. Gary— 156 
Young. J'Annelle— 156 
Young. Mark-27. 68. 126. 156 
Young. Robert- 156 
Young, Timothy— 156 
Young, Vela- 127 
Younger. Rodney— 89 

Zander. Mark-16. 156. 176 
Zimmerman. Dianna— 127 
Zimmerman. Steven— 156 



Lee Ann Napier, Editor-in-Chief 

Tina Allen, Managing Editor 
Patty Flowers, Business Manager 


Lou Ann Allen 

Rhea Brown 

Elaine Cridlin 

Vernita Crowe 

Chuck Flowers 

Hank Grimes 

Kelly Hill 

Mark Hill 

Tracy Hurt 

Al Jenkins 

Kim Keith 

Glen Marquis 

Melanie McDermet 

Stephanie McDermet 

Billye McGrory 

Tim McPherson 

Edie Mueller 

David Neely 

Mary Reifeis 

Steve Spicklemire 

Donna Thompson 

David Welch 

Leslie Wilfong 

Mark Zander 

E. Dale Dinkens, Advisor 

Frank Tout, Principal 

Portraits by Tower Studio 

Printed by Herff Jones Yearbooks 

Our thanks go to Mr. George Jackson and the business depart- 
ment for the use of their equipment at deadline time and to all of 
the faculty, staff, and student body for their cooperation through- 
out the year. We would especially like to thank the Student Coun- 
cil officers (Michael Wilson, Roland Lolla, Barbara Rouse, Andria 
Alexander, and Billye- McGrory) who represent the student body of 
Howe on our cover. 


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